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Are you planning on bringing character and interest to the heart of your home? If so, investing in farmhouse kitchen wall decor is all you need.

Everybody agrees after your bedroom; the kitchen is the other place where you spend most of your time. Hence you should ensure the place looks elegant and charming.

Well, there are a lot of changes you can make to improve your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, but none can beat a wall décor. A well-decorated farmhouse kitchen wall boosts your mood and creates a calm environment to work from.

Farmhouse Wood Metal Wall Clock By GILT.COM

But when decorating the walls of your farmhouse kitchen, be cautious. The use of the wrong decorative accessories can easily break your décor.

Hence, you must choose the right color, texture, and other factors that will bring a sense of creativity to your farmhouse kitchen. Otherwise, your investment in kitchen wall décor might be in vain.

So, do you know the best farmhouse kitchen wall décor that will add a rustic touch to your kitchen? Worry no more.

Here are the 10 best farmhouse kitchen wall decor ideas you should know about.

1. Go For Open Shelving

Somerville Farmhouse Shelf by Overstock

Having ample storage in your kitchen is essential. It ensures that all your kitchen items are stored safely. However, you can take advantage of your storage space by adding an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

Open shelving or rustic corner shelves gives you access to an expansive look making the display of kitchen ornaments possible.

You can store dry goods and ingredients in matching vessels on the shelves. This way, you will create a rustic vibe and make your shelving and that part of the wall appealing.

But when arranging your vessels, ensure to arrange them according to their height. You can have vessels of matching height on one shelf. Or you can alternate tall and short vessels to create an interesting pattern.

However, it would help if you stuck to a specific color scheme, everything from wall accessories to furniture.

2. Elevate Rustic Pieces Into Art

Tiered Cane Webb Round Wall Shelf by

When decorating the walls of your farmhouse kitchen, don’t invest too much in high design. At times getting a little creative is all you need to bring your farmhouse kitchen to life.

In your farmyard, there are a lot of rustic inspirations you can take advantage of. There might be utilitarian pieces like C clamps that you can utilize.

Adding such pieces to your kitchen’s wall gives it a sense of authenticity. If you have mundane art pieces, don’t shy off from using them. They have a sense of history in them that might be all you need for your farmhouse kitchen.

3. Decorate With Hanging Copper Pots

The authenticity of your kitchenware can affect the look of your farmhouse kitchen. You can create visual interest and texture in your kitchen’s wall by hanging copper pots and ceramic pottery collections.

You can add a brass rod near the hood to create a space for hanging cookware. This way, you will make your wall appealing, and the retrieval of such items becomes easy.

If by chance you have a circular kitchen window. You can hang the copper pots and ceramic around the window. This makes your kitchen appear more organized.

If your cookware is beautiful, expect your kitchen décor to go a notch higher. You can also opt to decorate your cabinets with gathered fabric to complement the rustic style of your hanging pots.

The use of fabric exudes softness to your kitchen.

4. Go For A Black Window Frame

A window on its own can act as wall art. Building a window on your kitchen wall might be a good strategy for bringing the beauty of nature inside.

If you add a window to a previously blank wall, it will definitely bring a visual element. If a window already exists, you can replace the frame and turn it into a décor element.

A black window frame in such a case would be a good option. It perfectly complements wooden items in your kitchen, bringing a bold and modern appearance.

Well, most people might prefer the traditional white frame. But the white frame is not a good theme for a rustic style.

5. Decorate With Plants And Ornaments

Pipeline Ames Farmhouse Industrial Decorative Wall Shelf by

It’s important to add a natural character and a splash of color to your farmhouse kitchen. This can be achieved by placing plants and other ornaments on open shelving.

The use of ornaments and plants adds a personal touch to your kitchen. But when choosing the right plants for your kitchen, pay attention to the color of your pottery.

If your walls and cabinets have darker colors, go for light and neutral colors for your pottery. This way, you will brighten the kitchen space.

Besides, the contrast between black colors and light or neutral colors makes your rustic wall décor to be outstanding.

You can also develop creative lighting ideas that can help highlight some of your pretty décor accessories at night.

6. Hang Artwork As Part Of Your Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor

Pied Piper Creative Farmhouse Canvas Wall Art by

Hanging artwork on your kitchen’s wall is an effective strategy for developing the character of your kitchen. You can opt to go for wooden art for your walls. Such wooden art perfectly complements your rustic décor style.

It would help if you stuck to art that reflects your personality. It would be unfortunate to have a piece of art that does not appeal to you in one place you spend much time.

Hanging a wall art gives your walls a soul. Besides, wall art can be a source of conversation between you and your loved ones.

When choosing the best wall art for your kitchen, you can choose pallet boxes with a flower blossom. If your wardrobes have darker colors, the pallet boxes can be black too, but they should have light or neutral colors for the flowers.

This way, you will add an appealing contrast to your DIY farmhouse kitchen wall decor.

7. Create A Rustic Hanging Rail And A Floral Shelving Display

Pot Bar Rack Wall Hanging Rail by

Suspending a branch across the wall to hang items is an ultimate rustic décor idea for your farmhouse kitchen. You have to add hooks on the branch to make hanging utensils or kitchen cloths possible.

You can also have a backsplash going up to the ceiling. You can hang crockery and cookware on it. You can also have a rack screwed to the wall, acting as the basis of your display.

Both the branch and floral shelving brings a natural character into your kitchen. If you have open shelving, you can add indoor plants and ornaments. Ensure to choose the right color of flowers and size.

Others the wrong choice of color and size will break your rustic farmhouse kitchen wall décor style. If properly arranged, the flowers will make your rustic kitchen appear stylish and elegant.

8. Fashion A Wooden Display Cabinet

Kate and Laurel Mace Wood and Metal Decorative Cabinet

Having a wooden display cabinet is an effective approach to achieving your large farmhouse kitchen wall decor. If your kitchen has dull colors, you can have the wooden display cabinet painted white to make it look modern.

Ensure to install glass doors on your cabinet. This way, you can have your crockery visible from the outside. Besides, you can add some ornaments to the cabinet to make it more appealing.

While choosing the ornament and crockery, maintain a single-color scheme for a simple look. However, contrasting shades might be perfect for you if you prefer drawing attention.

9. Go With Traditional Materials And Copper Canisters 

Cooper Canisters by

You can take your kitchen wall décor farmhouse a notch higher by styling the space between your countertop and wall cabinet.

You can include materials such as copper cookware that will add an intrinsic rustic look to your kitchen. You can also consider having wooden chopping boards placed between the countertop and the cabinets.

The presence of traditional materials and copper canisters softens the clean lines of your farmhouse style.

10. Go For Hanging Plates

Hanging plates on the wall or leaning them on a shelf helps create a rustic vibe. Besides, if the plates have appealing features such as flowers and color patterns, they add a splash of color to your kitchen walls.

Suppose you are after having a classy rustic look go for plates with neutral colors. But if you want to add a touch of modern farmhouse kitchen wall décor ideas, go for plates with bright colors.

If you find it challenging to implement your farmhouse kitchen décor, you can involve experts. Interior décor designers have the right décor experience to bring your farmhouse kitchen to life.

You Now Know The Best Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas 

Taking your farmhouse kitchen wall décor a notch higher requires making the right decisions on what collectible to use, among other factors. With the right décor ideas, you can transform your farmhouse kitchen into a personalized space with a rustic vibe.

Follow the above 10 best farmhouse kitchen wall decor ideas and get it right.

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