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The choice of your deck railing might also be dependent on the installation type. This as there are specific procedures for the various types of railings available. This article provides details about horizontal deck railings and 10 horizontal deck railing ideas for your home.

In the last few years, decks have evolved and become more popular in modern homes. This outdoor space spices up your home by giving you a chance to sit out, unwind, relax with friends. In addition, you get to enjoy a good atmosphere and generally connect with nature while enjoying breathtaking views. Asides from its safety function, the railings add extra style to your deck and prevent it from looking bare.

Most commonly, deck railings might be horizontal or vertical. Deck railings also serve as pointers of your architectural preference. You can always incorporate your fancy when choosing deck railing.

Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas

Horizontal Deck Railing Vs. Vertical Deck Railing

As stated earlier, deck railings can be horizontal or vertical. Each has an advantage over the other while also having a feature that might make it quite an unfavorable option.

Horizontal deck railings offer more versatility in design than vertical ones. This is because the strain and upright nature limit the kind of materials.

For instance, you cannot have a glass deck railing in a vertical design. Unlike vertical deck railings, horizontal deck railings do not require balusters during installation and make the installation much easier.

Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas

This makes it also a cheaper option than the vertical deck railings. Another important fact about horizontal deck railing is that it provides better privacy. This is because people are less likely to peep through the shields and see what is going on within.

Unfortunately, this is not attainable when it comes to vertical decorating.

Brief Guide To Selecting The Best Deck Railing For Your Home

When choosing the best deck railing for your outdoor space, there are several things you should consider. Here are five major things you should consider before opting for your horizontal deck railing.


This is the most crucial consideration before opting for the choice of balusters. There are several materials available for your deck railings. These range from wood, vinyl, aluminum, and steel, to mention a few.

Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas

Each of these materials has its peculiarities. Features such as strength, stability, and durability inherently depend on the choice of material.

Before purchasing, ensure you are comfortable with what the material provides in terms of functionality.


The height of the deck railing should also be put into consideration. This is to ensure that there is a perfect balance between providing safety and allowing a perfect view.

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Usually, there are specific heights of railings in different localities. This height can be known by talking to those in charge of home safety matters in your vicinity. Anything below the benchmark might be unsafe, while too high will also hinder your view.


The style of the deck railing should match and complement the architecture of your outdoor space. Do this so you don’t have anything looking out of place or outlandish.

Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas

Installation method

This consideration is important to ensure that your deck railing installations process is successful.

For instance, if you have a deck with a wall that is not ideal for nails, wood decks might not be a good option. You might also consider having installations that are not permanent.


Now, this point is not hard and fast, and frankly, is dependent on your financial status. However, it is important to note that installing a deck railing shouldn’t make you break the bank. There are various cheap and affordable options for you, but ensure you do not compromise on quality.

Top Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

  1. Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas with Steel Cable:

Steel cable railings have been gaining popularity due to their minimalist yet sturdy nature. These railings provide an almost invisible barrier, ensuring that the breathtaking view around your deck remains unobstructed. Their understated design seamlessly aligns with various architectural styles, making them a versatile choice for homes ranging from vintage to ultra-modern.

Steel Cable Deck Railing
  1. Horizontal Wood Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas:

Wood, a timeless material, brings warmth and rustic charm to deck railings. Horizontal wooden railings, in particular, strike a balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern design. The grains and patterns in wood add a natural touch to your outdoor space, making it cozy and inviting. Plus, with proper treatment, wooden railings can withstand the test of time and weather.

wood deck railing
  1. Horizontal Deck Railing with Aluminum:

Aluminum railings are the embodiment of strength and longevity. Their rust-resistant properties make them an excellent choice for regions with volatile weather conditions. Lightweight and easy to install, aluminum railings are often preferred by homeowners who seek a combination of style and practicality. Their sleek finish complements both classic and contemporary deck designs.

  1. Deck Horizontal Railing for Modern Homes:

Modern homes, characterized by clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, require railings that mirror these design principles. Horizontal railings, with their straight lines and absence of unnecessary frills, are a perfect fit. They add a touch of sophistication and elegance to contemporary decks, making them the centerpiece of outdoor gatherings.

modern home deck railing
  1. Horizontal Deck Rails in Rebar Design:

Rebar, traditionally used as reinforcement in concrete structures, has found its way into the world of deck railing design. Horizontal rebar railings exude an industrial, edgy vibe, making them an excellent choice for urban homes and loft spaces. Beyond aesthetics, they’re incredibly sturdy and can last for years without significant maintenance.

  1. Porch Railing Horizontal Options:

Porches, the gateway to homes, can be enhanced with horizontal railings. These railings not only provide safety but also elevate the design quotient of the entire facade. Offering expansive views, horizontal porch railings make spaces feel more open and connected to the surroundings.

Porch Railing Horizontal
  1. Horizontal Deck Rail with Wire Mesh:

Wire mesh railings combine visibility with a unique aesthetic appeal. They are a contemporary take on traditional railings, bringing a dash of industrial charm to decks. The mesh ensures safety without compromising on the view, making it a favorite among homeowners who prioritize both form and function.

  1. Horizontal Wood Deck Railing Ideas with Combination Materials:

Mixing materials can lead to intriguing design outcomes. Pairing wood with glass or steel creates a dynamic visual contrast. The warmth of wood juxtaposed against the coolness of steel or the transparency of glass results in railings that are both eye-catching and functional.

  1. Horizontal Aluminum Railing Designs:

Aluminum, due to its adaptability, can be molded into various designs, from simplistic to ornate. These railings are not only about durability but also about design versatility. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a more intricate traditional design, aluminum railings can cater to your aesthetic preferences.

  1. Horizontal Railings with Vinyl:

Vinyl railings, known for their low maintenance and resistance to weathering, are increasingly becoming the go-to choice for many homeowners. Available in a plethora of designs, they can mimic the appearance of wood or take on more modern, polished looks.

Bonus: Vertical Deck Railing
While this article focuses on horizontal designs, it’s essential to acknowledge the timeless appeal of vertical railings. They offer a different visual rhythm and can be more in sync with certain architectural styles. If horizontal railings are about breaking the mold, vertical ones celebrate tradition.

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