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The home is the perfect place to rest after a long day at work. As such, it should be stylish and comfortable. Although using beautiful decorations can help beautify your space, the right furniture can make the difference. Chairs and tables are the most popular items that come to mind in a home. However, bar stools with backs are equally important. They could beautify the kitchen and make the most of your space. 

Fortunately, there are different home designs using barstools that will enhance how your home looks. We present to you 20 home designs using bar stools with backs.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Bar Stool

Before opting for a bar stool, ask the following questions:

  • What color and type of material do I want?
  • Do I want a bar stool with a back or one without a back? 
  • How tall should the chair be? 
  • How much space is available for legs and elbows? 

The moment you have all of these figured out, then it’s time to find the chair that combines aesthetics with comfort

Many bar stools are simple, with backs crafted out of different types of materials – say wood, leather, metal, etc. A lot of the designs consist of a cushioned seating area covered with a soft material.

When choosing a material, ensure that it matches the general look of the kitchen. Also, opt for stools that can hide stains and are spill-resistant.

Home Design Ideas Using Bar Stools with Backs

  1. Use a curve to make a sociable island seating

Notice the curved profile of this countertop combined with some elegant upholstered stools with patterned backs. While it adds a touch of beauty to this kitchen, it also creates more space for several bar stools.

There is also a smooth sweep of stone overhang, which allows for more space for your legs and that of your guests. This arrangement encourages more engagement, much more than a straight line arrangement can. 

  1. Create a seating niche with rooms for storage space

This long kitchen island with Farrow & Ball’s Railings has two rooms for bar stool seating. There is room right under the deep countertop, which gives sufficient room for your knees. The countertop also continues into a deep overhang which can take more stools.

  1. Position kitchen island seating to enjoy external view

When there is a bank of cabinets along the kitchen wall, most interior decorators will prefer to run an island parallel to the wall. They will also prefer to place the bar stools at the back while facing the cooking area. The design in the image above is a bit different. The island is placed in such a way that all seats face the window instead.

  1. Create a little Space for Smart Stools 

There are two primary ways of setting a kitchen island. It could be set discreetly with an overhang. Or it could be in a more dramatic form with a very distinct table area. You could also introduce contrasting materials or colors to make them more distinct. 

This home design in the image above features a table and an open frame located at the far end away from the wall. It also features two white bar stools beautifully arranged side by side. 

  1. Include FootRails For More Comfort 

 When you have a large kitchen island, use the bar stools to break them up. The image above shows a kitchen design that features an emerald green island with lots of storage space. It also has enough room for guests to sit comfortably. 

Take note of the pub bar-style rail located at the base of the kitchen island. It gives additional foot support to you and your guests. 

  1. Try Complementary Seating Positions

If you have a large kitchen space, it makes sense to use a large kitchen island in your kitchen. However, if you have lots of chairs on the island, it may look a little boring. 

You can up your game by mixing a few stools with supportive backs on one part of the island, one side, with some other round bar-style stools placed at the other side. This kind of arrangement will not block your view within the kitchen.

  1. Use A Curved Design To Get More Space

The shape and style of a kitchen island depend largely on your personal preference. Although islands that are straight and rectangular are common, those with curves have some advantages. For instance, they make the kitchen island look a bit more sophisticated.

The design above features different materials, levels, shapes, and colors to add a warm feel to this beautiful kitchen island. The circular part of the island has two bar stools with backs where you and your friends can sit and chat.

  1. Go Natural With Wood

Timber isn’t outdated. In fact, it is still in vogue. The design in the image above shows a two-level kitchen island with pale oak additions. It gives the kitchen a more natural look. Notice the elegant round-backed chairs positioned neatly at the table.

  1. Use Bar Stools With Metal Base

These metal bar stools with backs consist of a sleek metal base that contrasts with the wooden seat. The Stool has a straightforward design which makes it a perfect choice for modern decorations. Despite its simplicity, its form creates a focal point in the home. The simple countertop also complements the Stool giving your space an amazing look.

  1. Use Swivel Stools

This kitchen has a traditional design – simple yet classy. It features two swivel bar stools with backs which serve as a distinct focal point when it is surrounded by clean lines. The stools have brass legs as well as waxed wood seats which work well with any traditional kitchen décor.

  1. Incorporate Leather with a Warm Color

Leathers can also beautify any space. The stools in the above image are made of leather, and they add a little warm color to the white kitchen décor. The color of the bar stools adds a touch of elegance and, of course, elevates the style of your home.

  1. Use a Leather Color That Matches The Kitchen Decor

Are you are in need of something that adds a little warmth to your kitchen or office environment? This Stool in the image above perfectly serves as a surprising focal point, with its leather finishing for comfort and style. The colors match the home’s decor.

  1. Using Simple bar Stools

The sharp angles and lots of bright and sparkling colors make this bar stool an exceptional piece for modern interior decor. The straight lines it features, and the general simplicity of the design makes the bar stools fit traditional and modern styles.

  1. Use dark bar stools That contrast with the white décor 

This bar stool can catch the eye of anyone with its color and unique seat design. The dark-colored stools contrast perfectly with the white kitchen décor without affecting its harmony. The Stool is a perfect choice for kitchen countertops because of its stable footrest and firm construction.

  1. Using Sleek and Delicate Bar Stools

This simple and delicate bar stool fits into this modern and graphical décor perfectly. The Stool’s mold imitates the mid-century design but can fit any contemporary and fresh setting. The bar stool is defined by its strong and smooth shape, which is highly functional and would look good anywhere.

  1. Use Darker Color Shades

The barstools in the above image work perfectly with dark color shades. The Stool combines playfulness and surprise into it without eliminating simplicity. You may also use stools that are stackable to save you space. It fits both daily use and occasional use. 

  1. Use Bar Stools that are uniquely shaped

 If you need a compliment for beautiful geometric home decor? This bar stool has you covered. It attracts attention due to its unique shape and firm construction. Even though they are unusual in shape, they are eye-catching and do not sacrifice simplicity. 

  1. Use a Complex Combo of Shades

This Stool is perfect if you have a small space. Its clean curves also create a big impression. Take note of the orange seats, which create a complex combo of shades. It is durable and lightweight, so you can move it from one place to the other effortlessly. 

  1. Use Wood Finishing

This kitchen design features wood finishing. Note that the choice of materials alongside its design matches the finishing. The stools are lightweight and are perfect for interiors that rely on flexible arrangements. Its metallic legs give a strong place to place your legs. 

  1. Use Leather With a Complementing Color

Sometimes it is hard to find seating for a traditional kitchen setting without removing sophistication. This bar stool has its own unique style and features an elegant set of black legs. Notice how the color of the bar stools compliments the color palette perfectly. It is appealing to the eyes. We can also say it is a chair with a story which you will be happy to tell your guests.


Here are 20 home design ideas using bar stools with backs. Bar stools are growing in demand. They are useful for adding a touch of elegance to your space. When choosing one, check for its color, material, and strength. You can find more home décor ideas by clicking here

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20 Beautiful Home Design Ideas Using Bar Stools with Backs