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A torchiere floor lamp is a gorgeous and functional addition to any space. Not only do they add a beautiful ambiance to any room, but they are also extremely useful as light sources and practical decoration pieces around the house.

Moreover, they are extremely easy to install—you simply plug the lamps into existing sockets, and you’re good to go!

Everything You Need To Know About A Torchiere Floor Lamp

Torchiere floor lamps derive their name from the french word for “torch.” They can be identified by their distinct characteristic—an upright and torch-like shape.

Available in designs varying from vintage to contemporary and minimalist, torchiere lamps can easily be part of any room decor. No matter what your taste or style, a torchiere lamp will never fail to fit in or impress!

They work by directing light to the ceiling. The reflected light then fills the room with a soft ambiance.

Perks Of Having A Torchiere Lamp

  • Economical use of space as it does not need too much space
  • Unobtrusive and perfect for any room
  • Provides general light—the shape diffuses the light while the upwards direction  facilitates indirect lighting
  • Easy to find a style that suits the home aesthetics
  • Multi-functional—some torchiere lamps are designed with a “reading arm” and an additional light source

Ready to explore a torchiere lamp that suits your needs?

Best Torchiere Lamps On The Market

We’ve looked at all the different torchiere lamps available in the market and shortlisted our favorite few just for you!

Explore our selection and find a lamp that does the perfect job for you—whether you need a practical decoration feature or a new light, our recommendations are everything you could ever want!

Standing Adjustable Torchiere Reading Lamp

Available in black and white, this is a mother-daughter style torchiere with beautiful yellow bowl-shaped lamps that emit a 3000K warm white glow.

It has a sleek, stylish gooseneck design with one main 9W standing lamp and a smaller 4W reading lamp attached to its stem.

You can adjust the small lamp to whatever angle is appropriate for you for an extra convenient reading experience.

Though the bulbs are not replaceable, their energy-saving LED power provides up to 50,000 hours of usage. The lifespan is enough to last you years!

We love that the lamp uses eco-friendly bulbs that provide a bright glow that illuminates the whole room and remains cool even after hours of use.

The best part about this lamp is its eye-care feature and ability to connect to smart devices. This enables you to control the light from your personal device with ease.

So if you’re looking for a lovely lamp for your laundry room or a bedside lamp that doubles as a reading light, this one is just perfect.

Tall Standing LED Torchiere FloorLamp

If you’re looking for a led torchiere floor lamp that doesn’t hurt your eyes and rotates to your preference, this is the one for you!

This torchiere lamp is packed with features such as:

  • 350° rotation so you can adjust it on different angles for maximum convenience
  • 68.9” height so it is well above your line of sight, and the glare won’t hurt your eyes
  • Temperature settings that range from 3000K to 5000K for warm, natural, and cool white light
  • Advanced LED technology provides high brightness, equal to that of a 200W incandescent lamp—with low heat
  • A lifetime of up to 100,000 hours keeps you going throughout
  • With multiple control options, you can adjust the light without leaving your seat

What makes this torchiere lamp unique is that it remembers your settings between uses! No more fidgeting with settings each time you use the lamp.

Brightech Sky LED Super Bright Floor Lamp

This modern corner lamp is ideal for all your rooms—especially as a bedside lamp if you want maximum lighting without giving up on space.

Features we love:

  • Super bright light, equal to that of a 150W LED torch lamp
  • Lamp pivots 360° so you can control the light’s direction
  • 3-way built-in dimmer remembers brightness settings
  • Black glossy color and ultra-modern design
  • Weighted base means its study and won’t topple over
  • 3000K white warm temperature LED color temperature

Designed to last 20 years, this LED torchiere floor lamp will save electricity while ensuring that there is not a single dark corner in your room!

Brightech Sky Double Dome Torchiere Floor Lamp

The design is extremely charming and stylish—you get not one but two dedicated reading arms (gooseneck length.) They offer the perfect angle of lighting to enable you to read without straining your eyes.

The lamp’s specs include a 72” frame mounted on a weighted, 1.5×10” base. The luxurious but simple light domes diffuse light so that it won’t hurt your eyes even if you look directly at it.

You’ll get 3000K warm white light without any actual heat with this torchiere floor lamp. The 3-way bulbs offer a combined 3200 lumens at max brightness—light up any sized room, yes even your largest with only one lamp. This is a great way to amp up your room’s decor while also maintaining functionality.

The bulbs last 20,000 hours, and the manufacturer offers a three-year warranty.

Brightech Sky Dome Gold Brass Torchiere Lamp

A luxurious-looking lamp to suit your expensive furniture—this torchiere lamp will add understated elegance to your home!

Its gold brass hardware is extremely sturdy and beautiful to look at and adds an element of opulence that elevates the decor in your room.

Its reading lamp is mounted on an easily adjustable gooseneck arm. The lamp offers two bulb variations—a 16W bulb (1600 lumens) and a 9.5W draw (800 lumens). Should you still find the light too harsh, you can dim it to your comfort level.

The premium lamp is easy to assemble. Simply screw the parts together and plug it in!

Lightaccents Floor Lamp With Brushed Nickel Finish

This 71.2” tall Alabaster Glass colored lamp is the epitome of timeless elegance.

It’s available in a gorgeous nickel finish. Should you want something darker, you can order it in a bronze finish. The lampshade has been specifically designed to diffuse light in a magical way.

The long stem has a lovely design that beautifully curves. Its smooth finish adds a charming, traditional touch to any room, and it complements any style or decor.

The lamp features include:

  • 150 Watt E26 Medium Base Type A 3-Way Incandescent Bulb
  • 5-foot black cord
  • USA specified 2 Prong Plug
  • 3000K color temperature
  • 1200 luminous flux

Whether you’re an antique lover or just looking to add a fun statement piece to your room, this light will be an incredible style statement.

Brightech Trilage Arc Lamp

Contemporary, modern, and traditional styles are seamlessly blended in this incredible floor lamp.

Rising from a luxurious marble base is a sleek metal pole with three arms, each connected to a drum-style lamp shade. These arms branch out like a tree, providing the lamp with a unique shape. This esthetically pleasing design also has an important functional aspect—you can swivel the arms as you please to give it different shapes and utility value.

It stands 6’2 tall, so it is well above your line of vision, and the glare doesn’t bother you, irrespective of whether you’re seated or standing.

This torchiere floor lamp comes with 3 LED bulbs, each 3000K warm.

An elegant, practical statement piece that will surely be a conversation starter!

Industrial Tree Lamp

This wonderful lamp has a really funky vibe—it’s made from sturdy steel, comes complete with Edison bulbs and adjustable “cage” heads. Its industrial design will add a fun, cool touch to any room you put it in.

It’s also packed with amazing features such as:

  • Independent control for each of the three bulbs
  • Diamond-shaped lamp cages for extra brightness
  • 2700K warm white light for natural daylight simulation
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Smart device compatible

No other lamp can match the “retro” goodness of this black-matte finish Industrial tree lamp!

Airposta Industrial Floor Lamp

A mix of a rustic, tree design with an industrial style, this floor lamp is perfect should you need to jazz up any area of your home or office.

With a 64-inch height, this lamp is extremely comfortable and lights up the entire room.

You can also dim it for the ideal ambiance—whether you’re working, reading, or hosting guests for dinner—it works for everything!

The glass lamp shares are handcrafted to exquisite perfection and shatter-free for additional safety. It is compatible with a wide range of bulbs, including but not limited to LEDs, halogen, incandescent, etc.

It’s sturdy, easy to assemble, and looks so cool—it’ll really have the compliments flowing as a statement piece in any room!

LeeZM Farmhouse Lamp

Give a hint of rustic, country charm to any room with this wonderfully designed masterpiece.

If you’re looking for a beautiful light that looks great in any setting and provides ample lighting, too, this is the one for you.

The long stem supports three branches, each attached to a pastel linen shade head.  These superior quality lamp shades help soften the light, making the room look warm, cozy, and oh so inviting.

Features we love:

  • Edison bulbs
  • Warm yellow light
  • 451 lumens
  • 5-foot cord for easy placement
  • Toggle switch built into the pole

O’Bright Industrial Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for a minimalistic, stylish lamp that provides your room with a subtle industrial element, you’ve picked the right lamp!

What excites us about this lamp is that it allows you to create your style. That’s right. You can switch between an Edison bulb, LED, or incandescent light, creating a look to match your mood.

Its 70” metal frame is extremely sturdy and durable and looks amazing no matter where you install it. We absolutely adore that it comes with a foot pedal switch! Turn your lamp on/off with ease, without having to leave your comfortable spot.

Overall, it’s an incredibly versatile lamp.

Turn your room into a welcoming oasis with this lovely lamp.

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Torchiere Floor Lamp: What You Need To Know