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Are you having trouble picking the perfect shower curtain for your bathroom? With an endless array of textures, materials, and designs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing what will most likely be the focal point of your bathroom.

I’m going to walk you through the top interior design tips for outfitting your bathroom with the ideal shower curtain, but first – you need to understand your options.

Shower Curtain Design Styles

From printed scenes to tassels and texture, your shower curtain could take on just about any vibe you are looking for. This is great for versatility and creative expression, but also an incredibly vast experience. Read on to get some shower curtain ideas.

Material –

First, you will have fabrication. Shower curtains can come in many fabrics from cotton to vinyl and the material you choose will set the tone for your bathroom. For instance, a vinyl shower curtain will be slick and water resistant – easy and perfect for functionality. A cotton shower curtain, however, will require a second, water-repelling liner to keep water inside the tub when the shower is running.

Your cloth curtains will require more maintenance to keep them clean and free of mold, even with a vinyl guard. Though they will elevate the decor in your bathroom. Cloth shower curtains can come in a variety of textures, from microfiber to velvet. This gives them the versatility to truly bring glam and elegance to any space – should you so choose.

Design –

Basically, you can choose a print or a solid color. The options for printed shower curtains are actually phenomenal. You could choose a paisley, a map of the world, or even mermaids. Truly, it’s what your heart desires.

As for a solid color, this is probably the better choice if the rest of your bathroom décor is of a busier nature or you just enjoy traditional decor. A solid color can also make it easy to change bathroom themes should you grow tired of your current set up.

Whichever you choose, there’s no doubt that a unique shower curtain could spruce up your bathroom! Even if you choose to forgo a pattern and stick with a solid white or red shower curtain, you could easily go with an interesting fabric to bring texture into space.

Hanging Style –

Similar to window curtains, shower curtains will come in different styles in terms of the way the hang from the shower rod. The most common shower curtain styles come with holes at the top of the liner to insert shower hooks into. These will than hang from the shower rod and should slide back and forth with easy.

A grommet style shower curtain will not need shower hooks. These curtains will have a pocket running through the top of the curtain. This pocket is made for the shower rod to slide through and the shower curtain will hang down.

Shower Curtain sizes

Design Tips for Hanging a Shower Curtain

Once you have decided which style of shower curtain would fit your home best, you can begin to hang them in ways that will elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. In keeping with design tricks for hanging window treatments, your shower curtain can do plenty to change the appearance of the bathroom.

If you have low ceilings, hanging a shower curtain as high as possible will make your ceilings appear taller. This will bring an elegant feel to your bathroom. When deciding to hang your curtain high on the wall, you will need to pay close attention to the size of the curtain you are choosing. The shower curtain should hover the floor and still keep the water in the bathtub – functionality is key after all.

If you really want to do something fun and unique with your shower space, consider buying two of the same shower curtains. Then, hang them both and split the two – just as you would a window treatment. This will give your shower a beautiful frame that is sure to bring you compliments for your creativity.

Another great tip to promote cleanliness and upscale your bathroom is to double your shower curtain. You will have two shower rods, directly in line with one another. One will be for your shower liner and the other will be for your decorative curtain. Doing this will promote drying and prevent mold, while effortlessly bringing luxury to your space. 

Top Rated Shower Curtains by Material

Sea Life Print Shower Curtain with Button holes, Blue and Brown By Casagear Home –

This unique Shower Curtain, made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon. Reinforced button holes on top for hanging. Retail price is $28.97. Machine washable feature allow effortless cleaning

The Peacock Alley Vienna Shower Curtain

            This luxurious shower curtain retails for around $135 but is this perfectly chic white shower curtain will brighten up any bathroom. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, this high-end shower accessory has amassed 137 5-star reviews on Google.  

Volens White Shower Curtain Fabric/Ruffle for Bathroom

            If elegance and style is your vibe, you will love this polyester ruffled shower curtain. It comes in four colors and is only $22.99 a panel! This ruffled curtain has reviews for an average of 4.8 stars.

Society6 Shower Curtains

            For only $62.99 you can get this beautifully trendy polyester shower curtain. Printed with fun medallions, the Society6 shower curtains can be dressed up or dressed down to fit any aesthetic. You can get these shower curtains in your choice of bright complementary colors and be rest assured that you will be satisfied.

Hookless 3D Diamond 71 in X 74 in Shower Curtain

            If it’s simple and clean you’re looking for, this translucent, PEVA (vinyl) shower curtain is it. This grommet style curtain is functional, waterproof, and fit for any bathroom. With 94 reviews and 4 stars, I’d say you could feel good about this $20 purchase.

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Choosing and Hanging the Perfect Shower Curtain