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In recent years, wallpaper has been growing in popularity for interior designers and homeowners. While it has gone in and out of style over time, it is proving to be the right choice for many who want to add a little interest to their home without committing to paint. One trend that has emerged is faux brick wallpaper. It gives the appearance of exposed brick walls throughout your home.

If you are looking for a unique way to add interest to a room or wall for your next project, consider brick wallpaper. Regardless of your style or budget, there is a wallpaper out there for you.

The Benefits of Brick Wallpaper

There are many reasons to explore the option of brick wallpaper when compared to alternatives such as paint or whitewashing. Below we have outlined a few of the biggest benefits for choosing wallpaper:

  • Accessible

There is commitment involved anytime you decide to open up a can of paint. Oftentimes renters are limited in the number of updates that they can make, and they should not be permanent. White brick wallpaper can solve this issue since it can easily be removed at any time. 

Wallpaper can seem daunting to install initially. In reality, there are a number of peel-and-stick wallpaper options available or paste the wall options. The changeability is great for renters and homeowners wanting to explore new design options that can easily be updated later. Wallpaper is also a great alternative to manually painting the brick look with a stencil. This method is both permanent and time-consuming. 

  • Cost

A faux brick wallpaper is a great choice when you want to achieve the exposed brick look, but don’t want to spend tons of time and money on extensive renovations. The daunting alternative of structural alterations to walls can become messy and costly. 

Brick wallpapers are more affordable than ever, with great options available on Amazon. Many of these options are very convincing in appearance and great quality. Check out a few of our recommendations below.

  • Appearance 

Wallpaper can add dimension and depth to space where it didn’t exist before. Alternatives such as paint are not able to easily do the same. It has the ability to take a flat white wall and turn it into a focal point for the room. The rough yet sophisticated texture of an exposed brick wall has a rich appearance. The wallpaper modernizes the texture. 

A wallpaper can be a sleek and fun statement to add to your home without the commitment and cost of real brick. We’ll share ways to incorporate this trend into your home in the next section.

Brick Wallpaper Design Ideas

  • Bedroom or Bathroom Wall

A popular way to incorporate brick wallpaper into a room is by choosing a wall to accent. An accent wall is a great choice to enliven a space in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

With many design options available, choosing a brick wallpaper to complement and enhance your home decor is simple. It can add warmth to an otherwise drab space while maintaining an open and bright feel. 3D brick wallpaper, black wallpaper is also available and can offer an interesting way to add dimension to a flat space. 

  • Kitchen Backsplash

If you do not want to invest the time and money into a tile backsplash and want more of visual interest than paint alone can provide, white wallpaper makes a great addition to kitchens. It is a beautiful choice for a backsplash that is durable and long-lasting. There are many design options available that can coordinate nicely with your cabinetry and hardware throughout the space. 

  • Living Room Built-In Shelving Accent

As the name would suggest, most people consider wallpaper something that can only be used on walls. However, a creative way to use wallpaper might be as an accent on your shelving.

Shelving sometimes needs a little bit of a boost to take it from dull to noteworthy. Consider using white brick wallpaper as lining for the back of your shelves. If you have built-ins there is the added bonus of giving the appearance of an exposed brick wall behind them.

Brick Wallpaper Installation

As previously mentioned, brick wallpaper can be surprisingly simple to install. With peel and stick options available it has never been easier. Pay attention to detail and following instructions. Your new brick wallpaper backsplash or mural will be finished in no time. 

Here are a few tips from the pros:

  • Before you start your project, confirm the surface you have in mind is appropriate for installation. Not every self-adhesive, temporary wallpaper is recommended for all surfaces. 
  • Order a small sample of a brick wallpaper you are thinking of using and test it first. Choose an inconspicuous area to ensure that it properly sticks to your surface and removes cleanly and easily.
  • Wash down the walls before you start. You want a clean, blank slate for this project. 
  • Determine how much wallpaper you’ll need by calculating the square footage of your wall space. Order a little bit more wallpaper than you think you will need. You can always return the extra if it is unopened.
  • Use a squeegee to smooth out any air pockets once it is on the wall. Then use an Exacto knife to trim around baseboards for a clean line.

Do you think your space could use a little bit of an update? If so, is brick wallpaper something you would ever consider? We have compiled a list of the top rated brick wallpapers on Amazon below to help make your decision easier. 

Top Rated White Brick Wallpapers

NuWallpaper NU3010 Grey and White Brick Peel & Stick Wallpaper

This first option is a peel and stick meaning you won’t have to mess around with paste. The vinyl material also means it will not be adversely affected by humidity. It can be safely applied in bathrooms and other areas with steam or indirect moisture.

GoGoDecal Store White Brick Wallpaper 

This premium material won’t wrinkle and is non-toxic. It is also self-stick so there is no need to buy glue. This white brick wallpaper stands out because it is thick and is less likely to tear. If it needs to be moved and readjusted you will not have to worry about ruining the paper.

Arthouse White Washed Brick Realistic Wallpaper

Easily cover 58 square feet of space with one roll of this whitewashed brick wallpaper. Its very realistic appearance will have your guests second-guessing whether or not you renovated. It is also important to mention that it can be cleaned easily with a sponge. Easy clean up makes it a great backsplash option for kitchens.

Yancorp White Gray Brick Wallpaper  

The helpful grid on the back of this wallpaper makes measurements and trimming a breeze. If this is your first attempt at installation this could be a great choice. The brand promises to send you replacements free of charge if you make a mistake that damages the paper.

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How to Use Brick Wallpaper in your Home