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As humans, it is natural to judge others. But, what about our homes? When we are younger, we judge peoples’ properties on style. But, as we get older, we care more about tidiness and perceived cost. We all get home from work tired and sometimes stressed. We want to remove our coats, put our bag on the entry table, and throw our keys on the top. Sound familiar?

But, having a cluttered entranceway might be making you feel more anxious and flustered. Simply put, our human brains prefer clean and non-cluttered spaces. 

Go and look at your hall entry table now. Are you the type of person, like the above, who throws everything on top of the table? Or, are you the opposite and have nothing on your entry table at all?

Either way, it’s not a great first impression to your guests. Luckily, you can style your entry table to look perfect and suit your lifestyle. We’ll show you how. 

This year, take time to decorate your entry table. The benefits you reap will surprise you! Use these entry table decor ideas below to get started.

1. Use Lighting to Set the Mood

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When you come home from a busy day at work, you want your entrance to be an oasis. Lighting your hall entry table is the most efficient way to achieve this. Ambient lighting will create a soft, warm glow in your hallway.

Placing table lamps is the easiest way to set ambient lighting. Depending on the size of your table, you could have two smaller ones on either side. A central light will look great if you have a small entry table.

You can show off your style with the lamp itself. A thin and sleek lamp feels minimalist. At the same time, lampshades with floral patterns and tassels are popular with vintage designers.

2. Show Your Personality

As they walk through your door, your guests will make a judgment on you and your house at that moment. So, it is your opportunity to grab their interest and make a good impression. But remember, your home is your haven, so it should work for you too.

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A colorful entry table with flowers will be a great match in a bright home. However, some people prefer to relax and unwind with neutral colors and a more elegant vibe. Try contemporary table designs mixed with framed artworks if this sounds like you.

3. Discover the Rule of Three

You can think of your entry table in three parts, the two sides and the middle. You will need to create an even balance of design across these three areas. Too much in the middle or sides, and your hallway entry table will look unbalanced.

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Generally, most people will have a larger item in the center and smaller pieces on the sides. However, it is essential to play with levels. If everything on your table is on one level, it is not very engaging. So, try playing with different levels, materials, and positions to get the right effect.

4. Have a Centerpiece

A skinny entry table with a centerpiece would work perfectly in a narrow entrance. Centerpieces can be anything from pieces of art to vases full of flowers.

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If your budget doesn’t stretch as far to include weekly bouquets, dried flowers work as well. In fact, dried flowers can create a unique boho atmosphere. Mini sculptures, pots, and pictures also make fantastic central pieces.  

5. Consider Symmetry

When decorating your entry table, you could accidentally create a cluttered space. To avoid that pitfall, always keep in mind the idea of symmetry. By this, we don’t mean that the table has to be exactly the same on both sides. 

But, they should match or complement each other. For example, your table might look strange with several tall decorations on one side and only a small pot on the other.

Using candles is a great way to create symmetry. For this reason, many candles are sold in sets. So you could place them at equidistance across your table. Also, you could match tall flowers on one side with a raised pillar candle on the other. 

6. Increase the Sense of Space

Some of you may have an open-plan house, while others have a more traditional hallway. Choose a large and attention-grabbing entry table for open-plan spaces.  

But, opt for a small or skinny entry table in a narrow hallway. You can still create a sense of space, regardless of the narrow width. How? Buy a mirror that you hang above the table.

Position the mirror at eye height above the table to create a sense of space. If you have a window in your hallway, hang your mirror opposite it. The mirror will then reflect the natural sunlight around the room.

More light will create a sense of space. And, of course, you can check your style in the mirror before you head out. It’s a multi-purpose feature.

7. Think About Table Design

Styling an entry table isn’t about only the decorations. It’s time to think about the table design itself. For example, a rustic wooden table will create a different atmosphere from an art deco table.

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Be sure to think about the overall design of your property and how you use the entry table. Do you throw your car keys on it? Will you leave those bills resting on top?

If you are a person that is likely to add lots of clutter to the top, an entry table with drawers might be your ideal match. You will have additional storage space for daily items.

If your table has additional shelving or cupboards, these are great for families. Dedicate a drawer or cupboard space to each of your family members.  

8. Use Underfloor Space

Drawers aren’t the only option to make extra space. See all that empty, unused space under your entry table? You can use that too.

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Wicker baskets look fantastic under a farmhouse entry table with boho decorations. For a contemporary alternative, try lower-level table racks or hidden drawers. Either way, an entry table with storage can be a modern and valuable feature of any property.

You might also like to throw a rug down underneath or in front of the hall entry table. It will act as a noise barrier and separate the space between outdoors and indoors. Be sure to take your shoes off first. Then, if you keep a slipper box under the entry table, you’ll step straight into comfort. 

9. Stand Out From the Crowd

This year, minimalist and clear-cut shapes with plenty of glass are expected to be a trend. This style will open up your space and create a unique design feature in your home.

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A console entry table or a skinny entry table is perfect for this trend. But, instead, you may prefer to be big and bright. If so, red continues to be a popular entry table color for this year.

It makes a statement as soon as you walk through the door. You may also like nostalgic and vintage tones that add a stylish vibe to your property. 

10. Add a Personalized Piece

Nowadays, getting your hands on a personalized art piece is straightforward. There are many options on the market. Want to feel inspired before you leave your house? Hang an empowering quote above the table, one that gets you ready to tackle the day.

Perhaps you need somewhere to keep your keys but don’t like the idea of a table with drawers. If so, a personalized freestanding keyholder will make a fantastic addition.

People have also been dreaming of destinations further afield because of the current situation. So, hang a customized world map and stand travel pictures on your entry table if that sounds like you. 

11. Represent the Seasons

A hallway entry table that changes with the seasons is unique in any home. It can combine many design features we’ve already mentioned.

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In Summer, a fresh bouquet of beautiful sunflowers and freesias is a perfect centerpiece. The decorations might include pictures from summer vacations and other small memorable trinkets.

In Spring, buy a flower bulb collection and display animal sculptures as decor. A Winter table might include Christmas decorations, gold-trimmed candles, and bouquets of snowdrops.

Of course, during Fall, you’d expect to see fir cones alongside orange, red, and gold flowers. 

12. Go For Consistency or Color Pops

Depending on which rooms your hallway leads into, you might like to color match. Imagine that your hallway leads into the main living room with a cool color scheme. In this case, your entry table could be a bluewash finish.

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But then, further down the hall, guests would come into the warm-themed sitting room. Don’t be afraid to add this color scheme to your table too. A white pot on either side of the table with burnt orange flowers would be a perfect contrast.

The key point is that guests shouldn’t feel disconnected between the rooms and entrance. However, you could also turn that idea upside down and go for a color-pop table.

One example is a vintage green table with yellow flowers in an otherwise white, minimalist house. Or a table with a bright and busy print that contrasts neutral shades.

13. Show Off Your Collection

Using your entry table as a display case is a fantastic way to show off your personal collection. Whether designed for vintage cars or playing cards, display cases will fit on even a small entry table.

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Having your favorite items on display will also be an interesting conversation starter. It works particularly well if the person is a new visitor to your home.

Consider the surrounding wall and floor space in your hall table decor. Instead of a freestanding display case, you could hang your collection. An entry table with a slighter lower shelf is popular, and they are also great for displaying items.

14. Make a “Living” Entry Table

We’ve already included the concept of adding fresh bouquets to your hall entry table. But, you may also like a living space.

Instead of cut-flowers, use air plants and cacti. Both of these plants need little attention to thrive. If you’d like an added “wow” factor, you might be interested in hanging moss walls.

These unique decorations come in all shapes and sizes. Aside from looking great, it is said they improve air quality. This concept of living art will work exceptionally well with a farmhouse entry table.

15. Use Books to Create Levels

Books are an excellent entry table companion. You can use them in a variety of ways.

Start by stacking them to one side for decoration. Having a unique bookend will look fantastic. But, that’s not all. You can also use books to raise bowls or flower vases to various levels.

You could choose between thick and glossy coffee table books. Or, if you prefer a more antique vibe, stack books with stained covers and worn edges. You can pick these up cheap from most thrift stores. 

Welcome to the Entry Table Style Revolution

So many people give little or no time to consider their entry table. Hopefully, you’ve seen that by styling your entry table and entrance in general, you can create a whole new ambiance. 

These entry table decor suggestions will look fabulous whether you have an open-plan studio or a narrow hall with a skinny entry table.

By tidying and styling your entry table, you will create a stress-free home. You will feel less flustered and make a good impression on your guests. Also, a tidy table will save you time looking for lost keys.  

We’re passionate about stylish and functional home design. Check out other ways to choose a table for your home and style it on 

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