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The soft and spacious L-shaped sofas are a truly irresistible lounging furniture that never fails to provide a relaxing treat. Also known as corner or sectional sofas, it is a favorite furnishing for living areas, family rooms, dens, and patios. The ample space and comfort made way for the unassuming furniture to luxury interiors as well as a desired piece for any homeowner.

The versatile L-shaped couches come in a myriad of designs that can fit any interior theme. From the classic country styled deep-cushioned couches to the modern sleek and geometric couches, there’s always an available design to fit for your taste. The great thing about this furniture is that you can fill in the void in your living area, especially your corner spaces. No other furniture can accommodate the obscurity of a room corner than that of an L-shaped sofa.

Bits of History 

The L-shaped couch was conceived in the Victorian Era and had evolved to a toned-down design during the 1950’s—famous furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames were included as pioneers of the said design. The refined and various designs of the sectional couch continued through the second half of the 20th century.

We gathered popular types of L-shaped sofas that you might like to add in your own living space:

10 Types of L Shaped Sofas

  1. Diamond Tufted Couch

You can further enjoy the comfort and luxury of sofa couches with a diamond tufted sectional sofa. The classic look works with any material, whether with glossy leather or the soft matte look of wool textiles, as is the chesterfield sofa. The opulent furniture is also suitable for an office lounge or in a reception area.

L Shaped Tufted Fabric Sectional Sofa with Reversible Ottoman, Gray
  1. Wood-Based Sofas

Instead of using the textile all over your furniture, you can add a contrasting effect with solid wood. Choose darker tones for your base material to make your lighter-colored sofa padding float above your sofa set.

  1. L-shaped Steel Sofa Seat.

Steel framed L shaped couches make good industrial-inspired furniture. The modern look is great for homeowners who want a more masculine feel of their sofa set. Tubular sectioned steel is a popular choice for sofa framing that is either circular or rectangular.

Fabric Upholstered Wooden Sectional Sofa with Metal Legs, Gray and Silver
  1. No Legs Sofas

Sectional couches without legs have become prevalent in most contemporary living interiors. This type of furnishing has the features of both western and eastern furniture, where we have the classic design that incorporates the oriental floor culture. 

  1. With Foot Recliner Sofas

You can relax more after a hard day’s work with adjustable foot recliners. You’ll find available L-shaped sofas that offer this added comfort with control buttons where you can easily modify the angle of your footstool. More advanced versions can have USB chargeable slots included with the control buttons.

  1. Sofa Bed

A pull-out bed is a practical furniture option, especially when you might have guests for an abrupt sleepover. The modular couch can conveniently transform into a comfortable bed, usually with queen-sized bedding.

  1. Sofas With Storage

With a largely occupied space in your room, the L-shaped couch can further utilize your space by double-acting as storage. Most coach seats come with a hollowed space inside your sofa that can store your things away.

  1. Leather Sofas

As the classic look for luxury couches, the leather sofa is still the best material because of the sturdy and aesthetic value it exudes. The only difference with today’s leather sofas is that you can have the cheaper version with faux or synthetic leather.

  1. Curved Design Sofas

Instead of the typical rectilinear-shaped sofa, you can add a more dimensional interior with sofas with a curved or semicircular edge.

  1. Rattan Made

For a more eco-friendly option, the rattan-made L-shaped couch can be as attractive as the next leather-made sofa. They are lightweight, which means they are easily moved or transported. Rattan sofas are usually cheaper than the classic type. You can also find a wide range of designs with wicker or bamboo-made sofas. 


As interior themes come and go, the unmatchable luxurious comfort brought by the L Shaped Couch will seem to stay for many generations to come. Furthermore, due to the rise of modular furniture, the classic couch has become more versatile than ever. Ready-to-assemble versions of the L-shaped sofas make it easier to transport. It means more people from different walks of life can enjoy the benefits of using L Shaped Couches.

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Types of L Shaped Sofas