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Reading is fun, but what makes it more of a fun experience is the coziness felt sitting in a comfy refund chair, sipping your favorite cup of coffee or tee, and occasionally looking out the window to steal glances at a beautiful landscape. This is every book lover’s dream, a feeling of pure bliss. So how do you select the perfect reading chair to be in this scenario?

10 tips to help you select the perfect reading chair

The vital concern when selecting reading chairs is the level of comfort offered— this takes precedence over aesthetics and appearance. This is not to negate the importance of appearance but a reading chair should offer the pleasure of sitting on it for a significant period without leaving you sore. 

We have put together a detailed guide to help you select the most comfortable reading chairs that catch your fancy. Besides, who says comfort can’t come with styles. 

1. Back Design

The ultimate reading chair should be a perfect balance of comfort and support. The back design is the core determinant of how adequate it contributes to the posture assumed while using it. For better spine and neck support, a slightly curved back or wingback design that is high and firm is recommended as you do not want to get a sore back while reading for extended periods. 

2. Seat depth

The depth of the seat is a vital consideration that depends on your height and reading habits. A deep-seated chair is great for tall people and people who have a habit of tucking their legs in the chair while reading. The deep seats give you just enough room for that, but if you do not fall in this category, you might find the deep-seated chairs uncomfortable.

3. Fabric type

Ease of cleaning, texture, and durability should be considered before opting for the type of fabric covering your reading chair. Your options for a reading chair upholstery include fabrics such as velvet, cotton, and leather. Leather is very easy to clean but gets less durable as it ages and is prone to tears. Velvet materials might retain stains and spills more but can still be used if you intend to place them in a secluded area of the room.

4. Armrests

Armrests of reading chairs are necessary to help provide support to your arms while holding up your book, so they don’t tire easily. A great variety of shapes and designs of armrests exist; It could range from narrow and tight to chunky and rounded. The choice boils down to whichever makes you feel the most comfortable.

5. Chair size

The size is dependent on your preferred style. If you would love to sit in with kids or pets while reading, you might want to opt for an oversized chair fondly called “chair and a half”. This size of the chair can accommodate extra pillows or blankets when the weather is a little chilly, but if you do like to sit tight, a regular-size chair will do.

6. Leg height

Reading chairs are designed to have shorter legs, usually around the 17″ mark. This gives it a less formal look as compared to chairs with longer legs like dining chairs. In addition, the short-leg chairs make it easy for you to extend your leg at an avenue while leaning back. You might also want to consider the leg style of the other furniture for coherence and uniformity.

7. Footstools

Reading for extended periods can put much pressure on your leg and make it prone to swelling. This is where the usefulness of footstools comes in. Also known as the ottoman, footstools help elevate your feet and raise your comfort to a higher level. Unfortunately, not all reading chairs come with ottomans, but the good thing is you can make a separate purchase to match your chair.

8. Aesthetics

Everyone’s taste in style varies, and the great thing is that there is something for everyone. Aesthetic appeal comprises elements such as color, fabric design, fabric texture. The decor of your home also contributes to the caliber of teaching chairs you should opt for. You mustn’t go for chairs that would be too outlandish in your home. Style is very dynamic, and you can opt for e either modern chairs, antique French chairs, or mid-century styles.

9. Sturdiness

While reading, you do not want your chair to be unstable, sliding across the floor or bobbing about. The sturdiness of a chair is usually a function of the material and build of the chair legs, internal frames-work, and the amount of weight it carries. Therefore, before purchasing a reading chair, test to see how firm it sits on the floor. You can also confirm the weight suited for the reading chair in the specifications.

10. Cost

This coming last does not in any way imply that it is of less significance. It indeed is a sole determinant of whether you would be able to acquire your desired chair. The great thing about reserving chairs is the wide range of prices ranging from cheap to pricey. Ensure that whatever chair you opt for food your budget but do not compromise on quality to save cost.

10 Reading Chairs To Buy In 2022

As a new year draws on, many families are looking to discard old furniture and re-furnish their homes. Already thinking about reading chairs to purchase? Look no further, as we bring you the best reading chairs to furnish your home and reading lounges in 2022.

1. Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Recliner

If you search for a modern reading chair with a great touch of sophistication, the Elizabeth recliner is a great choice. This classy recliner in light colors is firm and well padded to offer the ultimate reader comfort. It boasts sturdy legs and serves as a perfect accent reading chair. The armchair offers a footrest for readers to place their feet for better relaxation and posture. In addition, the high back design supports the spine and works to prevent back pain when reading for long hours. The Elizabeth recliner blends perfectly in modern home decor with its tufted diamond design and costs about $250 to $350. It is one of the most comfortable reading chairs for the bedroom.

2. Explore Land Accent reading Chair

The Is a high-back contemporary comfy reading chair that provides a huge level of comfort for readers. The thickly padded armrest makes it appealing for book lovers to rest their arms while peering into a favorite book. The button tufting spices up the decor while also reinforcing comfort and the chair screams cozy from all angles as the suede covering contributes to the textures and comfort. The Explore Land modern upholstered accent chair possesses an anti-rust steel frame with an enormous load-bearing capacity. It makes it a very desirable choice for those with higher concerns about durability. This accent reading chair comes in light blue, beige grey, checker grey, and dark grey at the cost of about $170.

3. Vafany Adjustable Reading Chair

Vafany provides comfort at its peak with an adjustable recliner that makes it serve multiple functions, from reading to sunbathing at the beach. The folding design and lightweight features make it very portable and thus easy to move across different parts of the room. In addition, the presence of side pockets makes this reading chair a better functional choice as you can place your mobile phone and little objects within. It is also equipped with an ottoman, backrest, and pedicure footrest. With Vafany, it is as though there is no better definition of leisure. Moreover, the soft nature makes it easy for you to sit in for a long period without feeling tired. This cozy reading chair costs just about $150, it is one of the best reading chair you will find in the market.

4. ELUCHANG Mid-Century Reading Chair

This chair features plush foam padding, is well cushioned and firm to provide readers with the desired comfort. It is designed on a solid wood frame for sturdiness and upgraded with four metal springs. It has a great depth and is large enough for you to curl up and sit cross-legged while reading for extended periods. This mid-century modern reading chair can carry a weight of over 300 pounds and costs only about $289.

5. Olodumare Accent Reading Chair with Footrest 

Olodumare reading chair for bedroom gives vibes of luxury without compromise on comfort. The large size of the chair and great back design work together to provide you with an enjoyable reading time. It also promises structure stability because of the adjustable metal legs and keeps the chair sturdy on the ground. With refreshing colors, it can blend and augment your home decor at 350 dollars.

6. Macedonia Recliner 

With clean lines and seamless finishing, this reading nook chair made with 100% polyester fabric gives your reading space a modern look. For maximum comfort, it has an extra pad and also possesses a slightly tufted back. After a long reading period, you can put your feet up on the recliner to relax. The legs of this big reading chair are made of birch with a dark espresso finishing while delivering stability to the reader. It costs $290.

7.  Milliard Cozy Reading Chair

The Milliard chair possesses a sturdy metal frame with a faux fur fabric covering. This reading lounge chair is the definition of cozy and comfy and is sure to make you frequently return to reading just to experience that feeling. The extra-large size makes it easy to incorporate a blanket and sit with kids or pets. The easy to clean nature makes it good for high traffic rooms and one of the most comfortable chairs for reading. The Milliard chair can hold up to 265 pounds and comes at an affordable price of $130

8. Hbada Ergonomic Reading Chair

The Hbada is a high-back chair made with quality leather, which gives it a premium look. It features a thick headrest, and the cushion is filled with a premium sponge to prevent back sores while sitting for long periods. The leather fabric is water and oil-resistant and is easy to clean. The armrest has a soft pad, it can move with the backrest as you intend to lean back. The retractable footrest completes the piece for the ultimate comfort. This leather reading chair costs $179.

9. CIMOTA Reading Chair 

With a stylish and modern design, this reading chair uplifts your reading experience. It features a low back and arms, which makes it laid-back whilst providing good comfort. The CIMOTA Chair has a removable back and seat cushion. Built on solid wood legs, this chair is sturdy and can hold up to 300pounds. To prevent the chair from sliding across the room, the bottom of the legs has four rubber pads. This accent reading chair costs $265

10. Cozy Castle Accent Chairs

The cozy castle is a top-quality reading chair made with linen of great caliber that makes it very durable. With a European medieval style and a backrest button design, it is that extra touch of elegance you need in your home. This high back reading chair is water-resistant, and the seat has an exquisite sponge for sitting comfort. As beautiful and stylish, the structure is also reliable and sturdy due to the multilayer board made with pinewood. It holds up to 300 pounds and costs $149.


Reading chairs are gradually becoming a must-have for every home. They could be a bit expensive, therefore you must ensure that you choose the perfect reading chair and get value for your money. So whether you need a comfy reading chair with an ottoman, a small reading chair or a leather reading chair with an ottoman, there are more than enough options to select that suit your style and aesthetic preference. To get more inspiration on home decors, read other articles on

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