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When it comes to showerheads, there are many choices that you can choose from. Many people like to have a lot of pressure on their showerheads to ensure they are adequately cleaned. However, many people turn to a waterfall showerhead because these are so convenient and feel great when you stand underneath them. They can add plenty of benefits for your health as well!

Waterfall shower heads are some of the best, and there are many benefits to using them. Despite what you might think, a waterfall shower head is not that expensive. You can choose to find ones that are more luxurious and expensive. You can also find those that are more affordable and still get the job done. Here are some of the benefits of having a waterfall showerhead in your home.


The Benefits of a Waterfall Shower Head

There are some great benefits to a waterfall showerhead. For instance, people can add steam to their bodies and allow their bodies to stay warm throughout the entire shower. It can also help detox and kick-start your metabolism if you do a cold shower with the waterfall features. Of course, not everyone enjoys cold showers, but they can be great for your skin and your health!

Waterfall shower heads also mimic the sensation of being under rainwater, which can be a soothing experience for many individuals. Waterfall shower experiences can be some of the most luxurious choices because it mimics what rain feels like.

Additionally, it’s also commonly known that many spas and luxury hotels choose this type of shower. You will feel as though you are living your life every day as if it’s on vacation!

If you’re looking for the perfect waterfall showerhead for your home, we have found plenty of choices for you! Here are some of the best available options for waterfall showerheads. We also discuss why you should choose to purchase one of these for your home. 


Norwood Waterfall Luxury Single-Handle

For those who enjoy the overhead waterfall shower experience, this is a great choice. This one is available at your local Home Depot. For less than $500, you can choose to have a single-handled one spray high-pressure showerhead that sprays at waterfall pressure.

Again, this is great, and it comes in polished chrome color, making it an excellent decision for those who want to stay with a neutral but simplistic color for their bathroom.


Waterfall Single-Handle 3-Spray Square High-Pressure Shower

For those who want a little bit more option for how much pressure they add to their waterfall shower, this is a great choice. Coming in a brushed golden color, this is similar to the previous one, but it only changes the options.

You have three different spray options that can significantly help with pressure within the system. With a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, this is a great choice. Best of all, it still provides that rainfall experience you’re looking for.


53 in. 10-Jet Shower Panel System in Brushed Nickel

For those who like a little bit of variety with their showerheads, this is another choice that you can choose that has the waterfall option and others. You can choose to have a single stream, the waterfall, even use the handle. You can also have water spraying from the side with the added featured jets in the panel.

This has a ten-jet shower panel system and brush nickel. It comes at a very reasonable price and has built-in LED temperature displays to help you keep your shower at the temperature you desire.


Norwood Waterfall Single-Handle 1-Spray High-Pressure Rain Mixer

For those who want something more simplistic, this is a great choice. It also comes with one convenient waterfall design shower head. In a matte black color, this also comes with the faucet and the valve.

Unfortunately, there’s only one spray feature, making it a little more straightforward than people would like, but still, it is an excellent choice for those looking for something to upgrade their bathroom for a small and affordable price.


Juno LED Shower Head Fixed Support With Touch Screen 

For those who want a little more luxury with their shower, this is a great choice, and it comes from one of the best shower companies available. The new rainfall shower has 64 different color-changing lights, and it has a nice appearance to it.

With a touch screen, you can adjust the temperature, the pressure or even turn off the shower. It’s a truly great option for those looking for more luxurious experiences when they’re winding down for the day or getting ready to head out for their workday.


New 5 Function Super Luxury Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Head 

For those who don’t need many choices, this has a fire function extensive range shower system and comes from the same Juno shower company. You can switch between different rainfall experiences and even enjoy some of the paneling on the side that you have implemented into your shower.

It is definitely worth a little bit more money than other items, but there are also LED light options to help you truly get an experience that is out of this world.


Juno 22 Inch Wall Mount Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head

This is a super simplistic and excellent choice for those looking for something to upgrade their bathroom but don’t want something too complex. This has a wall-mounted showerhead and a shower handheld waterfall feature that helps you get the whole experience you desire.

This comes in beautiful color choices, such as gold, black, and chrome. It is a truly excellent choice for those who want something simple but high quality.


Juno Modern Design Luxury Hotel Spa Shower Head

To feel as though you’ve whisked yourself away to the spa is a truly excellent choice. This is perfect for those who want all the features and benefits of a stunning waterfall shower. It is one of the designs that people used in many hotels or luxury spas, and it includes the rain shower and the misting feature.

This is one of the best models available and has three different body jets and waterfall features. There are 16 color options for the LED lights and can be adjusted with a handy remote. This is one of the best options and one that will genuinely make you feel as though every day you are on vacation.


Shower Panel With LED Rainfall Waterfall Showerhead

From one of the most popular websites for home design and decor, this waterfall shower design

is truly inexpensive due to the Labor Day sale but has all the features that people would want. You have the waterfall feature from above.

You also have the handheld waterfall shower head, the mist and jets from the side. Well, several different options for you to choose from, this is one of the most luxurious choices and one of the most inexpensive right now, and with all the sales they have, you’re likely to find it again at the same low price!


Shower Panel With LED Rainfall Waterfall Showerhead

Similar to the previous model, this is another excellent choice for those looking for the jet feature, the handheld showerhead, and the overhead showerhead. This is also on sale, and it is truly one of the best options that you can choose from.

It is a fun, convenient, and valuable item that you can add to your home. It will make you feel like you are at the spa every single day and that you are truly living a life of luxury no matter what your day might be like.


Rain Shower Head With Handheld

For those who want a little bit of everything, this is a great choice. This showerhead is not built into the ceiling or the wall but comes with an 11-inch extension that can be adjusted according to where you feel it fits best.

You also have nine different settings in the handheld showerhead, and you can hold this at your disposal when you were showering. Best of all, this is also designed to be an anti-leak. This makes it a luxurious and very inexpensive option for those who want to upgrade their bathroom.



No matter what your shower head is right now, you can upgrade and make sure that every day is an enriching experience for you and for whoever uses the shower as well. Waterfall shower heads can be so rejuvenating and so beneficial for you and your health. So if you’re looking for an upgrade that will take care of yourself, then choose to upgrade your waterfall shower head.

We hope we provided you with a significant amount of choices and options for your next bathroom upgrade. If you have any questions or would like to share what you have found to be the best products, feel free to comment down below! We would love to hear from you and see what you have discovered and potentially share it with others in the future.

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