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When it comes to your dining room, you want to make the best decision on the dining chair upholstery that you have in your room.  Your dining room is the centerpiece of any entertaining event, and especially for holidays!

There are so many options that you can choose from to help you find the perfect dining chair upholstery. So let’s get into your options and what colors you could have in your dining room today!

Choosing the Right Color Scheme

The first and most crucial part of any interior design project is to ensure a suitable color scheme. For example, your dining room likely already has a color scheme, and if you’d like to keep it, you can match the upholstery to your existing dining room scheme.

If not, you can investigate other color schemes that you’d like to implement and redo your dining room in a manner that you are most comfortable with.

Once you have your color scheme, you can make the right decisions for your space and choose the suitable fabric, which is the next vital step to make sure you choose the right dining room upholstery!

What Kind of Fabric is Best for Dining Room Chairs?

You would be surprised how many fabrics there are to choose from. Poultry! From living rooms to dining rooms, there are so many ways to put upholstery into your house and so many ways to revamp your furniture and add new upholstery and revive it. You need to choose if you like a more classic look or want something a little bit more unique.

Most dining room chairs are generally created with velvet, polyester, polypropylene, wool, linen, cotton, satin, brocade, damask, and more. The best way to choose the right upholstery for your dining room chairs is to visit interior design stores or consult a true professional who can help you find the best fabric for your chair.

The Best Choices for Your Dining Chair Upholstery

If you are an actual do-it-yourself individual, then you will enjoy these next couple of options. There are some other options as well for those who want to just purchase chairs with new upholstery!

However, for those who want to do their dining rooms themselves, here are some options. You can choose from these and find ways to implement new fabric and upholstery into your dining chair collection! Let’s get into some of the best choices currently on the market for home upholstery.

eLuxurySupply fabric by the Yard

One of the best options with the most patterns is a polyester blend from eLuxurySupply. They are a great designer in supplier available on Amazon. There are more than 30 different options for you to choose from and several different colors.

For one yard of material, you will only pay a little less than $20. This is a great deal, and it’s perfect for furniture, especially for dining chair upholstery. For those looking for a basic solution for their dining room upholstery, this is a perfect start for your DIY project!

Suede Microfabric Upholstery Drapery Fabric

Suede is another suitable fabric that you can use for your upholstery. This is another company with several options for you to choose from. They also have several colors, and it’s made with a polyester blend.

This faux suede fabric is excellent for home aesthetics, such as dining room chairs and other upholstery. This can be dry cleaned to make it clean again. Yet, for dining chairs, you’ll likely have to use the method of gently dabbing away spills and stains.

Solid Wood Tufted Parsons Dining Chair with Fabric Upholstery

This is an excellent option for those who would like to buy a full set of dining chairs that are already complete with the upholstery. And it can also give you a good idea of what you might like in your dining room. These are in two distinct colors, including a brownish Gray and teal color.

With nice linen upholstery, you can get a great idea of what you can do with your space and how you can truly transform your dining room chairs. Or, if you would like to avoid doing it yourself, this will be an excellent alternative for those who want an easy solution that is less than $500.

House2Home 24 Inch x 3 Yard Upholstery Black

For those who want another suitable option that is cheaper than the other ones on the Internet, this is an Amazon choice. It is also less than $10 and is made of polypropylene.

While this only comes in black, it’s an excellent replacement for anyone looking to reupholster their dining room chairs. Of course, you can use it for other furniture, but it is multipurpose and affordable, and commercial quality fabric.

Christopher Knight Home Pertica Fabric Dining Chairs

This is another excellent selection from a great designer, and for those who do not want to reupholster their dining room chairs alone. However, if you’d like to get a simple two-piece set, this is an excellent choice and is currently on sale.

It comes in a white and blue floral pattern, and it’s made of sturdy fabric and can match any of the other items within this designer’s collection. Best of all, it’s less than $200 right now, which is quite a steal!

Premier Prints Winston Cotton Duck Premier Navy

For those who enjoy geometric patterns and Blues, this is a great choice for a blue aesthetic. This is made by a great company that makes fabric for upholstery uses. It is also 100% cotton, and the pattern is called duck. You can cut it by the yard, and it’s less than $10 per yard.

It’s made in the USA and machine washable. This is excellent for those who want to ensure that their fabric is always looking its best for entertainment and the guests.

COTTONVILL 100COUNT Cotton Print Fine Lawn Fabric

For those who want to cotton upholstery for their dining chair, this is a great choice. There are more than two dozen options, and there are several patterns. You can buy 2 yards for less than $30, and it’s also available for prime delivery.

This is a great choice, and it’s also highly ranked on the Amazon store, making it a highly recommended suggestion for those looking to add their dining chair upholstery on their own time.

Kilim Pattern Upholstery Fabric Kilim Bohemian Boho Tapestry

This can be an excellent selection for those who have a southwestern or tribal theme to their house. It is also great for those looking for a more traditional and unique pattern for their dining chair upholstery.

This can come in one to four yards, and it’s available for prime delivery as well. It is made of cotton and acrylic, making it a unique selection of fabrics, but some of the more sturdy and durable materials. It’s machine washable, and it is an excellent choice for those looking for an added pop of color within their dining room.

Magnolia Home Fashions Upholstery Brighton GreyBasketweave

This is another fantastic choice for those who want a stricter fabric, and it’s also an Amazon choice item. This is only $10 for the yard, and it’s made of a polypropylene and polyester blend. It comes from Magnolia home fashions, a popular choice for those looking for upholstery.

With it being cut to order and generally made within the USA, it’s an excellent selection for if you want to buy local and choose from a highly ranked supplier that has high customer satisfaction already.

3 Colors/Versailles Damask Chenille Brocade Jacquard Fabric/Drapery

Finally, for those who want a more chic and traditional-looking design, this is a great choice. It comes in three different colors, and it also goes by the yard. These are classic and modern designs, inspired by palaces like for PSI and other traditional locations.

Made of polyester, it’s perfect for upholstery, especially if you’re looking to redo your dining chair upholstery. In addition, this only comes in under $25, which is an ideal price point for those looking for something more luxurious than the traditional cheaper options but want a bit more sophistication to their new dining room aesthetic.

Conclusion: The Choice is Yours!

We hope that we have helped you select some of the better upholstery options for your dining chair selections. These are excellent choices for those looking to redo their upholstery or buy new furniture with better fabric.

Regardless of your decisions, it’s all up to what you deem to be your color scheme and the look you’re approaching. Whether it’s modern or classic, there are so many ways that you can implement any of these patterns into your home.

Let us know in the comments if you have selected any of these fabrics or if you have a material that you enjoy when you reupholster your furniture. Also, let us know what you have in your dining room! We would love to see your designs and get some ideas for our dining spaces!

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