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Why You Need Boho Curtains In Your Home

Boho curtains can be fun additions to any room you have in your house. So, if you have been eyeing these curtains but don’t know where to start, look no further! We have found sixteen unique ideas that you can use for your room to add boho curtains into your space.

boho curtain ideas

With a wide range of colors, styles, accessories, and themes, you can make any room a fun, eclectic space for you and your guests to enjoy! Before we get into the specific curtains that we found, let’s talk about boho style, where it came from, and how to choose the best boho curtains for your space.

Introduction to Boho Style

Defining Boho Style

Boho decorating is everything you might imagine if you’re looking at a room that is full of earthy or metallic tones. People often think that boho is about putting as much color as possible into space, but it’s about combining colors and making the area stand out as much as possible. In fact, boho is simply a matter of getting rid of the structure and creating exotic and unique designs in rooms.

boho curtain ideas

Where the Boho Style Originated

Boho style came from individuals living outside of the conventional lifestyle, creating different expectations for their own lives and for their own homes. Whether you choose blues, grays, greens, browns, or other colors, you can combine any colors you create a beautiful boho design.

boho curtain ideas

Despite not having a boho design throughout your house, boho-inspired curtains are actually a perfect fit to add a pop of color into any space or even give your curtains a fresh look if you need a replacement.

What Makes Boho Curtains Special

No matter what kind of space you have in your home, boho curtains come in a wide range of sizes and can easily match any décor theme. You can add in boho curtains to achieve more earthy tones, a more relaxed theme to your room, or even add an accessory to style up your space!

boho curtain ideas

Boho curtains are the trend right now, and rightfully so! Here are sixteen of the best boho curtains we found, with a wide variety of options for you for your next home décor makeover!

How to Choose the Best Boho Curtains

boho curtain ideas

If you’re struggling to choose curtains in your space, there are a couple of things that you can keep in mind. First, you should definitely look into what you already have in the room that you’re looking to add curtains in.

For instance, if you have many neutral colors, it might be a good idea to add more colorful boho curtains. On the other hand, if you have a very bright room, offsetting it with a simple boho design would be a great decision.

boho curtain ideas

Additionally, you should also look into sizing and whether or not you want a panel structure or a different style of curtain. This all depends on your preference, and the best part is, it’s all up to you!

If you’re going to get sheer curtains as well, make sure you do it in a room where you likely will not have any concerns about being seen at certain times of the day, or if you do choose sheer for these rooms, make sure that you have another appropriate light blocker to help with the privacy.

boho curtain ideas

Finally, the last item you should be concerned about is fabric. Polyester is the favored material for boho curtains, but you can also find other choices. If you fancy linen or even lace, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Let’s get into the best boho curtain ideas we have found that you can put in your home!

Indian Style Boho Curtains

Colorful Indian Inspired Curtains

This selection is one of the top sellers on Amazon and comes in a variety of colors! They are beautiful and bright, diverse, and they also filter the light through into your space.

These curtains can fit into any room, even if you find that you don’t have a lot of boho interior décor as of yet. On the other hand, if you have a more natural-looking room and want to add one pop of color, these are perfect for adding to your existing décor!

Mandala and Ombre Inspired Boho Chic

If you are looking for a less expensive item that still captures the boho style, these are perfect. These natural drapes are a choice that many people consider when looking for the perfect curtains for their windows.

They come with a natural-colored mandala design, perfect for a room to relax and unwind. These drapes will stand out and get compliments next time you have guests over!

Moroccan Style Boho Curtains

Moroccan Themed Mandala Curtains

This is a beautiful set of curtains for those who love a bit of flair and some tassels. These can work perfectly for the living room or even for your bedroom! They are sheers, so you will have to place them somewhere with either an additional curtain or a place where they can be more decorative instead. These Moroccan-style curtains are simple but beautiful and can make your space bright and full of natural light.

Moroccan Sheer Curtains for Bedroom

If mandalas are not your style, you can still find great choices for your Moroccan curtains! These are simple with a lattice pattern and come in various shades, sizes, and options. People have loved these in their dorm rooms or even placed them in their bedrooms. They are light and airy, adding in natural light that you will enjoy all year round.

White Boho Curtains

Macrame Tufted Boho Chic

For the simple interior designs in your home, this off-white boho curtain is perfect for a minimalist look. People have used this in farmhouse homes, neutral, rustic, or even indie designs! These white boho curtains are a great addition that doesn’t take away from the natural light but adds some protective drapes with cotton fringe on the edges.

White Sheer Curtains with Black Poms

For the budget décor expert, these are great bohemian curtains for you to consider! These have black poms along the edges, and they are sheer boho curtains, which are perfect for family spaces such as living rooms or even your dining room. There are also other color choices, and these come in under $20 for those who want to budget shop!

Black Striped Panel Boho Style Curtains

While these are not exclusively white, these panel-style boho curtains are a great addition to any simplistically styled room. With a simple geometric design in neutral colors and tassels along the edges, you can enjoy these curtains. The 2-Panel system makes them easy to use and enjoy and easy to shut when you want to have more privacy during the day or night.

Greenland Home Curtains

Southwest Inspired Boho Chic 

These boho curtains are perfect for your windows. They add an extra element of color to your room. They come with two panels and two tiebacks, and it has a bit of a tribal vibe but can easily be used for pretty much any space you have in your home. These curtains are bright and can add just what you need when it comes to that pop of color you’ve been looking for.

Blossom-Inspired Curtains

Similar to the previous choice, these are also a beautiful selection for your home. These come with two panels and two tiebacks. This multi-colored set of window panels is perfect and made of polyester, means it will last a long time in your home. If you’re looking for a floral theme for your boho-chic room, this is a great choice. It is loved by many customers.

Watercolor Boho White Curtains

These are beautiful and designed with floral, garden-inspired themes and images for more of an artistic theme. These are also made by the Greenland Home company and include two panels and two tiebacks. So for those looking for the pop of color or adding to a festive spring theme, this will help you achieve your dream interior design look!

Colorful Boho Curtains

Sheer Colorful Mandala Curtains

If you love mandalas, these are an excellent choice for you if you’re looking to add bohemian sheer curtains. These sheer boho curtains will be perfect for adding that pop of color to your space. Best of all, these can fit in your living room or even in your bedroom. They are genuinely some of the most colorful curtains that we found in our search!

Turquoise and Navy Darkening Window Curtains

If you’re looking for more of a specific color scheme, these turquoise and navy curtains are perfect. They also add a darkening feature to your room. So instead of adding more light or being sheer, they block out some of the light. These can help you establish a beautiful space with the backdrop of a beautiful pattern. These can help filter noise as well, making them an excellent choice for your boho-style bedroom.

Boho Tassels Valances

Semi-Transparent Striped Valances

Need a little bit of boho inspiration in your kitchen? These are perfect for window toppers to ensure that your space has all the decor and accessories you need. The valances are an effortless semi-transparent white and black striped Valance style with tassels at the bottom and black. These are perfect for even the simplest of kitchens. You can even add them to a space where you want a simple design to match some of the color schemes you have already in the room.

Farmhouse Style Boho Valances

For a little bit more color to your balance, these are beautiful farmhouse-style curtains. People usually put these in their bathroom, living room, bedroom, or even their kitchen. These are designed for short windows and come with white tassels at the bottom. It also has a beautiful red and orange pattern that is very boho chic. These are perfect for those who would like to add more design to their home. Even if you just need valances to add that extra bit of accessorizing to their space, these are fun choices!

Boho Geometric Print Curtains

Geometric Diamond Boho Curtains

These boho geometric curtains are cute, fun, and colorful! They come in various colors, and they are full of diamonds that are meant to add a bit of design to your room. These curtains also come with tassels at the bottom and are incredibly affordable. Made of polyester, these are in a panel style, making it easy to implement pretty much into any space you have. Best of all, they are not sheer, so you can trust that they will protect most of the light from the outside.

Sheer Geometric Blue Panels

Finally, these geometric blue sheer curtains are a perfect choice for your space, and they add a beautiful but subtle pop of color that anyone will appreciate. These are in a panel style and come in a multitude of different sizes in colors. Other than the blue, there’s also grey, tan, white, and black. You will definitely want to look at these. There are so many deals and they are highly rated on the Amazon store.


With all these options, you have plenty of choices to choose from for your next set of boho curtains. If you’re struggling to find the right choice, check out some of these and see what comes up under recommended. Of course, you can always go to a store as well in the shop for specific styles. That way you know what to buy online and what will work in your space!

If you purchased any of these curtains listed in this article, let us know below what you think of them. Also, if you’re looking for boho curtains and have found another perfect choice, let us know as well! We’re always looking to identify the best boho curtains. If you find that they are perfect for your space, we would definitely love to hear about them and share them with everybody on our site!

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