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We all want that perfect bathroom – one that stuns in decorum while being effortlessly functional at the same time. These special Turkish towels made from Turkish cotton are popular for many reasons, one of them being how they progress over time. Bathrooms are a delicate room for décor, where you have to take into account many different (sometimes unsightly) needs while still considering presentation.

How many bathrooms have you been in – or maybe you’re currently doing this yourself – where there are clearly “decorative towels” and then the towels you use? I know I’ve struggled with trying to find that perfect, luxurious towel to wrap around me when I get out of the shower, and then also the one I’d like to see hanging on the towel bar, and too often are these towels not the same.

What if you could find a towel that not only was amazing to use but also presented well? Turkish cotton towels are it, hands-down. And here’s why:

Turkish Towels - ViapU
Photo by Thomas Cotton from Pexels
  1.     Turkish Towels Get Better with Use

Turkish cotton consists of a longer fiber that contributes to the delicacy of these towels. Because of the longer fibers, towels spun from Turkish cotton – Turkish Towels – have smoother threads and will actually become softer and more luxurious over time.

  1.     Turkish Towels are Very Absorbent & Dry Quickly

Because of the nature of Turkish cotton, this unique material allows Turkish towels to have supreme absorbency over time, while still drying quickly. Typically, when a towel is very absorbent, it will be wet for a long time after. Because these cotton towels are so thin and lightweight – due to those grand, long threads – these towels dry quickly as well, making them perfect for the bathroom or the beach.

  1.     Turkish Towels are Decorative & Functional

Turkish towels are beautiful, no doubt about that. With their flowing tassels and throw blanket appearance, it’s no wonder they’re often used as anything from a sarong to a travel blanket or even a nursing cover.

Their distinct style makes Turkish towels the perfect multi-functional tool to have hanging around your bathroom that matches with your shower curtain because let’s face it – decorative towels on the towel bar or not, you still have used towels hanging around.

Turkish towels

If the tasseled Turkish towel style just isn’t your style, there are more traditional styled towels made out of Turkish cotton that will carry many of the same benefits.

  1.     Turkish Towels Will Hold Up Over Time

That Turkish cotton, responsible for all of the luxuries Turkish cotton towels have to offer. Those long cotton threads I’ve mentioned above are also much stronger than traditional cotton. If properly taken care of, your Turkish towels will not only become softer and more absorbent, but they will hold up for longer as well.

Turkish cotton towels have the potential to be extremely durable, offsetting any preconceived notions you may have about the cost.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Turkish Towels 

You may hear these towels referred to as Peshtemal, Hammam, or Fouta towels as well, but they are all referring to the same type of cotton bath towel. Because cotton is native to Turkey, these are common words used to describe their traditional bath towels.

There’re a few things to remember when caring for your Turkish towels, however. First, wash or let them soak in cold water for several hours before you use them the first time! The water will help break up the threads and prepare them to be better absorbent and soft.

Then, allow the towels to air dry. It’s not necessary to soak them or air dry them after every use but doing so when you first get them will allow the towel to be prepared for maximum absorbency.

Secondly, use detergent sparingly and don’t use fabric softener. Too much soap and products can actually have an adverse effect on the way you would like your towels to feel and perform. Never use bleach and if you feel you would like to use a softener, you can substitute white vinegar for your store-bought fabric softener. Wash your towels on a gentle cycle with cool water.

Lastly, be gentle with heat exposure and hang your towels to dry when you’re able. This will protect the threads and allow your towels to be cozy and absorbent for as long as possible. 

The Best Reviewed Turkish Towels on the Internet 

1.     The Wetcat Original Beach Towel on Amazon 

With 3,410 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, this $19.99 Turkish towel is large and comes in a variety of pastel color options. 

2.     The Cacala Cotton Turkish Beach Towel on Amazon 

This large and sleek Turkish towel comes in a full range of color options for only $22.90 and has racked up 2,458 reviews for an average rating of 4.5 stars. 

3.     New Season Brightest Diamond Weave Turkish Cotton Towel on Amazon 

These towels come in a pack of four with 8 different grey color patterns to choose from and have a 4.5-star rating out of 755 reviews. 

4.     Enchante Home Turkish Cotton Towel on Amazon 

16 Piece Towel Set, Zero Twist Turkish Towel – Quick Dry, Soft, Absorbent. it has a 4.7-star rating and comes 5 color options for only $109.00 per towel. 

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