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Radiator heating can be a comfortable, cozy, and cost-efficient way to heat a home. But if you are staging your home for selling, decorating for a party, or just want to blend your radiator into your décor, you need a way to hide it. Radiator covers offer an affordable option for hiding your radiator.

Some options even turn it into a work of art worthy of display. They also serve an important safety function, especially in homes with small children and pets.

Below are fifteen creative ways to either hide or decorate your radiator. With so many options in radiator covers, there is bound to be something to fit into your home’s décor.

1. Combine Style and Function with Built-In Storage

If you are working with a small room, why not add some much-needed storage space while covering up your radiator?

There are plenty of radiator covers on the market that offer shelving as part of the design. Or, you can build your own and customize it to your home’s décor.

If you want a simple DIY solution, simply install a floating shelf, or one with brackets, over your radiator.

And if you need ideas on how to freshen up that bedroom, checkout out our bedroom décor ideas

2. Brighten Up Rooms with a Kid-Friendly Design

A steam radiator can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees. Keeping little hands, and paws, away from that surface is one of the most important functions a radiator cover serves.

Childproofing your radiator is an important safety step. One additional and important step when choosing a cover for childproofing is to make sure it can be secured by a lock to keep children from being able to remove it.

The good news is that childproofing doesn’t have to equal boring. From dinosaur cutouts to sparkly mermaid scenes, there are some really fun kid-friendly designs out there for radiator covers.

Safety and style can go hand-in-hand.

3. Minimalist Style in Radiator Covers

Maria Kondo reignited a reinterest in minimalism by encouraging us all to get rid of anything that does not spark joy. But since the radiator is a necessity in many homes, getting rid of it isn’t an option.

But if minimalism is your style, there are many options that can hide your radiator without adding additional design elements. The key here is to keep clean lines and natural, solid colors for your cover.

Consider a timber-inspired option for a radiator cover that will blend into the most minimalist of decors.

4. Strategic Furniture Layout

If a pre-made cover isn’t in your budget, or you just want to flex your creative interior design muscle, consider using a strategic furniture layout to hide your radiator.

Position a table or large piece of furniture in front of the radiator to hide it from sight or group a cluster of smaller pieces around the radiator to incorporate into the room’s design.

For safety and to ensure proper airflow, make sure there is at least a foot of clearance around the radiator.

Also, be extra careful when placing anything made of flammable materials near the radiator.

Keep in mind that leather can dry out quickly and be ruined. And wood and upholstery pieces can overheat and become a fire hazard.

Large rooms with big furniture work great for this option. If you need ideas on stylish sofas that would be large enough to hide that radiator, check out our article on types of L Shaped Sofas.

5. Paint Your Radiator

Why cover up your radiator when you can make it part of the room’s décor?

Painting a radiator is a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to showcase it as part of your home design. It’s also a great way to release your inner Picasso.

Consider painting the radiator a coordinating color to the rest of the room, or if you are feeling bold, contrasting color to make it pop.

If you really want the radiator to stand out, and are wanting a hot fashion trend, an omber finish may be just the thing to make your radiator a statement piece.

Just be sure that you are using the right kind of paint for your radiator. Regular house paint is not recommended for use on radiators.

Because of the high heat fluctuations, a special radiator paint is needed to withstand the contrast and shrinking that comes with those temperature changes.

6. Using Plants as a Green Radiator Covers

If you have a green thumb, consider using plants to hide your radiator. Start by finding the perfect plant stands for your indoor plants. Then design your indoor garden to hide that radiator.

Using plants is an affordable and easy way to keep the radiator hidden from view. Just make sure to leave enough room around the radiator for the heat to flow easily and not to put the plants directly on the radiator.

Keep in mind that some plants do not do well near-constant heat. Here is a list of plants that can thrive near the heat of the radiator.

7. Upcycle Pallets for a unique radiator Cover

Upcycling is a term used to describe the reuse of discarded materials to create something that is of better value than the original form. Or, in other words, it’s a fancy word for reusing something old to make some new and stylish.

Not only is upcycling is a great way to save money and help the environment by eliminating waste, but it also produces unique one-of-a-kind results.

Pallets are often used in upcycling DIY home projects, and they can be used as a great option as a radiator cover. For those with a DIY mindset, building a pallet cover can take less than a weekend.

A great added bonus to this option is that pallets can sometimes be scavenged from businesses that no longer need them, making this project mostly free.

This option also offers a lot of versatility. A pallet cover can be rustic, modern, or even fit into a traditional-style décor.

8. Heavy Metal Radiator Covers

Metal radiator covers are a great option because they can be both attractive and efficient.

Covers made with powder-coated metal are especially good for transmitting the radiator’s heat. And those with an open scroll-work style pattern also allow for good airflow around the radiator.

Because of these features, metal covers can add to the warmth in your home and help lower your energy bills. On the flip side of the advantage of a metal cover is the problem that it is not a child-proof option.

A hot metal cover is just as dangerous as the hot radiator itself.

But if you do not need to childproof your home, a metal cover is the most efficient and stylish option. One trendy option to dress up that radiator is with a wrought iron cover.

These can range in style from Victorian to Art Deco and are durable, sturdy, and beautiful.

9. DIY String Option

For a playful and rustic look, consider building your radiator cover using string art. Not only does this method give you a chance to break out your DIY and crafting skills, but it’s a fun way to cover up that radiator.

Using string art as part of the cover also creates a cover that allows for good airflow. Maximizing the airflow around your radiator is a great way to improve the performance and maximize the efficiency of your radiator.

10. Beads and Lighting Galore

A fun (and shiny) alternative to traditional radiator covers is a beaded curtain option.

It is both stylish and functional, as the lightweight and open design allow for maximum airflow while making the radiator a glitzy focal point for the room.

For an extra dose of pizzaz, consider installing a pre-lit crystal radiator cover. The sparkle and light are sure to add pop to any room and make a great conversation piece.

11. One-Of-A-Kind Radiator Covers

If the do-it-yourself spirit doesn’t move you, and you would prefer to buy a radiator cover, you can still get a one-of-a-kind piece. Consider commissioning a local artist or check out artist-ran websites for options.

This option gives you a chance to own a unique conversation starter while covering up that unsightly radiator. It also means the piece will be custom-made to your specific tastes and décor.

And a bonus is supporting an independent artist!

12. Easy Added Seating for Small Spaces

Another great way to hide a radiator and maximize space in a small room is to build a window seat above the radiator. This can be an especially nice addition to a kitchen area or breakfast nook.

While this might seem like a daunting task for those with no carpentry skills, with the right instructions and tools, it can actually be accomplished with a day’s work.

A wonderful bonus with seating around a radiator is a perfectly cozy and toasty spot to curl up in on a cold winter’s day (be sure to do your homework on safety recommendations for clearance and materials).

13. Build a Wall Unit

Custom built-in shelving can add to the resale value of your home. Building a wall unit around the radiator is a smart way to hide it and give your home an upscale feel.

Large built-in shelves are a perfect option for a family room, entertainment area, or office.

14. Add a Towel Rack

For that unsightly bathroom radiator, a very simple and elegant solution can be to install a towel rack over it.

This can help maximize space in a small bathroom, hide the radiator, and has the bonus of keeping towels toasty warm for that post-shower wrap-up.

You can buy towel racks made specifically made to slip over a radiator. These racks set out from the unit to allow a safe distance between the towel and the heating source.

And for ideas on how to match your radiator cover with the rest of your bathroom, check out our ideas on bathroom décor.

15. Bringing Life to Non-Functioning Radiators

In some homes, there may be an older, non-functioning radiator. Many people prefer to keep the radiator, especially in historic homes, even if it no longer serves as a heating unit.

If you have an old unit that is no longer used for heat, you can get creative with it instead of paying to remove it.

One fun option is to use that old radiator as a unique and stylish bar cart.  Home bars are extremely trendy, and this can be a great option for an old radiator in a living room area or entryway.

Build shelving on and around the old radiator, and add floating shelving units above it. Stock the shelves with your favorite drink mixes, and you have yourself a unique and fun bar area.

Another option for an old radiator is to incorporate it into an art wall. Make the radiator a true statement piece by surrounding it with artwork. A custom-built frame to surround the radiator gives it a fun museum-like feel.

Stylish Radiator Covers Mean Better Room Design

As you can see, radiator covers can be a great addition to your home.

A radiator cover can be a great opportunity to flex your creative side, show off your style, and even improve your home. You can make your own or buy a pre-made option.

There are plenty of styles to choose from to fit any decor and budget.

If you enjoyed learning about all the ways you can transform your radiator with a radiator cover, be sure to check out other articles on our site.

From decorating your bedroom to selecting the best furniture, we have all your home style ideas covered!

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