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Whether you already have a deck or are looking to install a deck in the near future, there’s something you need to consider: the area underneath the deck. You have all of this space in which to put something. The question lies in what. 

There are all sorts of things you can do in the area under your deck. To help you come up with something, we’re going to provide you with 10 under deck ideas right now. Let’s go! 

1. Add Cushioned Furniture

under deck ideas

The first of our under deck patio ideas is to add cushioned furniture. No, we’re not talking about sofas and recliners. We’re talking about outdoor patio furniture that can have waterproof cushions tied onto it. 

There are all sorts of cushioned outdoor furniture available, from chairs to footrests to benches to porch swings and more. Search online and in your local department store, and you should be able to find everything you need for your under deck ideas. 

Once you’ve gathered your outdoor furniture under your deck, you’ll have a great spot to relax, congregate, sleep, and even watch the sunset. 

2. Cover the Ground With Pavers

You could keep the area under your deck in its natural state. In other words, you could allow it to be wild and grassy. However, this is far from necessary. 

Instead, you might consider covering the area with concrete pavers. This would turn the area into something of a patio, improving both its aesthetic and its functionality. 

Laying pavers down is much easier than laying fresh concrete. All you have to do is buy them and place them. So, if you’re looking for a DIY way to improve the area under your deck, covering the ground with pavers would be a solid option. 

3. Install TVs

under deck ideas

The area under a deck can serve as an excellent hangout spot. It’s particularly good for parties, as it keeps people from going into the home and causing a mess. 

Well, what better way to enhance a hangout spot than by installing some TVs? You could do this under your deck, turning it into a mass viewing area of sorts. 

So, whether you’re watching a big sporting event, viewing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, or screening a movie for the first time, your under-deck area will serve you well. 

Make sure to purchase outdoor TVs, though. While the area might be covered, it could be exposed to moisture. Standard TVs aren’t built to withstand such exposure, even on a small level. 

4. Use It as a Poolside Hangout

Have a pool in your backyard? Interested in installing one? If so, then another thing you can do with the area under your deck is to use it as a poolside hangout.

It would serve as a nice shady area under which you can escape the sun for a bit. You could equip it with everything from reclining pool chairs to a small pool house to pool equipment storage entities and more. 

You need somewhere to put your pool accessories. So, why not use the extra space that your deck affords you? 

If desired, you could also add a showerhead. This would enable you to rinse yourself off before going back inside. For instance, check out this waterfall showerhead right here

5. Improve Your Storage Capabilities

under deck ideas

There’s quite a bit of room underneath a deck. So much room, in fact, that the area could be used in a way similar to that of a garage. In short, you could use your under-deck area to improve your storage capabilities. 

Whether it’s lawn equipment, bicycles, sporting goods, or otherwise, it can be stored in the area under your deck. You could even build or place storage receptacles underneath the deck as a means of keeping things in order. 

In this sense, you could look at your under-deck area as another room in your home. It’s outdoors, but it could serve the same general purposes as, say, a basement. 

6. Build a Gym

under deck ideas with gym

Interested in building a gym in your home? Don’t have the extra room needed to do so? Look outward!

The area under your deck would serve as a terrific spot to build a gym. Not only is it shaded from the sun but it’s also well-ventilated, ensuring that unpleasant smells aren’t able to build up. 

Install a patio, buy some gym equipment, and position it in a strategic manner. Soon enough, you’ll be working out from the comfort of your own home. 

7. Use It as a Dining Area

under deck ideas dinning area

Whether you’re grilling or cooking over an open fire, making food outdoors can be a lot of fun. What you might not realize, though, is that you can incorporate your love for outdoor cooking with the area under your deck. 

No, you can’t use your grill under your deck. And you can’t install a fire pit under your deck (that’s a dangerous situation waiting to happen). However, you can use your under-deck area as a dining area. 

All this requires is a table, some chairs, and a few storage entities. You could also enhance the ambiance with some strategically placed lighting. 

In any case, once you’re done, you’ll have a cozy little spot in which to wine and dine with your friends and family. Classy and sophisticated dinner parties await!

8. Turn It Into a Shed

Shed under deck
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Another option for the space under your deck is to turn it into a shed. This would involve covering the edges of the area in wood paneling and then painting or staining that wood so that it’s aesthetically pleasing. By installing wood paneling, you would close the area off, providing a secure storage space that can’t be accessed by outsiders. 

You could do this for less than the price of installing a standalone shed. As such, you’ll obtain tons of secure storage space on a small budget. 

9. Transform It Into a Playground

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Have kids? Don’t have a lot of space in which they can play? If not, you should consider turning the area under your deck into a playground. 

If your deck is high enough, you could even add playground equipment such as slides, swings, and the like. This would create a fun and private outdoor environment that enables your children to play regardless of the weather. 

Even if you don’t have space for playground equipment, you could still use the area as a playspace. Just add toys, play tables, dollhouses, and whatever else your kids like. Your children will have a little nook that they can go to whenever they get bored. 

10. Create a Sunroom

The area under your deck doesn’t necessarily need to be exposed to the elements. If you wish, you can close it off entirely, turning it into another room in your house. 

For instance, if you wanted to create, say, a sunroom, this would be a perfect place to do it. You could use windows in lieu of drywall, providing the room with substantial amounts of visibility and natural sunlight. 

Then, you could lay down carpet or hardwood flooring, making the area as cozy as any other room your house has to offer. A sunroom would be a great place to relax at the end of a long day. You could get away from everyone else in the house, read a book, enjoy some peace and quiet, and maybe even take a nap.  

11. Add A Basketball Court

Under Deck Basketball hoop

Another of our patio under deck ideas is to use the area as a basketball court. This, of course, would necessitate that your deck is positioned fairly high, probably 30 feet up or so. 

If it is, you could mount a backboard and hoop on one of the deck stabilizers. Or, you could invest in a full basketball hoop with a platform. It’s one of the great under deck ideas.

After that, you’ll just need to put down a playing surface. You could just use concrete. However, you could also use a softer material, like polypropylene. 

Having a basketball court under your deck is beneficial for a few reasons: 1. it protects the court from rain, 2. it allows you to mount lights over the court, enabling nighttime play, and 3. it grants you privacy (if you’re looking for that sort of thing). 

12. Adorn It With a Pergola


If you’re not looking to renovate the entire area under your deck, but just a small portion of it instead, you could simply add a pergola. A pergola is a wooden structure designed to provide shade. However, it doesn’t just provide shade; it provides atmosphere as well. 

Most pergolas are adorned with fabrics. These fabrics drape over the tops of the pergolas, helping to drown out the sun and also providing a sense of privacy and intimacy. 

Sitting under a pergola on a calm and sunny day is an exceedingly comfortable and relaxing experience. Whether you’re reading, playing the guitar, or just laying back and taking it easy for a while, your pergola will produce a positive vibe that enables you to do so. 

13. Turn It Into an Art Studio

under deck ideas art studio

Maybe you’re a painter? Perhaps you like to create crafts? Maybe you’re looking to establish a permanent spot in which to do your work? 

If so, you should consider the area under your deck. There are all sorts of things you can do to turn this area into an art studio. You can add tables and chairs; you can add storage entities; you can even install atmospheric accent lighting. 

Regardless of what you like to surround yourself with when you’re creating, your under-deck area will provide you with the space in which to accommodate it. 

14. Install a Batting Cage

Are you into baseball or softball? Looking to establish a batting cage in which you can work on your hitting or pitching? If so, the area under your deck could be the perfect place in which to establish it. 

This, of course, would require that your deck is of a certain height. Not all decks are high enough to accommodate such a project. But, as long as you have, say, 15 feet of height, you should be good to go. 

From there, it’s as simple as buying a batting cage and putting down an appropriate flooring material. Once everything’s in place, you’ll have a cool and shaded area in which to work on your game. 

15. Establish a Dance Floor

via Pinterest

Our last under deck idea is to establish a dance floor. This would be particularly beneficial for those who participate in formal dancing such as ballet, tango, tap dancing, and the like. 

Establishing a dance floor is fairly easy. Just find the appropriate flooring material, make sure it can be waterproofed, and install it. 

Then, add accessories to the area so that it can accommodate dancing activities. Some of the accessories you’ll need include chairs, tables, storage receptacles, music speakers, and lights. 

Once everything is in place, you’ll have a cool spot in which you can train, party, have romantic nights, and more. 

There Are All Sorts of Under Deck Ideas to Consider

The under deck ideas discussed above comprise only a small portion of what you can do in the space under your deck. In actuality, there are all sorts of under low deck ideas you can facilitate. Just be creative and you’re sure to come up with something appropriate for your home. 

Looking for tips and ideas on other home improvement topics? If so, Viapu can accommodate you. Our website covers all things home decor and interior design, from bathroom design to bedroom to design to exterior design and more. 

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