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There are many designs and home aesthetics that you can choose for your home.  Some of the most popular over the years have been Cape Cod styles homes and Victorians, but there are so many others that people often forget about. 

In 2021, many great home aesthetic designs received more attention than in previous years. The trends are always changing, but some of these are here to stay and more popular than ever before!  Here are some considerations for you to make before you choose your home’s aesthetic, and how to know what the right fit is for your space.

  • Be inspired by your clothes: Often, the colors and the formats that we choose for our clothes can tell us about our home aesthetic. If you like neutrals, you might opt for a more industrial look for your home and green aesthetic. If you like bright colors, you might want to have something more decorative, like Bohemian homes, blue aesthetic or even mid-century modern homes.
  • Look at the exterior of your home: While all homes can look the same, the interior design of your home could mirror what you already have on the outside. For example, if you have a more modern home, you might want to style your interiors to match the same vibe.  If you have a more traditional home, you could investigate more traditional designs like a farmhouse or Bohemian style.
  • Use your current décor: You have likely accumulated a lot of décor by this point! Take what you have and use it as the foundation if you can. If you have a lot of great and colorful throw pillows, you can use this as the foundation for your Bohemian or Nautical-themed home.  There are many ways to use your current décor, save money, and find your true home aesthetic.
home aesthetic

With all this in mind, here are some of the best home aesthetics of 2021, and what they entail for your home.

Mid-Century Modern

Timeless charm and unique interior design pieces characterize a mid-century modern home.  In this home, you can choose some sleek and unique furniture designs, such as a mid-century modern dresser or mid-century coffee table.

This home aesthetic is a return to the traditional 1950s and 1960s décor.  For anyone who loves a timeless charm and wants to be taken back to their earlier years, this is a great design with lots of options, and lots of remodeling options as well!


Industrial homes have a colder, more neutral vibe. This is because of the choice of décor and the furniture options people can pursue.  Lots of wood and metal are popular in this aesthetic. There are often unique lighting fixtures and larger items, such as wall clocks.

Industrial is great for those who have large spaces and want to have furniture that can match their neutral interior.  Industrial homes have a great cohesion of robust furniture and decorative lighting that is its own art piece! Some of the chandeliers that people make for industrial homes are stunning and unique, true works of art.


For the ocean lover, a nautical aesthetic is a great option to bring the sea into your home.  There are many types of décor pieces and furniture to put in your home. You could use bright, ocean-inspired dressers and tables. You could even use glass shells and fish décor to place in your spaces.

Nautical aesthetic is all about the ocean and being able to bring elements of the sea into your home.  If you have a Cape Cod style home or a coastal property, you could implement this into your home.  Even if your home is miles away from the beach, nautical themes can still be achieved!


These homes are similar to the principles of industrial aesthetics. Scandinavian home aesthetic allows integrating simple and natural elements into the home. Many people think of Ikea, and they aren’t far off! Scandinavian homes use a lot of wood, have plants, and are simplistic in their designs.  They are well known for being neutral with pops of color when needed.

Additionally, there is an element of modernism in their home décor.  Scandinavian aesthetics use a lot of modernism as their foundational simplicity. Many people love these homes for this. Many people want the aesthetic and simplistic life that this home aesthetic provides.


For those who want to bring the country into their home, farmhouse aesthetic is a great way to design and structure your home.  Even if you don’t have a large barn-inspired space, you can use farmhouse aesthetics to help organize your home, give your dining room a unique look, or even create the kitchen of your dreams.

This home aesthetic encompasses designs that use large sinks, lots of wood, and add character into your space. Unlike some modern homes, farmhouse homes have a lot of color and personality.  The best part is that you can tailor your style to what you truly want in your home!


This home aesthetic is for people who want colorful environments but also want to honor traditional designs.  Bohemian home aesthetics are great for those who love traditional, patterned wallpaper and like eclectic furniture pieces.  Plant lovers also will love this design as well!

Bohemian aesthetic has changed over the years but has been known for its uniqueness and the use of traditional elements as well.  It is a great option for those who want to take advantage of their vintage space but want to add their own colorful twist to their environment.

Home aesthetics provide you with many great choices for how to design and decorate your house.  Even if you already have your home designed, you can remodel your interior and create your perfect interior. Let us know what design you enjoy, and what style you want for your home aesthetic!

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