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Glass top coffee table with drawers can give the touch of class you want for your living room. It also performs the function of a regular table while serving as a coffee table too.

This article takes a detailed look at top glass top display tables with drawers to buy in 2021, factors to consider when buying one, and the uses of these beautiful tables. Read on to find out more. 

What is a Glass top coffee table with drawers?

A coffee table is a small low table placed in an area of the living room. A Glass top coffee table with drawers is a coffee table with a top made of glass instead of wood. The table also has beautifully attached drawers that serve various functions. 

A Glass top display coffee table with drawers is commonly placed at the center of the living room. 

At the moment, the most popular type of glass used for tabletops is the one-half-inch-thick glass. Other safer and thicker options, such as the three-quarter-inch glass.

However, the best glass for these coffee tables is tempered glass. This glass type is safer and stronger. However, the only relative disadvantage of tempered glass is that it is generally more expensive than other materials used in making the glass top display coffee table with drawers.

Uses of Glass top coffee table with drawers

Since coffee tables are now like doors found in every home, it leaves you wondering why they are so popular. Some of the primary uses of the glass top coffee table with drawers include the following: 

To hold food and beverages.

A glass top display coffee table with drawers can hold a cup of beverage or a plate of food. For instance, when watching your favorite TV station or having a discussion with a friend, these tables could be all you need to keep your coffee. This, however, is not a go-ahead to turn the coffee table into a dining table. 


To display accent pieces.

The beauty of the living room has a lot to do with the decoration pieces placed in it. The coffee table can be used to hold those little, beautiful, and eye-catching pieces like a small vase of flower or an antique piece.

To hold books or magazines.

Yes, books and magazines are still a thing, and they can be kept on the coffee table. This is not an invitation to convert the coffee table to a sturdy table. However, when the books or magazines (just a small number) are properly stacked and arranged, they look good. An accent piece could even be placed on them. 

To hold electronic devices.

 Everyone knows the stress that comes with looking for remote control, especially when your favorite program is about to commence. However, a glass desk could make your life stress-free and keep your remote safe. These remote and other small electronic devices can be placed in the drawers. 

For storage

A glass top display coffee table with drawers reduces clutter on the table. One of the drawers could be dedicated to keeping items like keys and wallets. Sharp objects that can poke and injure someone should not be kept randomly in the drawers. This is because not everyone is careful or patient enough when searching the glass top display coffee table with drawers.

To display designs

If the glass used for the tabletop is transparent, then the drawers could contain beautiful designs. You could place items like stone designs, fruit and flower designs in the visible drawers to add to the beauty of the room. If there is space between the glass top and the drawers, the designs could be placed in the space available.

To showcase designers’ creativity.

 A glass top display coffee table with drawers also affords a designer an opportunity to flex their muscles and wow clients with outstanding and worthy designs.

Factors to consider when buying glass top coffee table with drawers

Choosing a glass top display coffee table with drawers could be quite tasking due to the number of products available online and offline. Here are some factors to consider when buying one. 


The average height of a coffee table ranges from 16 to 18 inches. One general rule is to opt for a glass top display coffee table with drawers that is close to your sofa’s height. You can also choose one within a 4-inch range. This is to ensure that your glass top display coffee table with a drawer can be accessed easily while sitting down. 


It is vital to ensure that the space provided between the coffee table and any wall or piece of furniture is at least 18 inches.


This seems to be the most nail-biting decision you would have to take. Do not opt for a glass top display coffee table with drawers that is too small or oversized. Ensure that the room and table remain proportional. There is no one-size-fits glass coffee table with drawers for every home. However, you should opt for a coffee table that is half or two-thirds of your sofa size. Anything bigger could be oversized, and anything lower could be too small.


It is vital to note that a glass top display coffee table with drawers is made of tempered glass, which could break. Therefore, you must opt for materials in terms of strength and safety.



Your choice of design style influences the shape of the coffee table. A glass top display coffee table with drawers comes in different shapes like circles, rectangles, oval glass top coffee table, square glass top coffee table, etc. The available space could also determine the type of shape that would be the best fit. If there are babies in the room, a round or oval table would be preferred. This is because such tables do not have sharp edges that could injure the baby.


There are different colors available, but the most common coffee tables are dark colors. 


Pick a glass top display coffee table with drawers whose design complements the rest furniture pieces in the room. 

What is the price of a Glass top coffee table with drawers?

The price of a glass top coffee table with drawers varies. The price largely depends on factors like the materials, the design, color, among others. However, on Amazon, you will find a glass-top display coffee table with drawers within the range of $60 to $300.

Top 10 Glass top coffee table with drawers to buy in 2021

Glass Top Coffee Table with Storage Drawer

This low height rectangular table is suitable for the living room, bedroom, and coffee room. It has two storage drawers. This beautiful table is 39.3 inches in length, 23.6 inches in width, 14.1 inches in height, and weighs 34 kg. Materials used in making this beautiful table include 5mm tempered glass and 15mm Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF). It has an elegant look. It is also quite easy to keep the table clean at all times. In addition, this beautiful table can be assembled within 30 minutes just by following simple instructions.

IKEA LIATORP White Coffee Table with Glass Top

This white-colored glass top coffee table has separate shelves for storage. The wood has a natural feel. There is also storage space under the tabletop. Some of the major materials used in this table include Fiberboard, Polyester paint, Glass panels: Tempered glass shelf: ABS plastic, Particleboard. Others are Melamine foil, Polyester paint, Fiberboard, Foil Bottom rail, and Solid beech. The table’s dimensions are 36 5/8 inches in length and width and 20 1/8 inches in height.

Amazon Brand – Rivet King Street Industrial Floating Storage Coffee Table

This coffee table has a tempered glass top and a walnut veneer drawer with narrow metal legs. The table has two storage drawers and a dimension of 47.2 inches in length, 15.7 inches in width, and 27.6 inches in height. You can easily assemble the coffee table within 15 to 30 minutes following the instructions, and it has a 30-day period for free return.

Mid Century Modern Iconic Triangle Coffee Table Replica with Thick Glass Top

Mid Century Modern Iconic Triangle Coffee Table Replica with Thick Glass Top is a high-quality thick-tempered coffee glass table. The glass is 0.75 inches thick, and it is a lot stronger than normal glass. The table can hold up to 150 kg. One beautiful thing about this table is that it doesn’t have sharp edges. This makes it safe for an environment with babies. The table’s dimensions are 50 inches in length, 36.22 inches in width, and 15.75 inches in height. It has wooden feet and weigh 45 kilograms.

Nathan James Asher Mid-Century Rectangle Coffee Table Glass Top and Rustic Oak Storage Shelf

This is a 2-tier rectangular coffee table with a very clear glass top and a lower shelf made of rustic oak. The table has slim brass legs and an open storage space underneath the glass tabletop. It is suitable for living rooms with small spaces. This beautiful mid-century coffee table is good for displaying accent pieces, keeping magazines, food, or beverages. Furthermore, assembling this glass top display coffee table with drawers takes less than 30 minutes. It has a lifetime manufacturer warranty. 

Round Coffee Table for Living Room

This coffee table which is 31.5 inches in height, uses polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) technology. It has a 21.3 inches long and wide metal base that is anti-rust. It also has four adjustable plastic mats that increase stability. The table has a glass tabletop of 0.32 inches thick tempered glass. This beautiful table is perfect for the lounge, living room, bedroom, dining room. The table is resistant to wear, high temperature, scratch, waterproof, anti-oxidant. It can hold up to 40 kilograms. It is easy to clean and assemble.

Flash Furniture Westerly Multi-Tiered Glass Coffee Table

This table is a two-piece coffee table with multiple tiers. The tempered glass top is 0.24 inches thick and supported by an iron frame. It is versatile, and its dimensions are 35.5 inches long, 17.75 inches wide, and high. At the same time, the end table has an all-around dimension of 19.75 inches. If extended, the entire table has a combined length of 45 inches.

Walker Edison Furniture

This coffee table has a wooden storage space underneath the glass tabletop. Its dimensions are 40 inches long, 18 inches high, and 20 inches wide. The storage space dimension is 40 inches long, 5.25 inches high, and 20 inches wide. This table can hold up to 34 kilograms in weight.

Walker Edison Cora Modern Round Faux Glass Top Coffee Table

This tempered glass table top’s dimensions are 36 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 19 inches high. It has a capped feet, which prevents the table from scratching the floor. It is also easy to assemble.

Flash Furniture Mar Vista Collection Glass Coffee Table

Made with 0.32 inches thick tempered glass and supported with a gold powder-coated frame, this table is a must-have. It is suitable for the living room, office, family room. Its dimensions are 47.25 inches long, 23.5 inches wide, and 18.5 inches high. 


A Glass top display coffee table with drawers adds beauty and aesthetics to every room. These types of tables are affordable and a must-have for every home and office space. Thinking of buying A glass top display coffee table with drawers, then choose from the top 10 listed above. 

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