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Exudes luxury and comfort, the Chesterfield sofa was a staple furniture for the aristocratic, especially during the Victorian times. The British classic sofa design continues to be popular even for today’s modern themes with more bright color hues and a sleeker figure. At present, the luxury seat is not only enjoyed by the more privileged, but you’ll see a range of designs showcased in homes, commercial spaces, and other institutions.

Originally, Chesterfield sofa comes as a large couch that has the distinctive button tufting covering the sofa’s body. The said lounge is also characterized by having rolled arms in level with the back portion of the seat. It has low and sturdy legs that are usually made from solid wood and are hand-carved.

With today’s variety, you can easily find the right Chesterfield Sofa design to match your modern design theme. We’ve gathered the most promising designs to date.

Why Choose Opulent Designed Sofa?

The luxurious furniture has become a versatile piece in any interior design style. Whether going for a southern themed family room or having it in a formal office reception, the sofa can effortlessly fit in any space.

Furthermore, with the continuous improvement of manufacturing and production of textiles and other sofa materials, the so-called aristocratic seat can now be enjoyed by more people because of its lower price range.

To top off the many desirable features of the exquisite furniture is the comfortable seating. This is similar to its makers’ intention to make a sofa that you can sit at ease for many hours.

  1. Multi-colored

Add zest into your living space while enjoying the maximum comfort of luxury lounging through the multi-colored Chesterfield sofa. You can either choose the patchwork or have the leathered version. The patchwork Chesterfield Sofa is a handmade furniture where uniform-sized patches with varying colors and design patterns are sewn together to make the seating cover. They are usually made from velvet or other materials other than metal.

  1. Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Probably the most common type of Chesterfield sofa is that which is made from leather textile. This type of sofa works well when you’re aiming for a more formal look.

  1. Denim Blue

Another modern version of the lounge seat has Blue Denim as the primary material instead of leather. The more youthful look will go great with boho-chic interior themes.

  1. Queen Anne Sofa

Unlike the original design, this version uses a high straight backrest, which is around twice or even four times higher than the original height of the sofa arms. It may be said that this type is a more feminine version of the classic sofa

  1. Convertible Sofa Bed

If you have friends coming for a sleepover and need an additional sleeping area, then you can transform your sturdy sofa into a cozy bed. Your guests will enjoy the luxurious-looking headboard while dozing off with the comfortable and well-built structure.

  1. Sofa With Wheels

With ease in mobility, you may want to grab the classic sofa that has caster wheels. The built-in rollers is a practical feature as it can make it easier to move and transport. The caster wheels can be fixed down by having the lock snapped on the floor.  

  1. Velvet Material

Velvet-made Chesterfield sofa is soft to touch and very comfortable to sit on. The classic-inspired seat can be said as the matte version of its leather counterpart. Also, unlike the leather type, it comes in vibrant or pastel hues such as tangerine or lavender.

  1. L-shaped Sofa

The tufted sofa is already a grand lounge seat that needs a lot of space, but if you have a more gracious area in your family or living room, you can opt for the L-shaped Chesterfield Sofa. As the name implies, it has a continuous seating arrangement shaped with a corner. They are also perfect in filling the void in the corners of a room.

  1. Square Arm Lounge

With a modern twist, the square-shaped armrests will go along with any modern themed interior. It has the same tufted or buttoned down feature of the Chesterfield sofa but with a more toned-down look.

  1. Wool-made Seating

The luxurious sofa is relatively easy to maintain and kept clean, though you can have fungal and mold-free lounging furniture with a Chesterfield sofa made of wool. In addition, it is also hypoallergenic, so people with respiratory allergies can use this sofa material instead.

The Chesterfield sofa is a glimpse of the excellent artistry and workmanship of the people before our time. We are fortunate to have continued to enjoy this wonderfully crafted furniture. Even with variations from the original design, the beautiful sofa will definitely continue to be showcased in the next generations to come.

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Chesterfield Sofa Design to Match Your Modern Design