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Living spaces are more important than ever right now. The majority of us are spending nearly all of our time at home. If you are tight on space or looking for a unique way to add a table to a room, wall tables are a great space-saving and cost-effective option. We will discuss the ins and outs of wall tables and give you a few ideas for inspiration about where one might fit into your home. 

What is a Wall Table

A wall table is typically mounted to the wall and floating. The tables either fold up in order to save space with a drop-leaf feature or provide a small ledge. This is the case for a high-top table. At home, wall tables make great desk or dining tables, even bar seating or laundry folding stations. Small apartments or living spaces like tiny homes can all benefit from a discreet but multifunctional wall table

Wall Table Design Styles

There are many different uses for a wall table in your home or office. There are also many different styles from which to choose. Below we cover a few of the different options you might find when browsing the online marketplace. 

  • Materials/Color

Any new decorative addition to your space needs to match your current design aesthetic. Luckily a wide variety of materials and colors are available from which to choose. This ensures your new wall table will complement the rest of your home. 

Some of the most popular options include different stains of wood, and even some industrial inspired hardware. White and black tables are also common options that mix with a variety of styles. 

  • Structure

There are a couple of primary structural styles that divide wall tables into two groups. The first group is the permanent fixture. Once installed the wall table serves as a workstation that does not move or get smaller in size. The second style is wall tables that do in fact fold via a drop-leaf for convenience and space-saving purposes. 

Another popular structural feature on many wall tables is the inclusion of additional shelving or storage space. Extra storage can be helpful if you are using your table as a workstation or vanity. Kitchens that are low in storage could also benefit from a wall table with shelving.

  • Size

Consider how large of a space you have to work with. Will the wall table be a feature with a permanent footprint in terms of size? Perhaps you need it to fold up in order to save space during the times it is not in use. Again, as with the material and color options, there is a range in size from small to much larger and longer.

Deciding the best use case for your new wall table will also help you to determine the best size to meet your needs. If you’re looking for a desk you may not need but a few feet of surface space to work with, but if the goal is to have a table or larger bar seating setup, a longer, wider or even high-top table option should be a better fit.

The Best Places to Install a Wall Table

The versatility that a wall table provides is hard to fully sum up, so we have compiled a helpful list of use-case scenarios around your home where a wall table will make a great addition.

  • Living Room

If your living area is tight and a full-sized TV stand or media center is out of the question, wall tables can provide a stable surface to support your television while you relax at the end of the day.

  • Kitchen

Wall tables in the kitchen have a variety of possible uses. There is the option of installing one to serve as a traditional dining table or coffee bar. We consider you may have a glass desk, wall tables can also be convenient for holding appliances or setting up your own coffee station when counter space is low.

  • Bar Area

An empty wall in your multipurpose room or finished basement could be a great place to add a bar feature. When you have guests over, they will appreciate having a place to set their drinks down, or with some stools, a convenient place to sit down. 

  • Bedroom 

In the age of working from home, it can be hard to create a designated workstation if there is not a lot of room to spare, or if your budget is small and buying a large desk is out of the question. Especially if you live with roommates or a partner, carving out a quiet space to work can be difficult. Wall tables allow you to establish a comfortable space without imposing or having to give up space in your bedroom. 

  • Tiny home

Those who live in tiny homes know a thing or two about space-saving measures. A wall table is a great fit for such a small space. Multifunctional is the name of the game in order to save space and a wall table can serve as a dining table and a desk that can be quickly stored away to provide more space when needed.

  • Outside Patio

Similar to an indoor bar area, an outside deck or patio with a railing is an opportune place to install a wall table for convenient outdoor living. If you are hosting a barbeque or cookout, a wall table will provide guests with an accessible place to eat or rest their drinks. 

There are many factors that go into choosing the right wall table for your space. It is important to consider the color and materials available, and also the size and functionality of your new table so it will be the best fit for your home and needs. Hopefully, you even found some inspiration in the ideas above. Check out some of the top-rated wall tables on Amazon below to find the one that will meet your needs. 

Top Rated Wall Tables

Industrial Rustic Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

This wall table is notable for its solid pine build and sturdy cast-iron brackets.  It is also 47” in length which makes it longer than many tables on the market and could make a great tv stand or bar. 

Haotian FWT18-W, White Drop-Leaf Table Desk

The modern and sleek design of this white wall table would be a great addition to a bedroom for a desk or vanity space. The extra storage from the shelves and drawers are a great bonus feature.

Ailj Wall-Mounted Folding Table, Modern Family Bar 

Perfect for outdoor use on your deck or patio the next time you are hosting. It actually hangs on your balcony making the installation easy, is corrosive resistant and low maintenance. 

9 Plus Wall Mounted Floating Folding Table

The simplest of all the options, this table comes in either black or white and is only two feet in width. It is a great table for those really tight on space in need of a dining table or desk. 

HOME BI Wall Mounted Table Fold Out Convertible Desk

This wall table combines Scandinavian style and functionality. The folding wall table has shelving and three feet of surface space, making it convenient for dining or working.

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