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The choice of your deck railing might also be dependent on the installation type. This as there are specific procedures for the various types of railings available. This article provides details about horizontal deck railings and 10 horizontal deck railing ideas for your home.

In the last few years, decks have evolved and become more popular in modern homes. This outdoor space spices up your home by giving you a chance to sit out, unwind, relax with friends. In addition, you get to enjoy a good atmosphere and generally connect with nature while enjoying breathtaking views. Asides from its safety function, the railings add extra style to your deck and prevent it from looking bare.

Most commonly, deck railings might be horizontal or vertical. Deck railings also serve as pointers of your architectural preference. You can always incorporate your fancy when choosing deck railing.

Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas

Horizontal Deck Railing Vs. Vertical Deck Railing

As stated earlier, deck railings can be horizontal or vertical. Each has an advantage over the other while also having a feature that might make it quite an unfavorable option.

Horizontal deck railings offer more versatility in design than vertical ones. This is because the strain and upright nature limit the kind of materials.

For instance, you cannot have a glass deck railing in a vertical design. Unlike vertical deck railings, horizontal deck railings do not require balusters during installation and make the installation much easier.

Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas

This makes it also a cheaper option than the vertical deck railings. Another important fact about horizontal deck railing is that it provides better privacy. This is because people are less likely to peep through the shields and see what is going on within.

Unfortunately, this is not attainable when it comes to vertical decorating.

Brief Guide To Selecting The Best Deck Railing For Your Home

When choosing the best deck railing for your outdoor space, there are several things you should consider. Here are five major things you should consider before opting for your horizontal deck railing.


This is the most crucial consideration before opting for the choice of balusters. There are several materials available for your deck railings. These range from wood, vinyl, aluminum, and steel, to mention a few.

Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas

Each of these materials has its peculiarities. Features such as strength, stability, and durability inherently depend on the choice of material.

Before purchasing, ensure you are comfortable with what the material provides in terms of functionality.


The height of the deck railing should also be put into consideration. This is to ensure that there is a perfect balance between providing safety and allowing a perfect view.

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Usually, there are specific heights of railings in different localities. This height can be known by talking to those in charge of home safety matters in your vicinity. Anything below the benchmark might be unsafe, while too high will also hinder your view.


The style of the deck railing should match and complement the architecture of your outdoor space. Do this so you don’t have anything looking out of place or outlandish.

Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas

Installation method

This consideration is important to ensure that your deck railing installations process is successful.

For instance, if you have a deck with a wall that is not ideal for nails, wood decks might not be a good option. You might also consider having installations that are not permanent.


Now, this point is not hard and fast, and frankly, is dependent on your financial status. However, it is important to note that installing a deck railing shouldn’t make you break the bank. There are various cheap and affordable options for you, but ensure you do not compromise on quality.

10 Best Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas

Muzata Invisible Cable Horizontal Deck Railing Idea

The Muzata cable horizontal deck railing is a great option for wood metal and aluminum. This railing comes in stainless steel cable. This makes it more resistant to elements of the weather and enables it to last longer while providing safety. When installed, it provides a very fine finishing for your decks and facilitates a great view of your outdoor space. In addition, this deck railing costs $19 and is a very economical option.

Muzata powder-coated aluminum Horizontal Deck Railing Idea

Made from aluminum, this Muzata cable railing comes with a pre-drilled post which makes it easier for installation. The material also comes with black powder and boasts of a high quality. This makes it resistant to rust even when exposed to wetness.

This cable is also customizable and can be top mounted or side-mounted. This helps to deliver an exquisite look to your porch after installation. This metal horizontal deck railing is available for $89.

Equusecured Metal horizontal Railing

This zinc deck railing is designed to resist corrosion and has a fine finish due to the powder technology. It is very easy to install and built with industrial-strength tubes and fittings. This makes it very sturdy while offering a firm grip. This makes it a great option if kids or elderly people in the home.

Senmit Stainless SteelWire Railing

This adjustable cable horizontal deck wiring has an angle of 180 degrees, making it easy to adjust. Senmit wire railing is suitable for wood post metal post. It comes in 20 pieces stainless steel and is very easy to install.

Made with stainless steel, this railing offers stability and durability at the cost of $89.

LDYRJIM stainless steel horizontal deck railing ideas

If you need a deck railing that offers great stability and functionality, this versatile heavy-duty cable is a great option. This deck railing made with stainless steel is very durable and features great strength while also easy to install.

McClean glass horizontal deck railing ideas

This is a great choice for people searching for decks that look so serious and appealing. The glass deck railing comes in various sizes. Based on your preference for extra privacy, you might want to have the glass tinted. The great thing about this is that it is easily customizable. It can also serve as a wind block for chilly weather.

Timbertech horizontal deck railing idea

The timbertech cable rail comes with aluminum pre-built intermediate balusters. This offers premium strength and stability while also protecting from weather elements, making it highly durable.

Fairway vinyl horizontal deck railing ideas

This horizontal deck railing secures your outdoor space while providing a great finish to your porch. It also offers extra sturdiness and durability. In addition, you have the option of various widths and spacing according to your privacy needs.

Wild hog wire mesh horizontal deck railing ideas

This deck is uniquely designed to provide safety to your deck and deliver a high-quality finish. In addition, it comes with steel which provides great strength and durability. It is also an excellent choice to provide the right amount of visibility.

RDI horizontal deck railing ideas

With a perfect combination of style, strength, and security, RDI horizontal railing comes with stainless steel. It provides ample resistance to weather elements. It also has a textured matte black finishing which delivers a sleek and appealing look.


Deck railings are essential in modern homes for safety and aesthetic reasons. They add beauty to any space where they are kept. This article has provided ten modern horizontal deck designs ideas for your home in no particular order. We painstakingly selected only the best quality, which offers great functionality while also being fair in its pricing.

The choices are dynamic and cut across various styles, materials and designs. This is to ensure that you find one that matches what you desire for your home. Remember to only purchase from trustworthy outlets so you can get authentic products and fill value for your money. To find more home decor ideas, visit Viapu website today.

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