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Does your laundry room need a makeover? Are you looking for ways to make doing laundry less tedious? 

Adding in laundry room accessories can make the chore of doing laundry more enjoyable. You will find washing and folding to be easier when you are doing it in a space that is put together well. Create a space in your home that is functional and comfortable to work in. 

If you are looking for some inspiring interior design ideas to add the perfect laundry room to your home, check out this list of 10 functional and stylish laundry room accessories! 

1. Bring in Good Lighting

No one likes to do laundry in a dark, cramped room. Having the right laundry room lighting can make doing chores much more enjoyable and relaxing. Good lighting in your laundry room can also help to make the space look bigger! 

Natural lighting is always a great feature to add if possible. Bright windows and skylights will bring in calming, natural light and make your laundry room feel cozy and homey. 

If windows are not a possible addition to your laundry room, add in light fixtures that create a warm and comfortable light. Make sure the room is lit enough that you can see what you are doing well, but don’t put in harsh fluorescent lights. 

2. Add Fun Floors

Adding creative and fun floors to your laundry room can completely change the appearance of your space. You can bring a room to life by putting in colorful laundry room tiles or exciting patterns. 

If you are working with a smaller space for your laundry room, putting in a light color tile or flooring can help to make the room look bigger. If that is not an issue, you can do exciting or creative designs with tile to create a fun look that is spill-safe. 

By simply changing your floors, you can liven up any space and make your laundry room more enjoyable and comfortable. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, this is a great way to brighten up the room. 

3. The Perfect Laundry Room Shelves

Having good storage in your laundry room will help you to reduce clutter and keep the room looking clean and neat. A good laundry room shelf will help you to keep all of your laundry essentials in an easy-to-reach place and keep your laundry room organized

Laundry room shelving is easy to personalize for your particular style. If you want to show off your great organizational skills, you can put in an open shelf that you can fill with neatly folded towels, stacked dryer sheets, and perfectly organized laundry detergent. 

You can follow different aesthetic trends by putting in sleek, glass shelves or follow a more rustic style by putting in wooden boards. Whatever your personal taste is, adding in shelves will help you to stay organized and bring your laundry room design together. 

4. Add Great Storage 

Utilizing your space is key to having a neat, comfortable laundry room. You will be able to keep an easier, stress-free environment when everything in your laundry room has its place. 

Put in deep cabinets so that you can easily store extra laundry baskets, detergent, or other supplies. Create space to put all of your laundry necessities so that they are easy to find. 

Not only will you feel more at ease by being more organized, but your laundry room will also really come together by putting in shelves and nice cabinets. 

5. Bring in Pops of Color

If you are looking for ways to liven up your laundry space or creating a specific aesthetic, consider adding in pops of color. Adding a splash of your favorite colors will tie your whole laundry room design together. 

If you want a bright and lively laundry room, add pops of yellow to your decor or bring in a nice citrus shade for an accent wall. 

You can also follow color trends by using dark forest green or geometric splashes of colors. Whatever colors you choose, this is a great way to add life to your laundry room design!

6. Fun Laundry Room Signs

Looking to make your laundry room more fun? Consider adding a fun laundry room sign to your design idea. If you need to fill a space on your wall or you want in details, find a fun sign that will make your laundry room design complete. 

Old laundromat signs make a great addition to in-home laundry mats. You can often find these at thrift shops or second-hand stores and they add a great, antique aesthetic to your design.

You can also hang up personalized neon signs for a more eccentric and bright aesthetic. This design idea will, quite literally, light up your laundry room and make it more fun!

7. Creative Laundry and Storage Baskets

You don’t need to stop your design ideas with shelving and paint. Creative laundry baskets and storage containers will add charm and your personal style to your design. Whether your goal is optimizing your space or you want to show off your organizational skills, the perfect storage will create the perfect laundry space.

If you like a rustic, farmhouse style you can get plenty of different sized wicker baskets to utilize in your laundry room. This will create a homey feel and make your laundry room cozier.

If you prefer a more sleek, modern look you can utilize hidden storage. Laundry baskets that are hidden by cabinets or roll-out storage will keep your laundry room looking clean and modern. 

8. Functional Elements for Small Spaces

Functional elements are an important part of laundry room design. If you are working with a smaller space, it’s important to keep function in mind when putting your design together so that you are able to properly use your laundry room and use it comfortably. 

A great way to combine style and function is to have a pull-out drying rack underneath your laundry room shelves. This will allow you to hide it when it is not in use, but have it available when needed. 

You can also have a folding ironing board that can easily be placed into a cabinet or drawer. Just make sure you account for the height and length of the ironing board when planning out your cabinet design. 

Having a countertop that can either open up or be removed is a great addition to any laundry room. This allows for extra folding or organizing space without adding an extra piece of furniture to your space. All you need to do is place the counter space over your laundry units and you will instantly have a bigger space to work with. 

9. Creative Walls and Backsplashes

Take the next step for making a fun, lively laundry room by adding fun wallpapers or creative backsplashes. Wallpapers are a great way to add style and flair to your design without putting in too much effort. This will allow you to add your favorite patterns or designs to your laundry room and give it your own personal touch. 

Creative tile backsplashes or mosaic designs will also liven up your laundry room with an artistic touch. If you want to put the work into tiling and detailing your laundry room walls, you won’t be disappointed with the result. This is a great option if you have a sink or other water features in your laundry room. 

10. Hidden Laundry Rooms

Hidden laundry rooms are the perfect trend for anyone who likes the minimalist aesthetic or who lives in a small space. Hiding your laundry room makes it easy to have in your regular living area, or even if you just prefer having everything put away. 

Rolling doors are a great way to add an accent to your regular living space and keep your laundry area out of sight. If you don’t like the idea of adding another door to your home, you can use stylish curtains as well. 

You can also hide your laundry behind large cabinets if you want your laundry area to be completely out of sight. This is a great option if you have laundry in an open area of your house or if you like a clean finish to your design. 

Laundry Room Accessories That Make Doing Laundry More Enjoyable 

Finding the perfect laundry room accessories will help you to create a calm, easy-to-use space for you to do your laundry. Having an organized laundry room that is put together well will help you to better enjoy the process of doing daily chores.

By adding different storage options, colors, and functional pieces, you can create a personalized space that you will enjoy spending time in. 

If you are looking for ways to design your space and add different furniture pieces to your home, check out more of our articles for helpful tips!

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