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Imagine a living room with books, remote controls, magazines, and other smaller items littered all around. Unappealing, right? Now imagine a well-organized living room with all small items arranged in an ottoman tray. Perfect! An Ottoman with a tray helps to reduce clutter and keep your space looking fantastic. 

How to Find the Right Ottoman Tray For Your Space

When searching for a tray, go for one that fits the shape and size of the ottoman. First, determine the length and breadth of the ottoman and then use a tray that can fit it. 

Trays that are bigger than your Ottoman certainly do not look nice. So instead of purchasing an oversize tray, opt for more than one small tray that can together serve the purpose of one tray. 

It would also make sense to use a tray that mirrors the shape of your Ottoman. For instance, use a rectangular tray on a rectangular ottoman.

ottoman tray

Make sure you have enough room to hold your books, playing cards, smartphones, and magazines. It may also be able to accommodate some decorations and your objects.

Furthermore, after determining the shape and size of your Ottoman, ponder on the type of material you want. Wood trays help keep your magazines, books and newspapers organized.  

Ottoman Tray

If you prefer a natural, organic look. Opt for natural materials like rattan, seagrass, abaca, and hyacinth trays. However, they may not be so great for keeping drinks or candles. This is because the open weaves can absorb water and other liquids and reach your Ottoman. They are also easily inflammable.

If you are so concerned about spills, you’ll love trays that have a lacquered finish. They also give a sophisticated look to your living room. The coating, which is hard and glossy, effectively protects from spills, and they are easy to clean. However, note that lacquer is more expensive than trays made of natural materials but durable. 

Ottoman Tray

Also, trays with handles make it extremely easy to move from one place to the other. You may even use it as a serving tray as the occasion demands. Trays with sides of at least 2 inches in height are the best.

Finally, let’s talk colors. While choosing an ottoman tray, go for one with a natural hue, a complementary color, or a fun pattern.

Having discussed things to consider, here are some Ottoman tray ideas to try out today.

20 Ottoman Tray Ideas

1. Large Round Ottoman Tray Design

Here is a classic round tray with a clean finish. It is the best place to place your milk, tea, and snacks. If you are a lover of flowers, you may place a vase with flowers that will improve your home’s beauty.

A round ottoman at the center of your living with a tray on top of it and surrounded with a few armchairs will give your living room that industrial look. 

2. Decorative Brass

This is another idea to copy. It is a decorative brass ottoman tray. Although beautiful, it is large enough to accommodate objects like remote control, glasses, and snacks.

This tray will go perfectly on a larger round ottoman. You may balance the look by filling up extra space with other items like a small flower pot.

However, do not overload the tray with stuff. This will make it look too clumsy.

3. Round Blue Ottoman Tray Ideas

Make your Ottoman the center of attraction with this round blue tray. It is a perfect fit for living rooms with a nautical theme painted in navy blue and crisp white hues. Around the ottoman, consider placing four armchairs adjacent to each other with a round ottoman placed at the center.

The armchairs can comfortably seat four people while they converse or play games on the ottoman. To beautify the tray a little more, place a bottle or a flower vase in it.

4. Marble finish Ottoman Design With Tray 

This is a great fit for any sophisticated living room. Simple yet beautiful.

The ottoman tray may contain a flowerpot, car key, wallet, and even a bag. Place it on an ottoman with a matching hue. 

This arrangement will look perfect with three armchairs facing each other where guests can have a good conversation. The ottoman tray is also easy to clean. Some water, a clean cloth, and mild soap are all you need. First, put the mild soap in water. Then wet the clean cloth with it and wipe the tray. 

5. Minimalist Ottoman Tray Design

If you hate clutter with utmost passion, here is a simple yet charming ottoman tray to use. It requires you to use a little less decoration while adding more style to your living space.

The tray is a small one but it can sufficiently hold your car keys and glasses.

6. Wooden Ottoman Tray Design

Your living room isn’t just a place for you to rest; it is also a place to receive visitors, catch up on old times, and connect. This is possible with a coffee table or an ottoman as a centerpiece.

You can feature this white wooden tray to spice things up. Also, adorn it with some lovely decorations. The tray in the image above carries some cookies, drinks, cakes, and Christmas-themed decors. 

In addition to carrying drinks and snacks, you may use this tray to enhance the modern flair. For example, add an ashtray and keep away the tiny items. You may also enrich the look by placing a tall vase on it.

7. Contemporary Ottoman Tray Design

Several people think ottoman trays are just for snacks and drinks. Hopefully, you are not one of them because the trays can do much more than hosting food. Ottoman trays can be the perfect place for keeping decorative items.  

Here is a dark brown extra large ottoman tray. Place it on an ottoman with matching colors, and you’ll see how amazing your living room will look. 

8. Silver Ottoman Design

The Ottoman Silver design is a great addition to your living room. It compliments a black-designed living room and you can place snacks, drinks, phones, and remote control on it. This arrangement also allows you to sit quietly and comfortably watch a movie.

9. Woven Ottoman Tray Ideas

Linen couches are one of the most popular couches in use today. This is because they are simple and comfortable. However, to add a little spice to your living space, place an ottoman somewhere visible. Then top it up with a woven ottoman tray. This adds a textural element to your space. Do not leave it empty. Place a flower pot inside. You can also place a book, snacks, and eyeglasses.

10. Rustic Ottoman Tray Design

Here is a simple coffee table with a clean finish. Right on top of it is a rectangular tray that has the same hue as the table. This makes it a good camouflage.

The tray serves two purposes. It is a place to keep snacks, drinks, and remote control. It also embellishes your living space. You can fill up the tray with bright-colored materials to enhance its look. You can also add a flowerpot to it.

11. Ottoman Tray with Candles

If you are looking to impress your guests, you should consider this ottoman tray idea. Here is a contemporary living room looking elegant with a white leather armchair and Ottoman. To enhance its look, keep a tray with a brownish color on the top.  

Inside the tray were a few scented candles of different sizes. They help to improve a home’s fragrance. There is also a beautiful flower vase and some lovely decorations. If you are a lover of decorations, you should also try it out. 

12. DIY Ottoman Tray Idea

Do you love doing stuff yourself? Who says you can’t make an ottoman tray for your home? You can create this fascinating and elegant wooden tray. The advantage of creating one yourself is that you can make it exactly how you want it. 

Get wood, glue, hammer, saw, nails, sandpaper, and stain to make it.

Firstly, measure the wood and cut it into size. Next, join the pieces together with the use of glue. Then use the sandpaper and apply gel stain and two coats of epoxy. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful and functional tray that is durable and resistant to spill. 

13. Partitioned Ottoman Tray Design

Do you love to stay organized at all times? These Ottoman trays can help you do that better. The image above shows a dark brown tray. It can be placed on a white sofa. This will make it stand out. It is also a large one that can hold your books, snacks, and pens.

14. Books in a Tray 

This is also a polished stainless tray with a mirrored base. It has a trim-open architectural frame which is a perfect fit for grouping books and other accessories.

The tray is simple and has a clear-cut design that can fit any contemporary space. In addition, you can stake books in the tray for visitors to entertain themselves with when they come.

15. Chessboard Ottoman Tray 

A chessboard ottoman tray? Yes! Your tray doesn’t have to be boring. You can incorporate chess into it. 

Even your guests will be thrilled at this idea. After a good meal, you can sit with your guests and play a game of chess while having a good time.  

16. American flag Tray Design

The American Flag ottoman tray is the one way to show how patriotic you are. It is a rustic, distressed-looking tray that can bring an extra touch of elegance into your space. Feel free to also store Linens, towels, or any available item. It is a perfect centerpiece! 

17. Reclaimed Wood Ottoman Tray Design

This is an extra-large square simple tray. The wood has a naturally weathered finish which gives it a rustic look. Furthermore, you can create this yourself if you have wood leftovers at home. It is a perfect place for remote controls, pens, books, and several other items.

18. Rattan Tray Ideas

Looking to add a textural element to your space? Then opt for a rattan tray. It offers a farmhouse and vintage touch to your space. This tray idea also has a neutral tone which lets them coexist with any color of furniture you have.

These serving trays can be used for toilet towel storage, drop trays for remote or other accessories, toy holders, and entryway trays to empty your pockets. Apart from the living room, you can also display it in the bedroom, bathroom, or countertop

19. Simple Clear Acrylic Ottoman Design

This is also a simple yet classy idea to imitate at home. Its flat surface and well-defined edges can perfectly march any living room effortlessly. If you are a lover of DIY, you can try to make it yourself. Simply get a 15-mm acrylic sheet with two handles for the tray.

Then, attach the handles to the two sides of the sheet using a powerful adhesive or screws. While joining them, ensure that they are perfectly balanced and in shape. 

20. Herringbone Design

In addition, if you are looking to add a classic look to your living room, then try this idea with a herringbone pattern.

The wood material gives your living room a natural feel, while the herringbone pattern adds a touch of uniqueness to it. 


Finally, we have listed 20 ottoman tray ideas. Simply add a little more creativity, and your living room will become more beautiful with these ottoman tray ideas. These ideas are versatile. Even though most people use the trays for serving foods and drinks, you can do much more with them. To find more decorative ideas for your living room, click here

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