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If you’re looking to redecorate your bedroom and you want your space to feel fresh, light, and peaceful you’ll want to try modern boho bedroom ideas.

Now, boho doesn’t have to translate to an overwhelming hippie style. Gone are the days where searching for boho decor means you have to search through paisley fabrics and tie-dye accessories. 

Boho bedroom ideas can transform your space into the serene haven you want your bedroom to be. Somewhere you can relax and rest after the workday.

There are plenty of cute boho bedroom ideas that you can try today to begin redecorating your bedroom. You can even use our advice for boho guest bedroom ideas so your visitors feel as much at home as you do. 

Read on for our 15 fun and stylish boho bedroom decor ideas. 

1. Calming Colors 

The colors you choose for your bedroom are the foundation of the vibe you will feel every time you walk in. One of the most important boho chic bedroom ideas to follow is to pick a color scheme that makes you feel at peace when you’re surrounded by it.

Painting your room shades of white and cream may sound boring, but they make a space feel open and give you plenty of room to play around with color elsewhere.

Using white or cream on your walls allows you the freedom to get creative with color for accent pieces, like rugs, curtains, and wall art. 

If you thrive surrounded by color, that’s not a problem either! Go for rustic, earth tones on your walls. Try shades like burnt orange, dusty rose, or light green. Keep in mind that whatever you choose will create the base for the rest of your color scheme. 

One of the best diy boho bedroom ideas is putting up some wallpaper. With wallpaper, you can play with fun patterns and colors, like flowers or vines. 

2. Fringe Benefits

Boho’s best friend is fringe as fringe just happens to be both rustic and beautiful.

Luckily, fringe is very popular these days and can be found on nearly any home decor item.

You can buy a fun duvet cover that features fringe details that will add texture and charm to your bed. Buy accent table runners with dangling fringe pieces to put on your nightstand. Try a lampshade that features fringe or pom-poms.

Fringe is also one of the best boho teenage girl bedroom ideas to try! Teens will love cute and fun fringe in their room. 

3. Rattan Is Your Friend

As an accessory, rattan embodies everything about the boho spirit. Rattan exudes a sense of calm and peace and brings a touch of nature into your space. 

Rattan is also everywhere! You won’t have to look too hard to find accessories for your room that are made of rattan or feature rattan accents. 

Rattan furniture will do wonders to bring a boho vibe to your room. Pieces like dressers with rattan drawers, rattan planters, or rattan bedside lamps. You can also buy smaller items like rattan trinket holders.

4. Woven Wonders

Woven items always make a space feel more boho. Incorporating woven pieces into your decor is one of the more modern boho bedroom ideas that will keep your space from feeling like a boho stereotype.

Opt for chic pieces like a woven rug in a taupe shade, or woven art to hang on your wall. A woven planter or two will do wonders to change the look of your bedroom. Buy a large woven basket to keep your dirty laundry in while keeping your space clutter-free.

5. Always Try the Thrift Store

Thrift stores are everyone’s best bet when it comes to finding hidden home decor treasure.

Not only will shopping at a thrift store save you tons of money, but it gives you the opportunity to find items you would never find in traditional stores. Since a lot of donated items are from decades past, it’s easy to stumble upon vintage boho pieces. 

Boho style bedroom ideas come to life in thrift stores! 

6. Play up Natural Light

The best boho lighting tip? Let your windows do the work. 

Natural light is your best friend when it comes to boho decor. Nothing feels more calming than the sun’s rays coming through some gauzy, light curtains. 

Make the most of your windows by opting for curtains that allow light to filter through. If your windows are too small, or you just don’t have any, you can still create a peaceful glow in your room. 

Test out different light bulb watts to see which feels best in your room. A unique bedside lamp can also make a huge difference. 

7. Texturize Today

Playing with different kinds of textures is one of the small boho bedroom ideas that can make a big difference. 

Textures will elevate your boho style by bringing fun, new items into your bedroom. Cotton is a tried and true texture to have in your room. You can play with accent pieces featuring textures like woven straw and chunky knitted pieces. 

Details like rustic, woven boho curtains will change and elevate your whole space. 

The best news is that you can mix and match textures without worrying if they will go together. Textures can always be mixed; it’s the colors you have to match! 

8. Bring Nature Inside

When it comes to boho master bedroom ideas, plants are key to transforming your space into a serene sanctuary.

Don’t get shy when it comes to buying plants for your space. With plants, more is more! Best of all, you get to pick cute plant stands and planters to keep them in. 

You can choose to be minimal and pick small plants that are easy to care for, like succulents and small cacti. You can also go in the other direction and fill your room with tall, leafy green plants. Or you can do both, why not? 

A monstera plant is an ideal choice if you have the space and a large window to put it near. You can think creatively and even put together an unusual arrangement, like dried wheat stalks in a vase. 

Another benefit of bringing plants into your room is that they will bring more oxygen to your space, which is good for everyone. 

9. Wood Is Good

Boho-themed bedroom ideas center around certain decor staples, and wood accents are one of them.

Any form of wood will give your space that natural, boho vibe. Try a wooden dresser, nightstand, or desk accessories. If you’re looking for dark boho bedroom ideas pick a dresser in dark mahogany or a headboard in a dark wood color. 

A wooden accent chair or wooden plant stand will make a difference! Throw a mustard yellow woven blanket over your wood chair and you’ll have an all-new curated boho piece. 

Small touches, like wooden candle holders or a wooden pencil cup, are the details that make a difference. 

10. Mirror Mirror on Your Wall

A mirror is important in your bedroom for plenty of reasons. 

For one, you need to be able to see yourself! Two, hanging a mirror on the wall will make your room feel bigger and more open. 

So why not elevate your mirror game and choose a style to match your boho bedroom? You can’t go wrong with round mirrors, search for a round mirror with gold trim for a simple but boho feel.

Round, rattan mirrors have become trendy in the last few years, so you can find them in fun shapes like stars, moons, or flowers.

One of the cute boho bedroom ideas that we love is buying a set of small decor mirrors and hanging them artfully near each other on a wall. 

11. The Wonders of Wall Art 

Of all the bedroom ideas boho chic style can change, your walls are the most notable.

Aside from painting your walls or putting up wallpaper, wall art will change up your room for the better. You can really let your creative flag fly with wall art, you can even make it yourself if you’re an artistic person. 

Wall art can be paintings, wood fixtures, macramé items, or patterned tapestries. You can think outside of the box and hang items like vintage records or beaded decorations.

You can even pick up a paintbrush yourself and paint a scene or pattern that speaks to you. 

Paintings of nature, the desert, or plant life can keep your wall art within the boho theme. Tapestries of colors that match your bedroom will look great too.  

12. Create a Canopy

Redecorate your bed without having to spend much money by creating a bed canopy! 

Instead of buying a whole new bed or headboard, you can put together a canopy to give your whole bed a quick and chic makeover. 

If you have a four-poster bed you can hang a canopy from the posts. You can also suspend a canopy from your ceiling if you do not have a four-poster bed. 

Choose a canopy in warm earth tones for a cozy feel, or deep shades of burgundy or purple for a royal boho vibe. 

Once you’re laying under your canopy you’ll feel like you’re tucked away in your safe haven. 

13. When in Doubt Hang It

You already know how plants can make your space feel more boho, but you can elevate that even more when you put your plants in a hanging planter. 

Hanging planters exude boho charm and make you feel like you’re immersed in a garden, surrounded by lush foliage. If you don’t already have hooks to hang things from you can always make some yourself as a fun diy project

You can also buy a vintage or rattan chandelier to hang. This will make your space feel classy while staying on-theme or feeling too stuffy. You can even try looking for a chandelier at thrift stores to save some major cash. 

14. Pillow Talk

Accent pillows are fun for any room, any age, and any theme. Really, you can’t go wrong when you invest in accent pillows.

The best part is that they don’t even have to match. You can buy pillows of different sizes, featuring different patterns, and in different colors. The fact that they aren’t all the same will add to the boho style of the room. 

The key to buying different pillows that will all match each other is to make sure they all have one thing in common. For instance, if you buy a jewel-tone green pillow, your other pillows can be different jewel tones. 

If you want to mix solid colors with patterns, sticking to a pillow with a black-and-white pattern is best. You can also choose to buy different pillows made with the same textures.

For teenage boho bedroom ideas, let your kids pick out their different accent pillows. This way they will be in charge of their bedroom decor and it will look good no matter what. 

15. A Rug to Tie It All Together

In many ways, a rug is the centerpiece of an entire room. Much like with wall colors, a rug can set the tone for a room and act as the base for the rest of the decor around it.

If you’re unsure of what color scheme you want, finding a rug you love as a jumping-off point is a good place to start. 

If your room is mostly shades of white and cream, your rug can feature colors and patterns to bring the room together. Natural colors and designs inspired by Moroccan patterns or nature are always a good choice.

A woven rug will feel rustic and look good in a room full of neutral colors. If you want a cozier feel, a fake fur rug in white or tan will do wonders.

Find More Boho Bedroom Ideas Today

Now that you know how to transform your bedroom into a boho sanctuary for rest and relaxation, it’s time to start your decorating journey.

For more boho glam bedroom ideas, check out our helpful tips and articles at Viapu. Browse our bedroom decor page for more boho bedroom ideas and get to redecorating your space! 

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