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In the United States, roughly 45% of surveyed houses had four or more bedrooms. You would undoubtedly struggle to find a single home – apartment, house, lodge, or shed – that didn’t have at least one bed of some sort. One of the most common of these is a full size bed frame with headboard.

Providing a striking image as well as an excellent support system, these bed frames are stunningly popular. If you’ve been looking into purchasing such a bed frame, think of the following information when you’re shopping for your new frame.

Consider Size

full size bed frame with headboard

The first and foremost thing to consider when purchasing a full size bed frame is the size. You’ll want to consider available space and the bed frame itself as you shop.

Nothing is worse than putting your bed frame together and realizing it simply won’t work with the room. Keep the following in mind while thinking of the size and how to choose your bed frame.

Bed Frame Size

The bed frame’s size itself is the first thing that you’ll want to consider. Will your bed frame fit your bed? If it’s too small, you’ll undoubtedly need to put that bed frame back and find another that can fit your bed.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you want one that isn’t too big. There are many interior design options that can come from a sizeable bed frame with a bed that isn’t quite as large as it needs to be to fit it. A double-sized mattress in a full sized bed frame, for example, leaves room to decorate the edges.

This can also present extra storage and cushioning and can make for a cute place to put a bed for your pet. Smaller animals like cats and some breeds of dogs can fit right at home in these little nooks with a bit of love and care. Just make sure that if you do something like this, your anchor your mattress to ensure nothing causes it to slide and accidentally harm your pet!

full size bed frame with headboard

Available Room

Equally important is making sure that you have the needed room for your bed frame. If you’re looking at a full size bed frame, you’ll be working with a frame that’s 54 inches by 75 inches (137.16 CM by 190.5 CM).

That means you can fit a full size bed frame into any area of your home that can accept those dimensions. But what about room against the walls? What if you want a full size bed frame with storage as well?

You’ll need to consider all of your uses and needs before you buy a bed frame just because you have the exact inches needed to place it. If it’s pressed too tightly against a wall, it can scrape off the paint when it adjusts, even if by fractions of an inch. If that wall is shared with another room or apartment, this can also cause some unwanted noise.

The general recommendation for such a bed frame is often ten feet by ten feet (3.048M by 3.048M). This gives ample room for the bed frame while not eating up a great excess of space. While this is an excellent rule of thumb, it’s a recommendation and not a requirement – feel free to use your bed frame so long as it fits.

Needed Storage

Speaking of available room, you might be pressed for space in your living quarters. Maybe you live in an apartment that doesn’t have the square footage you need. If this is the case, you’ll want to consider a bed frame that gives you the storage you need.

A full size day bed is a great choice for this. This can double as a bed or a sofa, letting you use the room that you would have used for the bed for other items. Freeing up this space can give you plenty of options on storage or other alternative uses for the room.

Another type of day bed that you may like is the sort that slides out from under a bed. These bed frames help to free up room in a similar way. By having a separate day bed, you can use the room that housed your guest bed for other purposes.

If day beds don’t call out to you, consider a raised platform bed frame. Purchasing a full size bed frame with storage in mind will often present you with a great amount of room beneath the bed frame itself. Boxes, containers, and other such items can then be stored under the bed, freeing up a great amount of space.

Future-Proof the Bedroom

Buying a bed frame is fun, but buying another bed frame too soon after is much, much less fun. Consider how your needs will change before you invest in a bed frame. Do you expect to have more room in the future that will make you want a larger bed frame?

You might also expect less, which can make your full size bed frame no longer fit. This is unspeakably frustrating, as well as sometimes costly, and so should be avoided. Ensure that you’re thinking of the future when you buy.

To that end, you might want to downsize to whatever’s comfortable for you. You’ll never run into the problem of a bed frame being too small for a room as far as practical uses can go, but you can have a bed frame that’s too big for use. Think of your space and needs and how these things may change in the coming years.

full size bed frame with headboard

Match Your Decor

Once all the practicality is taken care of, your decor and interior design is the next most important thing to consider. If you know what size you want, what about style and color? Would a regal bed frame fit an otherwise spartan room?

This comes down entirely to taste and personal preference. That said, you can do some research on some great interior design tips. Look into different design styles that you think you’d like to try out. This is a great time to redo your entire interior design, so don’t hold back!

If you’re not interested in a room theme, you might just want to focus on a color scheme. Picking a bed that complements the general aesthetic can really draw a room together. This is done easily with neutral colors that fit most others like black or other dark shades.

Different Styles

Likely you have an immediate mental image of what a full size bed frame would look like. It may surprise you to know that there are actually many different styles. Here are a few of the most popular and common types of bed frames you might encounter.

Full Size Bed Frame With Headboard

A headboard is a classic thing to add to a bed frame for a number of reasons. The most obvious is the stylistic impact of a large, decorative headboard. This can be all you need to add a regal splash to the average bedroom.

There’s also a great deal of support being added with a headboard. This can help with sleep and proper posture, especially for the upper half of your body and how you use your pillows. It also provides solid support against abrasion from your bed rubbing against your wall.

Metal Platform Bed Frame

A metal platform is a sturdy way to go and normally is a rather subtle option. These are normally neutral and inoffensive, not harming or enhancing most interior designs. Instead, they can help lend towards minimalism and simplicity.

Some platform bed frames still come with headboards, though it’s less common. Typically, these are smaller and have little impact on your room, though there is often great variety. Even without a headboard, they still present fantastic support for sleeping.

California King Platform Bed Frame

If a full size bed frame doesn’t quite fit your size desires, consider upsizing significantly. A California King is 87 inches by 74.5 inches instead of the 54/75 of a full size. That means you’ll also need a great deal more room.

Still, it’s a wonderful way to make a statement in your design with your bed. You may also want it for the practical reason of not being the only one in your bed, meaning you’ll need to find a bit of extra room. If you have the room to fit such a sizeable item in your room, you won’t be disappointed.

Framing the Room

Purchasing a bed frame is a decision that will likely stick with you for years to come, so it takes a great deal of thinking. You might be aiming for a full size bed frame with headboard, storage, or other such features. You may also favor the size and simplicity of a platform or a larger bed frame in general.

Whatever you choose, we’re here to help. Contact us with any questions you have and we’ll be happy to give you our assistance. Consider browsing our blog for more information on bed frames and home design.

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