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If you’re looking to give your bathroom a fresh new look, a new shower stall curtain can help you achieve your goal. Generally, shower stall curtains come in varying patterns, colors, and materials. With such an extensive array of options, it can seem overwhelming to choose a shower stall curtain.

To make the right choice, you need to know what to consider before investing in a new shower stall curtain for your space. As well as leverage recommendations on the best options to choose from. We have done all of these in this buying guide, so you can cut the chase and choose the shower stall curtain that’s right for you. 

Things to consider when buying shower stall curtains

Purchasing a shower stall curtain may simple like a simple task, but there are a few things to know if you want to make the right choice. Here are the most important things to consider before you commit to buy a shower stall curtain.

  • Size: The first thing to keep in mind is that shower curtains vary in size, and you need to keep in mind the size of a shower stall curtain. Different from the standard shower curtain size. Some measure 54″ x 78″ while others measure 36″ x 72.” Therefore, it’s important to know the size of your bathroom so you can know the size that will be a fit. 
  • Material: Shower stall curtains come in a variety of material options, including cotton/linen, vinyl and polyester. Cotton/linen fabrics give your bathroom an airy, spa-like feel but are susceptible to mildew and molds. On the other hand, vinyl is easier to wipe and waterproof, but it often emits a nasty smell for a few days after installation. Polyester fabric is water-resistant and offers more variety in terms of colors and patterns.
  • Solid or print: Shower curtains come either as a solid or as a pattern. A solid shower stall curtain is great if you’re looking for some subtlety, but a patterned design works best for those looking to make it a focal point of their bathroom. 
  • Top treatment: Some shower stall curtain tops come with buttonholes that require you to purchase rings to hang them onto the shower rod, while some are made of grommet holes. The latter is low maintenance and easy to assemble.

Top 7 shower stall curtains to buy

Buying a shower stall curtain can be overwhelming for many people as there are usually tons of options to choose from. We have scoured Amazon for the bestsellers and narrowed it to just 7 options. Here are our top 7 shower stall curtains

1. LiBa PEVA 8G Bathroom Shower Stall Curtain

This shower stall curtain from LiBa is splurge-worthy addition to any bathroom. It boasts a waterproof design to repel water and promote water-bead formation so water rolls off the surface, so your bathroom remains dry and clean. It is made with high-quality PEVA material, which means no terrible smell or harmful chemical fumes. 

Available in 2 timeless color options, the LiBa shower stall curtain measures 36″ x 72″, which is enough to fit any standard size shower or tub. At the bottom of the curtain, you will find the heavy-duty magnets to keep the curtain in place and away from your body. 

2. mDesign Stall-sized Fabric Shower Curtain 

This is another excellent shower curtain that is sure to create a spa-like bathroom environment in your home. It is made of superior quality cotton yarns with a tight weave of the fabric to ensure that it is able to withstand moisture in your bathroom.

It comes with reinforced buttonholes that are compatible with most types of shower hooks and rings for easy installation. Measuring 54″ x 78″ long, this curtain is perfectly sized for smaller shower spaces to keep water in the shower or tub and not on your floor. 

3. AmazerBath Plastic Shower Curtain 

Simple and classy, this curtain from AmazerBath is an incredible choice for those looking for a shower stall curtain that can both be used as a standalone curtain or as a liner for a cloth shower curtain. It is made from EVA material and not fabric, indicating that it is a durable product. 

Like most good quality shower stall curtains out there, this liner provides metal grommet holes to accommodate your shower curtain hooks or other decorative hooks, while heavy-duty stones at the bottom give weight to the liner, so it hangs. 

4. WellColor Shower Stall Curtain 

The WellColor shower stall curtain isn’t just one of the best curtains on the market but also one of the most beautiful. Unlike curtains made from PVC, whose smell can last for up to 28 days in your home, this curtain is made of EVA and adopts a translucent style.  

Although it looks thin, this shower stall curtain is thick and durable but yet isn’t stiff. It is 100% waterproof, and you can have it cleaned by simply wiping it with a damp cloth after use. Three strong magnets at the bottom help to keep the liner in place. 

5. Friday Stall Shower Curtain 

We recommend this beautiful curtain from Friday. Made of polyester fabric, it is strong, durable and easy to clean. It sports a mesh window design, which enables it to give lights to the bathroom, while its weighted bottom helps to keep the curtain in shape. 

As expected, the top of the curtain is decorated with metal grommets to prevent holes from ripping or tearing. If you’re looking for a bold and gorgeous curtain to change the whole look of your space, this is the curtain to go for. 

6. JAWO Stall Shower Curtain 

Made from premium polyester fabric, this JAWO stall measures 36″ x 72″ and is a fit for stall-sized showers as well as stand-up bathtubs and RV trailer shower. The nature of the fabric makes it soft to the touch, while the design makes it a highlight to any bathroom environment. The rustproof metal grommets and reinforced top header jeep it durable and easy to install.  

7. Ufatansy Waterproof Shower Curtain 

Yet another elegant shower stall curtain, this curtain from Ufantansy comes in a European style design that would look beautiful in a master bathroom or guestroom. The curtain is primarily white, with the damask pattern being slightly clear so plenty of light can get in through it. Made of 100 percent eco-friendly PEVA, this curtain is both waterproof and stain-resistant.


A shower stall curtain is an easy way to brighten up your bathroom while keeping your shower free from mildew and mold over time. The above are some of the best shower stall curtains on the market right now. So go ahead and choose whichever option suits your preference and brings you closer to achieving your dream bathroom. 

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