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If you have a boring drop-in tub, we’re here to help. These drop-in bathtub ideas below will help make your tub look more luxurious and custom. From center drain bathtubs with showerheads to a drop-in tub on the floor, there are sizes and layouts to fit any style of bathroom.

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home. Money spent in a bathroom is always a great investment. When it comes to tubs, there’s something extra special about relaxing and unwinding in a soothing tub.

Whether you’re renovating an outdated bathroom or creating an entirely new space, we have ideas and style tips to take your bathtub to the next level. Let’s jump in and make your bathroom into the spa-like retreat you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Built-In Tile

To help make a drop-in bathtub look more customized, consider a tile encasing. With so many tile colors, sizes, and styles to choose from, the options are almost endless. No matter which style you’re going for, you’ll find a pretty tile that will help take a stock tub and make it your own.

A tile surround and backsplash will also help minimize water damage and mold around your bath, faucet, and walls. Tile acts as a great splash guard and helps to keep moisture out of your woodwork and walls. A casing surrounding your tub acts as a great ledge for storing bath products, drinks, and toiletries.

2. Built-In Paneling

Built-in paneling surrounding your tub will instantly elevate the look of your bathroom. You can box out your tub using paneling, wainscoting, shiplap, or different treated woods. Once you have your frame and paneling you can paint or stain it any color to match your bathroom design.

The built-in paneling elevates your bathroom and gives it a custom and luxurious feel. You can match existing beadboard, wainscoting, or paneling to tie the room together. A standard and inexpensive drop-in tub will get an elevated make-over with built-in paneling.

3. Shower Head

If you have a smaller bathroom, a tub and shower combination will save a ton of space. Over your drop-in tub, you can also install a waterfall showerhead. You’ll save room and also have a dual-functioning center drain bathtub shower combination.

While walk-in showers are great for adults, kids, and adults who enjoy a calming soak in the tub will love the versatility of a combination bath and shower. Adults can enjoy either a shower or a tub while you’ll have the added convenience of being able to give smaller kids a bath. This is a great combination for a kid’s bathroom or guest room.

4. Jet Built-In Tubs

There’s nothing more luxurious than soaking in a jetted bathtub. A bathtub with built-in jets is like having an indoor hot tub whenever you’d like. You can add instant luxury to a drop-in tub with jets.

Make sure to add some space surrounding your tub for bath salts, candles, and devices or books. Give yourself space for relaxing and recharging with a soothing water massage. Hydromassage comes with pain relief, circulation, and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

5. Create a Spa Sanctuary

You can make any drop-in tub into your own spa retreat with a few accessories. Think of your bathroom as a spa oasis. Picture what accessories your favorite spa has and recreate this at home.

From candles to aromatherapy, any little treat to help you relax and recharge is a good investment. Style your drop-in tub with a place for your books or magazines, a spot for a candle, and bath salts. Spring for a luxurious soap or bath product and use it as a special treat.

The more treats you include for yourself, the more uses you’ll get out of your drop-in tub. Little touches like new slippers, robes, and bath products will take every day and turn it into something special. With everything going on in your life, your bathroom needs to be a place you can relax and unwind.

6. Glass Enclosures

Glass enclosures are a great way to protect flooring and walls from water damage. If you’re creating a tub and shower combination, consider encasing it in a glass. Your glass door will help keep steam and water inside the tub and shower.

Glass enclosures are also a must for steam showers. If you’re adding a steam mechanism, you’ll need a glass to help keep the steam and heat inside. While a shower curtain will do the trick for a regular shower, you’ll need glass to help keep the steam from taking over the bathroom.

Your bathroom is the place you start and end your day, any investment you make will be money well spent. While steam showers and glass doors have bigger price tags, you’ll see a bigger return on your investment when you put money into a bathroom. Bathrooms sell houses.

7. Marble Surround

Marble is a beautiful and luxurious natural stone. This timeless classic will look great in any bathroom for years to come. There’s no need to worry about trends and styles when you spend a little extra on a marble or marble-looking solid surface.

After your drop-in tub is boxed in, you can use marble as the stone surrounding your encasing and also on the surrounding walls. Create a space to hold bath products and devices while giving your bathroom a luxurious and classic feel.

8. Built-In to the Floor

A drop-in tub can also be built directly into the floor. Think of this style as a built-in pool or spa. You’ll walk down into the tub instead of stepping up into it. A built-in tub on the floor can be great for people with mobility issues when stepping up too high is difficult.

9. Add Shelving

With a drop-in tub, you’ll typically have walls surrounding two to three sides of the tub. These walls are great for styling with shelves. Shelves provide necessary storage and can also hold pretty bath accessories.

You can style shelves with towels, bath salts, bath products, photos, or art. Anything that is functional or helps you relax can easily be stored on built-in shelving.

10. Set the Mood

With a built-in tub, there are plenty of spaces to help you set the mood for relaxation. Whether it’s the sides of the tub, shelves, or on built-in ledges, use this space to help you relax. Add candles, dim the lights, and put on some soothing music to help you recharge and relax.

11. Use a Bath Tray

A bath tray is a great way to add storage space in a drop-in tub. Over the tub, place a tray made of teak or a water-resistant material to help you store devices or books. Use the tray for keeping magazines or a glass of wine for an instant feeling of relaxation.

12. Incorporate Teak

Teak is a wonderful natural wood to use in a bathroom. Teak can withstand splashing, steam, and hot temperatures. Style your drop-in tub with teak accessories. Use teak for your bathmat, teak for a bath tray, and teak for shelving or even wall paneling.

13. Add a Fireplace

Nothing says luxury like a fireplace in the bathroom. To make your bathroom into the ultimate retreat, consider a built-in fireplace next to your tub or built into the tub wall. Your bathroom will instantly feel cozy and warm regardless of the weather outside.

14. Make it a Drop-in Corner Tub

If space is tight, consider a corner drop-in tub. A corner tub will save space and also utilize an area of the bathroom that may have gone unused. Almost any style and material tub will also come in a corner style.

15. Add Stairs and Handrails for Safety

If safety and useability are a concern, consider adding stairs and handrails. Stairs in front of a drop-in tub will help you get in and out safer. You can also add grab bars and handrails to help you get in and out of the tub without slipping.

Drop-in Tub Ideas for Every Bathroom

Whether you’re looking for a modern spa-like retreat or a luxurious and classic place to relax, a drop-in tub is a great option. There are styles and sizes to fit any décor and budget. From built-in storage to fireplaces and glass enclosures, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to designing your drop-in tub.

No matter your budget, there’s a drop-in tub for any size and style of bathroom. For more home and bathroom inspiration, check out the ideas section here. You’ll find great resources, tips, and products to help you create the space of your dreams.

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