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Mid-Century Modern Dresser is a great furniture piece when you need more closet space or just want to add another design element to the room. Mid-century modern dressers are easily the most popular style today–you can find hundreds of affordable options online! We’ve put together this buying guide to help you sift through all those choices and find the best dresser for your home.

Things to Consider When Buying Dressers

You never want to spend your hard-earned money on a piece of heavy furniture only to realize it doesn’t fit or you don’t have the tools to assemble it. Take some time to research what you need and measure everything out before you hit checkout! Here are some of the most important things to consider when trying to buy a mid-century modern dresser:

  • Size: You should always measure your space and then measure again! Someone will often purchase a dresser without actually realizing how big (or small) the piece will be. You don’t want to spend all that time and money only to find out the dresser is too big for your space. Remember to include the legs in your height and length measurements!
  • Material: Most dressers today are built with engineered wood-like laminate or veneer. If you want natural wood, you’ll have to pay a little extra for that quality. Any solid color material is typically coated in a glossy finish, while the hardware is made out of metal like iron or brass. Some laminate dressers can bend or fracture if you’re not careful during assembly!
  • Drawers: The most common dressers feature six drawers with a sliding mechanism and hardware as mid-century modern dresser 6 drawers. Many mid-century modern dressers come with cutout handles or spring-loaded openings instead, adding a very stylish and minimal design. A dresser with Mirror will be a great addition to your decor. Be careful with the measurements to ensure they can fit your belongings.

Top 6 Mid-Century Modern Dressers to Buy

Buying a dresser shouldn’t have to be complicated or break your bank. There are so many affordable options nowadays. Those allow you to design your home while on a budget. Here are our top 6 mid-century modern dressers to buy from Amazon!

1.   Sauder Cannery Bridge 6-Drawer Dresser in Lintel Oak Finish

This dresser is perfect for any cottage or country-style home that wants to add a bit of mid-century modern elements into its interior design. The drawers are spacious. They will fit all of your foldable clothes, while the top of the dresser is perfect for setting decorations. It’s straightforward to assemble on your own. if you do have difficulties, the Sauder furniture company has award-winning customer service to help you through it.

The Lintel Oak finish and black hardware give it a sleek yet charming look to add to your bedroom. It is made in the USA with engineered wood and even has a matching nightstand!

2.   Walker Edison Furniture Dresser in Caramel

If you want a minimal design dresser for your bedroom, this Walker Edison one is a perfect choice. It features gorgeous caramel pine wood with cutouts instead of hardware and six drawers, with the top two slightly smaller. Its angled legs and stained finish add a fantastic aesthetic to your interior design.

You can purchase this dresser in other colors or drawer combinations and even get a matching nightstand. It isn’t easy to find real wood furniture nowadays, so you should consider getting this dresser! With the wood from Brazil and manufactured in the USA, this is a quality piece at a fair price.

3.   Prepac Milo Mid Century Modern Dresser with 6-Drawers in White

This minimal dresser features 8” high tapered solid wood legs and brushed brass-finished knobs to give it a sleek and retro design. It works very well in feminine-styled rooms and will match with your other white furniture. If you want to add a touch of vintage styling to your room, this is the perfect furniture piece.

You can quickly assemble it yourself at home with only a hammer and screwdriver. The dresser is manufactured in the USA and comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

4.   Baxton Studio Svante Mid-century Modern 6-Drawer Chest

This six-drawer chest is gorgeous and will quickly become the focal point of any room you place it in. This product features an ombre color scheme on the drawer faces, with white, light grey, and dark grey colors. It is a smaller dresser than other options on this list, but it makes up for it in style!

This might take you a bit of time to assemble it, especially if you don’t have much experience dealing with confusing assembly instructions, but it’s worth it! There are no handles–instead, it features magnetic spring drawers that you push to open.

5.   Modway Origin Contemporary Mid-Century Modern 6-Drawer Dresser in Natural Gray

This is another beautiful dresser featuring cutout handles and angled legs. The rounded corners and two-toned details give this contemporary dresser a modern feel and aesthetically pleasing look. It combines mid-century and retro, adding a fun design element to any room. You can use it for your clothes in your bedroom or for dinnerware and blankets in the family room.

It is made with a rich wood grain veneer and solid gray drawer faces. It also comes in a light walnut and white version if you want a brighter color scheme. The dresser requires self-assembly and comes with a one-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

6.   Walker Edison Caye Modern 4-Door Bookmatch-Buffet Dresser in White and Teak

If you want a unique dresser with a mid-century modern aesthetic, this is the perfect one for you! It features two buffet doors in gorgeous teak with sleek metal hardware. The body of the dresser is white, and the legs are black, fully complementing each other and bringing a classic style to your room. Each side of the book-match dresser features two adjustable shelves, making it ideal for use in the living or dining room.

It is made to be functional and aesthetic, with durable laminate doors and a two-tone finish. The dresser also features rubber feet to help prevent any scratching on your floors. You might need some extra time to assemble this piece, but it’s pretty sturdy and spacious once it’s all set up.


Many affordable furniture pieces can add a lot of style to your home, all for a reasonable price. They are functional and fashionable, allowing you to hide your belongings in the drawers and set decorations on top. The dresser itself becomes a design feature and can easily brighten up your room and bring a mid-century modern feel to the place. Choose any of the ones above to bring you closer to achieving your interior design dreams! Liked the Mid-century idea! Check our 6 Stylish Mid-Century Coffee Table article.

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Mid-Century Modern Dresser Buying Guide