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When it comes to planning out home decor, many of us think about things like furniture, layouts, and types of materials to use to redecorate and renovate certain areas within a house. However, one overlooked factor when it comes to home decor is the color palettes that are used for wallpapers, pictures, backgrounds, and more. Specifically, the color of the green aesthetic is often understated and yet is so enlightening for wallpaper and a room. The color green is known to represent and draw out many different types of emotions and concepts that are beneficial to a home.

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In order to really understand why green aesthetic backgrounds and wallpapers are beneficial to have and invest in, it’s first important to understand a very basic level of color theory/color psychology. What this basically means is that each color is known to make us feel some sort of emotion; for example, red can make us feel more invigorated and get our heart to pump more, and blue aesthetic can represent more of a serene and calm vibe.

More specifically, specific types of colors and themes can attract us more than others; this is why most of us can name a favorite color, or we have a specific design in mind when it comes to deciding color schemes of a home, etc. Understanding color psychology is the first step in order to really appreciate what green aesthetic wallpapers and backgrounds have to offer for your home or office.

So, how do green aesthetic backgrounds/wallpapers make us feel? Green aesthetics are known to make us more calm and relaxed, as well as the fact that green wallpapers represent new beginnings and growth. This makes sense, as by purchasing a home or even renovating your current home, using green wallpaper can symbolize the start of something new, as well as encourage calmness and serenity within the home.

However, choosing green is really just the first step in really designing wallpaper and/or pictures in a home. The shade and tint of green also play an equally important role as the color green itself! With green symbolizing growth, prosperity, health, and calmness, it’s crucial to now have an aesthetic means to carry out the vision of having a green aesthetic through backgrounds, wallpapers, and more. This is essential to creating the right type of room that you desire.

Lastly, green is a very beneficial color to have as a background and/or wallpaper in your home not only because of its symbolism and aesthetic on its own but the way the different shades and tints of green can complement other types of color schemes. This is often overlooked; many new homeowners, as well as even people who are renovating their own rooms/homes, choose to randomly pick a color that they like the most, without considering how other colors would go with the color that they choose. For example, if a more vibrant color like hot pink is chosen, this may look good for maybe one or two wallpapers/backgrounds, but you would not want to make your entire room hot pink! This is why making sure that different shades and tints of colors are super important in designing an amazing room or home. Green is a color that can go with multiple different types of color shades, tints, and schemes, making it an easy color to blend to give a room or a home an amazing look and atmosphere.

Just as a recap, using any shade or tint of green, whether it’s in wallpaper, a background, or any type of home decor, proves to be beneficial because of the symbolism and psychology behind the usage of green in your home layout, as well as the easiness of blending green into your own customized color schemes and shades. So now, you may be tempted to choose your favorite shade of green and go to work right away! Although this may be the case, there are multiple types of green aesthetics that can help you pick the right type to implement within your background, wallpaper, or design. So let’s get into the details down below.


There are multiple green aesthetic background types that are key to be aware of in order to really decide what type and what picture is right for you. Often, the backgrounds with the color green associated with them are largely nature prints. This can include prints such as flowers, trees, and more; this is one of the main reasons why the color of green is associated and symbolized with serenity and new beginnings. With green aesthetic backgrounds, nature is most likely the key category that will show up and have the most availability, other than perhaps the colors themselves.

To further add to that point, many of the green aesthetic wallpapers are also primarily nature-based. For example, not only will pictures of flowers and trees be your best bet to having a better look, but additionally, you can also explore pictures and paintings of leaves, bamboo, and rocks, or a bird’s eye view of forest landscapes.

These often provide the best aesthetic, but that isn’t to say that there aren’t other images of green that can elevate a room, section, or the entire home. Other green aesthetic pictures that can easily be found, as well as look amazing in a room, including pictures of fruit/vegetables (such as apples and gardens), as well as images of balancing rocks with the vibrant green landscape in the background.

Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash

One of the most popular types of green aesthetic often incorporates a specific shade of green: lime green. This is such a popular shade of green because it can often be versatile with the type of theme and style you are going for within a room or a home. The color of lime can pack a punch and make the overall decor pop, yet it can also serve a subtle touch to make the room more elegant, yet simplistic. This aesthetic isn’t difficult to find or to do. By searching for pictures of lime aesthetics through sites such as Amazon, finding that perfect picture isn’t as hard as you may think.

Now that you know the benefits of choosing green wallpapers/aesthetics, below are some starting points for you to explore more! We have listed some of the most popular and attractive green aesthetics that can help you take the first leap towards elevating the style and wallpapers/backgrounds of your room. Each product will be listed with a link from Amazon, as well as the reviews and a brief product description.

Suggested Products

1.Boho Green Leaf Wall Decor

This has 4.7 out of 5 stars with over 1,100 reviews and features four 12 x 12-inch pieces of different botanical palm leaves.

The material is canvas, and watercolor is used for the illustrations, as well as features different sizes to your liking. The price of this set is twenty-five (25) dollars

2.SUMGAR Bathroom Wall Art.

This piece of green aesthetic has an astonishing 4.8 out of 5 stars with just over 400 reviews. Similar to the piece above, this also is a set of four square canvas paintings.

Each square is a shot of balancing rocks with the leaf in the background, causing the attention of the painting to be focused on the green leaves. The paint-type is watercolor/acrylic, and the price is around 43 dollars.

3.Retro Green Floral Peel Wallpaper

This type of green aesthetic wallpaper has 4.3 out of 5-star reviews from across just over 100 ratings. This product is quite different compared to the two products above.

Instead of this being a canvas painting, this is actually a floral green wallpaper. With a vinyl material and the size dimensions being available from three different sizes, this peels and stick wallpaper is bound to elevate the style of your specific space. The prices vary depending on the size of the wallpaper you purchase; the lowest price starts around 8 dollars for the 14.5 square feet version, and the highest is around 28 dollars for the largest size of 58.1 square feet.

4.NU Maui Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Green

The reviews and ratings on this product are a 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 560 people rating it. This is also another peel and stick wallpaper from NuWallpaper brands. With a modern style, this type of wallpaper can blend and match with other colors in a variety of situations and layouts.

With coverage of around 30.75 square feet, this wallpaper can help serve the purpose of redecorating a space to have a more modern and relaxed atmosphere. The price of this wallpaper is around 35 dollars.

5.RoomMates Tropical Green Wallpaper

The reviews on this product amount to 4.6 out of 5 stars across just a little shy of 300 ratings. This peel and stick wallpaper is made out of natural fibers with a tropical style, and it’s also removable without any sort of sticky residue or stains on the wall.

This retails for around 29 dollars, and it’s also washable and movable. Overall, a very good choice to redecorate or redesign a space for a more green aesthetic.

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