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Have you ever needed an extra bed, but don’t have space for it? Do you hate the overall look of having a mattress floating around in that room? If so, maybe you should consider a trundle bed.

According to Merriam-Webster, the name comes from the 16th century Old English words “trended”, which means to revolve, which aptly describe the function of a trundle bed. It usually exists as a “bed under a bed”, where it rolls out from below for easy accessibility and storage.

Trundle Bed

While originally it was used for servants’ handmaids. Nowadays they have been made more comfortable so that anyone who uses it feels like a king. This allows for it to be hidden when not in use. Making a room look sleeker while granting one the ability to sleep more people in a room when needed. It can be used on either carpeted or hardwood floors, as the wheels can roll over either surface.

Types of Trundle Beds

There are a few types of trundle beds. First is the day bed. Unlike most bed frames. It has one of the sides of the bed closed off, which is usually placed next to the wall. It used as a seating area during the day and then used as an actual bed at night. They often have space under the frame to store a bed, with the top. It usually being a queen-sized bed, while the trundle bed is twin-sized. After that is a sleigh bed, which has a headboard and a footboard. And It often has space under them to conceal a trundle, though some already come with one.

Next is a captain bed, which follows the same formula as a sleigh bed. But also uses some space in the headboard and under the top bed for storage drawers, which will require a slimmer trundle bed, but can fit one nonetheless.

Finally, bunk beds can have a trundle bed, with the space under the bottom be used to store a trundle bed. Most of the time, the daybeds will be made of metal, which is cheaper and more minimalistic, but also somewhat less stable. On the other hand, sleigh beds, captain beds, and bunk beds will be made from wood, which is more ornate and sturdier, but also more expensive.

How Much Do Trundle Bed Cost?

Usually, the trundle bed will be a twin-sized bed that is slightly thinner than the bed above it, at around 8 inches in height, so it’s perfect for younger people who can fit on a smaller frame.

Trundle Bed

The one downside is that it will not have a traditional spring box, so those who need additional support, such as the elderly and those with physical disabilities, while sleeping may not find it comfortable.

Additionally, it is somewhat more expensive than a traditional bed, due to the part snot being interchangeable with a traditional bed, and lower general consumer interest, with trundle in itself costing under $100, a complete set costing $200, with a daybed adding $50 to that price, while a drawer-style trundle bed will cost at most $500, and finally, a bunk having a price of $600; additionally, a trundle bed will require more specialized assembly than a traditional bed.

Trundle Bed

Uses of Trundle Beds

If you are questioning if a bed is right for you, here are a couple of scenarios where you might find it useful. Firstly, if you are a parent, your children might host sleepovers with their friends. In this case, having a trundle bed would be extremely useful, as children tend to be smaller, and thus will find a trundle bed plenty spacious for their purposes. Additionally, perhaps you have many children but not enough rooms for all of them, in which case a combination of a bunk bed and trundle bed underneath would allow for you to have the capacity for 3 people in one compact space, and given that the trundle bed can roll away when not in use, there will still be space for the children to walk around when not sleeping.

Trundle Bed

Or perhaps you are a college student, and, in order to save money, you share a studio apartment with a roommate, who could sleep on the trundle bed in order to maximize usage of space, or perhaps you are having a party in your apartment, and an attendee is not feeling well and must stay the night, in which case you could pull out the trundle bed to give them somewhere to rest. Finally, if you are a family hosting some guests overnight, you could use a trundle bed to need only 1 guest room for 2 individuals, which would be significantly cheaper than having a room, and much easier on the family instead of having them rearrange their sleeping conditions to accommodate the guests.

Even if you don’t need an additional bed, a trundle bed still has some utility, as the box that holds the mattress in most cases could be used for storage of clothes that are out of season, electronics that have become obsolete but still have some sentimental value, or even as a place to store valuables that an intruder would not suspect, especially in a child’s room, where important items would not be presumed to be placed.

Best Trundle Beds

Keep in mind that although a trundle bed is a great investment as it allows for more efficient usage of space, the quality and type of trundle bed matters when it comes to fully be satisfied and content with the bed. Listed below are some of the highest-ranking trundle beds you can find on the internet, mainly through Amazon. Certain beds are better for certain individuals depending on the overall situation of the customer. We have ranked the trundle beds from highest reviews to the least, and although all of the selections are amazing options, be sure to pay attention to which one would suit you the most. With hundreds and even thousands of amazing reviews, these are proven to be of the best quality for an appropriate price!

Here are the Best Reviewed Trundle Beds on the Internet.

1.Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Rated 4.7 stars out of 5, this stylish and sleek trundle bed can fit 2 twin mattresses sizes 5 or 6 sold separately, and the premium steel and wood frame can accommodate up to 250 pounds and can be assembled in minutes.

2.Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set

Rated 4.7 stars out of 5, this daybed and trundle set made from premium black steel bars can accommodate 2 twin mattresses up to 9.5 inches in thickness, sold separately, offers a modern and clean look to any room, and requires no tools to assemble in minutes.

3.Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin-Size Trundle Bed

Rated 4.5 stars out of 5, this sleigh bed and trundle set built from the finest New Zealand Pinewood can accommodate two twin-sized or full-sized mattresses, sold separately, depending on the model, and can support weight up to 400 pounds each, and gives any bedroom a very homely feel with the painted wood or natural finish.

4.DHP Manila Metal Queen Size Daybed and Full-Size Trundle

Rated 4.5 stars out of 5, this daybed and trundle set made up of metal frames and slats offers one the capacity for a queen-sized parent bed and full-size mattress below, sold separately, and with a capacity of 500 pounds and a white painted finish, one sleeping in the room will feel rather light and airy while receiving ample support.

5.Bedz King Mission Style Full Bed with a Twin Trundle

Rated 4.4 stars out of 5, this full-sized bed frame constructed from high-quality solid Brazilian pine wood can have either a full or twin-size trundle under it and will support 200 pounds each, and the espresso finish provides a simple feeling to any bedroom.

6.Donco Kids 1010-3TTCP_503-CP Mission Bunk Bed with trundle

Rated 4.3 stars out of 5, this bunk bed with a trundle can fit a whole 3 twin mattresses, sold separately, truly is able to maximize the space of a small room, and with a minimalistic cappuccino finish, provides a source of subtle elegance.

7.Giantex Twin Captain’s Bed with Trundle Bed, Wood Storage Daybed with 3 Storage

Drawers, from Amazon. Rated 4.2 stars out of 5, this Captain’s Bed with a trundle set combines the storage capacity and organization with flexibility, with 3 built-in drawers and a twin-sized frame with sturdy casters, it is perfect for a child’s bedroom, as it supports 176 pounds, and comes in 3 different colors.

8.Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Daybed with Trundle
Rated 4.3 stars out of 5, this daybed with trundle set can be placed in a living room, as the wingback wooden frame upholstered in grey linen will let it blend in with the rest of the furniture, and can accommodate two twin-sized beds supporting 400 pounds and 250 pounds respectively

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