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Comfort and ample space are two things we much desire when it comes to home living. You can have both by using the lift top coffee table. Although new in the market, this furniture has been making waves in interior design, as a lot of versions are now in the market.

First off, what is a lift top table furniture? As the term implies, this is a type of coffee table where the top lifts and revealing a storage compartment. The top lid or cover can be pulled out to a height to be converted into a standard table. Some models do swivel or adjust to the sides, making it ideal as an additional desk for laptops or studying. When not in use, you can slide the lid cover down back to its original form.

Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

Aside from the ease of use, lift top coffee table with storage keeps your living space prim and clean. The discrete storage can hide magazines, board games, knitting utensils, snacks, and so much more. You can easily access your stored away items in just one lift.

Coffee tables always get attention when it comes to the living room space. As a focal point, you’ll need a coffee table that’s not only utilitarian but should add an aesthetic appeal to your interior. We’ve gathered a few options you can choose from.

8 Types of Lift Top Coffee Table 

  1. Wedge-shape Coffee Table

Typically termed as a pie-shaped coffee table, this type of furniture is reliable in providing a strong visual presence in a room. The wedge shape allows flexible and spacious mobility. It can be placed at the corner of a room or serve as the typical coffee table for a cornered sofa configuration. The lift top version usually has two lift tops placed on sides, making it convenient when dining for two.

  1. Circular Coffee Table

There’s always something very attractive about curved or circular-shaped furniture where eyes can be easily drawn by the said forms. The circular lift-top coffee table is a testament to the appealing nature of the shape. The great thing about this type of furniture is that it can easily fit any configuration or type of sofa furniture you have. Since it has no sharp edges, it is also a piece of practical furniture for homeowners who have small kids running around.

  1. Laptop or Gadget-ready Coffee Table

Like any modern furniture today, this type of lift-top coffee table can be used with gadgets such as a laptop or mobile phone. While the lifted lid or cover can serve as a laptop desk, this coffee table has discrete charging ports so you can plug in your device while using the converted table. A good version of this coffee table has both a convenient outlet plug and the USB plug.   

  1. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a rustic or industrialized look like Mid-Century Coffee Table, then a reclaimed wood material for your lift-top coffee table is the perfect option. The natural texture, striations, and exposed knots can convey an organic and warm vibe, making your interiors the homey feel. Most reclaimed wood made into furniture has been treated with varnish or any other clear or stained wood preservation to further protection.

  1. Wicker Coffee Table

Similar to the lift top coffee table made from reclaimed wood, this material provides a homier and warm atmosphere to a living room. The difference with a wicker lift top coffee table is that it is easier to lift or transfer because of its lightweight structure. Wicker made tables usually come with variant colors, but a favorite among these hues is the pure white or the brownish.

  1. Glass Coffee Table

For a seamless and reflective version of the multi-purpose furniture, the glass top coffee table is an excellent option for a more modern living room interior. Though, if you want to have the conspicuous center table but would like it to be less fragile, then a lift top coffee table with glass inserts is a good option instead. You’ll have a partial use of glass and have some parts made from different materials instead.

  1. Tufted Coffee Table

If you think tufts are only for sofas and chairs, think again. The classic tufted upholstery can also be used in a lift top coffee table to exude a more formal and luxurious look. They are beautiful to look at and can be combined with leather or other soft textiles.

  1. Hexagon-shaped Coffee Table

For an eye-catching centerpiece in your living space, the hexagon-shaped lift top coffee table is your perfect focal point. The uncommon table shape is also a practical form for displaying open shelving below or store your collections further with segmented storage areas. Although there are a few ready-made hexagonal versions of coffee tables, you can opt to have it bespoke or custom-made as well.

Coffee tables are living room furniture that is sometimes taken for granted when selecting the best version. Yet the humble table can actually make the interior design elements in a space come together and make it well-collected. For an effective coffee table design, don’t forget to mix and match the item with your existing interior or preferred theme.

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Types of Lift Top Coffee Table