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Furniture is a reflection of style, functionality, and general preference. A dresser with mirror is not only bedroom furniture but also perfect for other spaces. They make a statement in places where they are kept. They are also available in different styles, colors, and sizes.

Dresser with mirror is versatile with great features and unique functionalities. When dressing up, applying makeup, or taking a quick check on your appearance, they come in handy. 

This article takes a look at some of the top dressers with mirrors you will find on Amazon. Read on to find out more. 

Stylish room interior with chest of drawers and round mirror

Factors to consider when buying a dresser with mirror

Dressers are statement furniture pieces with significant functionality. Here are the top features to consider when buying a dresser with a mirror.

Size: Start by considering your preferred size based on the available space. Yes, dressers with mirrors are statement pieces, but not in a way that takes up all available space. If necessary, take out your measuring tape, note the available space, and match it with dresser dimensions.

Style: There is a vast range of styles for dressers with mirrors. Consider your preferred style against the available options. 

Materials: The materials for making dressers that have mirrors influence their overall quality and durability. The materials also influence the style. Some materials for making a dresser with a mirror include glass, metal, MDF, and solid wood.

You also want to look for other features that influence the functionality of dressers. These features include brush stands, necklace/pendant hooks, and small and large drawers. A dresser with mirror can be stylish, functional, and durable.

Top dressers with mirrors to buy in 2021

Having highlighted the top features you should look out for when getting a dresser with a mirror, here are the top products to opt for in 2021. 

LVSOMT vanity table set

 This dresser set comes as a dressing table with four drawers, a mirror, and a cushioned stool and scores many points for functionality. It serves as a vanity table, and work table when the mirror is detachable. The mirror has a smart sensor that controls the light between the three available modes. The dressing table has two drawers as well as a cabinet. The four storage compartments provide ample storage space. If you’re looking for a stylish and functional dresser, you will find this one particularly appealing. The durability of this dresser set is also notable.

Genclrs dresser with a mirror set

 This dresser is particularly designed for vanity purposes and has all the features you will expect. The appealing features of this dresser set includes the large mirror with 12 energy-saving bulbs. The bulbs provide lighting for about 10,000. The table surface and two drawers provide ample drawers. This white dresser set can be a statement piece and fit into a minimalist space, from bedrooms to makeup studios. The durability of this dresser set is sure, due to the E1 particleboard.

SHA CERLIN dresser with a mirror set

 If you are looking for a stylish and functional dresser with a mirror for a small space, this is a great option to consider. The set comes as a dressing table, mirror, and stool. You are sure of ample storage space with the four drawers of this dresser. You can also use the large table surface as extra storage space. We recommend this dresser as a durable item that can last for a long while. The legs were made with strong wood, while the stool has a 100% polyester cushion. We should also mention that the mirror has a 360-degree rotating feature and is removable, just in case you also decide to use it as a work desk.

BITBIZ vanity dresser set

This BITBIZ set scores several points for functionality, style, and durability. Firstly, it has ample table space and with four drawers for more space. This set is great for all kinds of spaces, including bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms. It is a statement piece that blends into different styles. If this will be vanity furniture for you, you will love the trifold mirror. This dresser is made with strong wood which gives a good point for durability. The stool has polyester blend fabric in a floral pattern.

Tribesigns Vanity Table Set

 Tribesigns kept this table set very stylish and functional. The large table surface space is especially noteworthy. It has ample storage and a workspace. It also has two drawers that provide more space. The removable mirror has in-built LED lights that are automatically altered with the touchscreen feature. The stool of the dresser set has a thick sponge and breathable faux leather. Another notable feature of this dresser set is the anti-slip pad for the table and chair that protects against accidents and the scratching of floors.


Dressers with a mirror are furniture found in bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and other spaces. These statement pieces cost a lot. It is vital to ensure that you only opt for the best products. The top dressers with mirrors listed in this article offer unique features and functionalities.

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Dresser with Mirror to Buy in 2021