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You have the snug couch, the flat-screen TV, even your cozy recliner is perfectly positioned to make for a well-designed modern living room.

It seems as though you have it all, but even with these items, it still feels like something’s missing.

A final element, a finishing touch, if you will, that will help tie everything else together. What could it be? You need a round ottoman coffee table, of course! 

An ottoman is a great addition to any living room!

Not only does it provide comfort by allowing you to kick up both your feet after a long day. But it also completes your living room by filling up the empty space and adding a sense of continuity.

In this post, you will learn about 15 different options of coffee tables that will help bring more cohesion to your living room.

Let’s begin!

1. Mercer41 Wolfeboro Ottoman

The Wolfeboro ottoman is a fantastic choice for simplicity and refinement. With a sleek and smooth look and feel, it offers a sense of sophistication to an otherwise regular piece of furniture, and all at a discount price.

It’s in stock, it’s in season, and it comes in nine different colors. What more do you need, right?

Moreover, it also offers a storage compartment that can be accessed simply by removing the top.

But the features don’t stop there; underneath the lid, there is a wooden guard — that once flipped over — doubles as a console table.

This is definitely an addition that will contribute to the decor of any living room.

2. Rae Salvatore Faux Leather Round Ottoman

If you’re a fan of leather upholstery, then you won’t want to sleep on the ottoman made by Rae Salvatore. With a leveled top, stubby legs, as well as a 250-pound capacity, you’re getting one stout and strapping unit.

This finely built stool will serve you well, playing multiple roles. It can be your trusted storage piece, reliable footrest, sturdy ottoman, convenient coffee table, you name it!

Be sure to take this hefty unit into consideration when making your round ottoman coffee table decision.

3. Harmati Velvet Ottoman

The Harmati Velvet Ottoman comes in both grey and white, which gives it a much more mature and developed feel. It’s an oval, round coffee table that comes in a bench form.

Created with a gentle velvety foam property, this ottoman allows for the enhancement of comfortability and snugness to anyone who needs a break from the world.

In addition to that, there is a storage box within that is quite spacious — about double the size of most ottomans — which, of course, is great for collectibles.

4. West Elm Upholstered Round Ottoman

Functionality mixed with style, West Elm’s Round Ottoman is all that and more. With a flush and polished wooden top as well as a small-scale inside compartment, this ottoman is a gem that will add a touch of refinement to your living space.

Additionally, it comes in three different sizes, as well as a distinct selection of textile coloring.

This allows you to have more control over the customization of your ottoman.

5. Wide Tufted Oval Ottoman

The tufted oval-shaped ottoman will be a snug fit in almost any living room setting. It’s a little bit wider than the other options on this list, but this just means that there’s more space for friends and family now.

With a dark greyish shade, the Oval Cocktail Ottoman will go well with many different color schemes, which makes it a very versatile unit to have.

A solid ottoman through and through, you won’t regret this choice to spruce up your living room furnishing.

6. Urban Outfitters Ottoman

If you’re looking for a more simple and organic option, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Urban Outfitters Ottoman. Another storage option to add to your furnishing assembly.

It’s made from seagrass that’s woven into a laced framework to create a beautifully quaint and charming ottoman.

This option is for you if you enjoy the rich texture of nature and the outdoors.

7. All Modern Kacie Velvet Round Storage Ottoman

This little unit is as comfortable as it is basic. It’s an inviting piece of furniture that can also act as your new round ottoman coffee table.

Furthermore, its simplistic (and almost primitive) design gives it a very inconspicuous look. As a result of this modestness, it complements and blends gracefully into nearly any decor.

8. Project 62 Radovre Hairpin Ottoman Fur White

This ottoman is stylish, elegant, and multifaceted. Its flat top acts as a leveled surface that’s cushioned with a soft and cozy material.

It also has a set of golden legs for support that add an extra touch of class to the ottoman as well as the space that it occupies.

9. Gold Flamingo Gambier 38-Inch Wide Round Cocktail Ottoman

Gold Flamingo has outdone itself. And once you take a look at this ottoman, you’ll understand why.

This round metal coffee table has an upholstered cushion hoisted up by four golden legs and then further supported by a golden base that firmly hugs the ground.

This kind of sturdiness is unexpected, even for a metal coffee table.

Moreover, you can get this gleaming ottoman in three lively shades that will bring new life to your living room with its contemporary feel.

10. Mistana Guion Round Poof Ottoman

If you desire something a little more tame and conventional, then consider the Mistana Guion Ottoman. Available in 12 colors, you can customize this seat to match whatever vibe or feel your decor currently has.

Made with cotton that is meticulously stitched together and woven to form a snug seat that you can enjoy for its comfortability and commend for its craftsmanship.

11. Elroy Sherpa Round Ottoman

Want coziness, comfortability, and a warm sense of hospitality offered by your ottoman coffee table? Then look no further than Elroy Sherpa’s Round Ottoman!

This piece of furniture has a well-built wooden frame with a welcoming cushion on top that will familiarize you with luxury the moment you sit down. 

12. Winsome Wood Maya Round Coffee Table

If you want a beautiful black round coffee table with a smooth and glossy finish but that doesn’t take up much space, then the Winsome Wood is for you. Easy to assemble, excellent price point, and very durable — this ottoman has it all.

Equally important, its classy and modern look give it the upmarket feel, but that feeling won’t break the bank as it has a price tag that is very affordable.

All things considered, with this metal coffee table, you really can’t go wrong.

13. JBBCN Round Glass Modern Coffee Table

A fabulous look with a generous diameter of 36 inches across. This round metal coffee table has two glass shelves; you can keep magazines, books, binders, etc., on the bottom shelf. And keep keys, laptops, writing utensils or what have you, on the top.

Its simple assembly makes for a quick setup, and due to its basic design, it’s easy and quick to clean. A fast spray of glass cleaner, followed by a thorough wipe, and you’re good to go.

Additionally, it has a sturdy frame that’s bolstered by strong metal. It may have thin legs, but don’t let the petite underpinnings fool you — this thing is robust.

So if you need a well-built coffee table that will add to your decor and complement that new sofa and love seat, you’ll find it with the JBBCN Modern Coffee Table.

14. Nathan James 31501 Piper Faux Marble Round Coffee Table

A gorgeous addition to your living room, Nathan James’ Marble Round Coffee Table will add character and sophistication to your decor. With its hardwearing black metal legs, it will remain durable for the foreseeable future.

Likewise, it’s a smaller table that doesn’t take up much space. So if you don’t want your area to feel cramped with furniture but still desire that plush look of elegance, then you’ll want to consider Faux Marble Round Table by Nathan James.

15. NS Direct Round Coffee Table

The NS Direct Coffee Table is a high-quality piece of furniture that will tie your area together. Its hefty built make it difficult for scratches and blemishes to mark it up.

Also, there’s a metal frame that covers the bottom shelf, preventing the edges of it from getting scuffed or scraped. This frame also allows the table to look sharp and fashionable.

So if you want a stylish design, a strong and durable frame, as well as the quality that will impress friends and family, then you’ll want to go with the NS Direct Round Coffee Table.

Have You Decided on Your Round Ottoman Coffee Table?

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas as well as some inspiration. With such a vast array of options, you will no doubt find the round ottoman coffee table that you’re looking for.

However, sometimes it’s natural to want to keep searching, just to ensure you cover all your bases.

And if that’s the case, be sure to check out some of our other articles on furniture to help your home decor be all that it can be.

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15 Options for a Round Ottoman Coffee Table