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Are you getting ready to renovate your home into your personal blue oasis? Changing up the entire aesthetic of your home (or even a single room) is a lot of work, but it’s also fun. 

Blue homes are unconventional. By switching to a completely blue aesthetic, you’re going to make your home stand out. If this is the look that you’re going for, you’re on the right track.

We’re here to offer you some valuable advice for your interior design project. Keep reading to learn more so you can get started today. 

Why Choose Blue? 

So why should you opt for an aesthetic blue home in the first place? Most homes have more neutral tones (at least when you first buy them) so switching to blue might be jarring. 

There are plenty of reasons that you might want to switch to this cool color for your interior decorating needs. Whether you want your entire home to be blue or you’re picking and choosing rooms, blue is a great choice!

Blue gives a room a more “airy” feel, and the right shade of blue may make a room seem larger. 

Many people think that blue is exclusively for little boy’s rooms, but this is an outdated idea. Blue is great for children regardless of their gender, especially if they’re young enough to be in a nursery. 

Blue is a calming color. This may mean that it makes it easier for children to fall asleep in their rooms. 

blue aesthetic

Finding The Right Blue

Not all blues are alike. While we’ll discuss color schemes later, pick your base blue tones, shades, and hues now. 

But how do you choose? First, consider your own styling goals.

Are you trying to create a dark and cool room with a navy blue aesthetic? What about a sweet nursery with a baby blue aesthetic or pastel blue aesthetic? Maybe you’re going for a blue neon aesthetic for a stylish game room. 

When you’re choosing the right blue for your home, it’s helpful to gather paint swatches. Most home and garden stores have walls of paint swatches for people to take home for free. 

Hold these swatches up against your walls, furniture, or anything else that you’re thinking about incorporating into your blue rooms. This will give you a better idea of how different blues work with your lighting and the shape of your rooms. 

Color Schemes: Which Is Right For You?

Once you have an idea of what kinds of blue you’re looking for, start figuring out your ideal color scheme. A color scheme will make your room look cohesive and stylish. You can place colors haphazardly if you wish, but your interior design will look better if you adhere to color theory.

Here are a few color schemes that work well for an overall blue aesthetic.

Monochromatic Blue Aesthetic

If you want blue for as far as the eye can see, you want a monochromatic color scheme.

When most people hear the word “monochrome” they think of black and white. In reality, monochromatic color schemes can work with any color. You’re just working within one hue and adjusting the shades and tones to create the appearance of multiple colors.

For example, you can start off with a light blue aesthetic as your base. Add white or black to that color to create the other colors in your color scheme.

When you do this, you create a gradient effect.

Keep in mind that a monochromatic color scheme can be overwhelming. This is best for smaller rooms or a single room in the house. 

Complementary Colors

You don’t have to stick exclusively with blue when you’re creating a blue color scheme. If you want to stick with a “real” color scheme, consider using complementary colors.

Complementary colors add visual interest and they allow you a bit more freedom when you’re decorating. 

Complementary colors are across from each other on the color wheel. The complementary color to your blue will depend on the hue that you chose before. 

You can combine monochromatic and complementary color schemes by using multiple shades of each color as long as you don’t change the hues. 

For blue, you’re going to get orange hues as complementary colors. These are high-contrast. For some people, this might be too jarring, so this is when it’s important to bring paint and fabric swatches in while you’re making your decision. 

light blue aesthetic


An analogous color scheme is a great idea if you like the idea of enhanced visual interest, but you aren’t interested in high-contrast colors. 

When you create an analogous color scheme, you’re choosing your base color and then adding the colors on either side of it on the color wheel. You can do this in a subtle way with minor changes, or in a more extreme way by using large changes. 

If blue is in the center, purple will be on one side and green will be on the other. You don’t have to choose a true purple or green. There are different hues between the colors.

For example, if you’ve chosen a dark blue aesthetic, you can go for a dark teal on the green side and dark indigo on the purple side.

By using colors that are so close together on the color wheel, you’ll create a visually interesting space without the extreme shifts that complementary colors create. This is great for a blue and purple aesthetic that needs a hint of green

Other Options

So what if the standard color schemes don’t work for you?

There are a variety of other color schemes that don’t work as well for a blue aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate features of them. Remember, this is your space and you’re in charge of how you decorate.

Why not opt for a true blue and white aesthetic? This is, in a way, a monochromatic color scheme without all of the shades in between blue and white. 

You could try a pastel pink and blue aesthetic for a soft and sweet look or a red and blue aesthetic for something louder. 

Regardless of what you decide, choosing swatches and mixing and matching will help you figure out the best color scheme for you.

Break Up The Blue

Speaking of your color schemes, it’s a good idea to break up the blue within your home if you don’t want it to be too aggressive. 

Use your color schemes to do this.

Decide on what elements you want to be in your base color. Do you want to paint your walls for a cool blue background aesthetic or are you interested in keeping the blue to your furniture and home accessories? 

Even if you’re going for a monochromatic look, using the exact same shade of blue isn’t a good idea. You don’t want your entire room to blend together.

If you’re willing, we suggest creating a statement wall that either breaks up the blue or adds a fun pattern. This way you can have all-blue walls without making them too boring. 

Accessories and Decorations

So how do you break up the blue? 

You’re going to want to incorporate accessories and decorations that add visual interest to your room without ruining the color scheme. These pops of color will draw the eye and really make your space come together. 

Here are a few fun ideas for accessories and decorations. 

Blue Aesthetic On The Wall

Let’s start with things that you can put on your walls to amp up your blue room. 

We love using fairy lights (or string lights) indoors when it isn’t the holiday season. When you string them along your walls, you create a whimsical look and a cool lighting situation.

You can use either white bulbs or blue bulbs, but we suggest white in this case. You can get curtain string lights to create an aesthetic blue background for one of your walls.

Speaking of lights, neon lights are also great for amping up a color scheme. Neon signs (or LED signs that look like neon signs) are fun and fresh. They’re great for bedrooms, home bars, and children’s rooms. 

What about prints and wall art? A home isn’t complete without decorative wall art and frames. There are plenty of prints and photos in blue hues to complement your space.

If you’re going for a beachy look with one of your blue rooms, why not incorporate ocean imagery? You’ll get blue decorations and a seaside aesthetic. 

Blue Aesthetic Off The Wall

You also have to consider things that aren’t going on your walls. You don’t want the rest of your room to not suit your aesthetic, right? 

Start with easy room accessories like throw pillows and blankets. Incorporate them into your color scheme and place them in a strategic way to draw the eye. 

If you’re going for a blue and green aesthetic, why not add some decorative plants in blue or white pots and planters? This will add the pop of green that you’ve been looking for and you’ll get to get in on the indoor gardening trend that’s so hot right now. 

While the kitschy look is fine, simple is often better for the average home. Opt for a clutter-free space and basic and minimalist decorations. 

Furniture: What to Do?

So painting your walls is easy, but what are you supposed to do with all of your furniture? When you’re switching to a blue aesthetic, it’s unlikely that you already have a variety of blue items. How can you add enough furniture to your interior design plan without breaking your budget? 

Let’s talk about a few things that you can do to gather and incorporate blue furniture into your home.

DIY Methods

If you’re on a budget, you might want to start with things that you can do on your own without spending an arm and a leg. Lucky for you, there are plenty of cheap and easy DIY methods for incorporating a blue aesthetic. 

Look at the furniture that you already have and consider whether or not you’re willing to modify it. While you should avoid making any big changes to furniture that’s in good condition, there’s nothing wrong with adding a fresh coat of paint to other less valuable pieces.

Choose a color from your color scheme and start getting to work. You may have to sand certain pieces of furniture if they’re too smooth for the paint to stick.  

If you don’t want to paint furniture that you already own, go to the local secondhand stores to find some new pieces that you can give new life to. You can also do this with picture frames.

Learn how to upholster simple stools and chairs for a final touch.

Storebought Options 

So what if you’re willing to shell out a bit of extra cash for your home renovation? 

You likely won’t find much in the way of blue furniture, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have options. You can buy furniture covers and pillowcases to match your blue aesthetic. 

This is an affordable option that’s effortless and effective.

Enjoy Your Cool Blue Aesthetic

You’re going to love your new blue home or room. A blue aesthetic is a great way to bring in color and cool vibes. It’s more interesting than a plain beige room for sure. 

Go to your local home and garden store to start collecting swatches and mixing paint! Your blue aesthetic home is on the horizon. 

Are you looking for more helpful home design and renovation tips? At Viapu, we’ve got everything that you need. A quick tip: start with this easy guide for getting paint out of your carpet before you start painting your walls blue!

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